First warp bubble created

I wish Eric Engstrom were still alive. He died just over a year ago and planned to live long enough to travel to other solar systems in warp drive capable ships. This plan of his was one part of his recruitment speech when he wanted me to join his startup company Chromium Communications.

Today it was announced some scientists accidently created a Nano sized warp bubble. This the first step in creating a warp drive:

I guess I and other friends of Eric will have to take those trips without him.


8 thoughts on “First warp bubble created

  1. Very cool!
    “I guess I and other friends of Eric will have to take those trips without him.” Unless he already beat y’all there.

      • Unfortunately, even Alcubierre thinks warp drive is unlikely within this century, if ever. His paper was about the
        concept, not the engineering.

  2. There’s a built-in incentive, of course, to keep the research funding coming in, and in this case that means keeping the sci-fi dream alive in the public mind for as long as possible. We won’t be colonizing the galaxy by our own means, but so long as we think we will be, that’s enough. Therefore we must be subjected to the regular release of exciting news to keep the dream alive, our imaginations ticking, and to maintain our tolerance of the coercive funding.

    It’s a sort of alternate, or mock, adventism then, and in that sense it could be called religion. Some believe we were created immortal and have fallen due to our sin and can only be saved through the grace of the Creator, while the majority believe that we came from the mud (life springing spontaneously from non-life [abiogenesis]) and that we’re working our way up, via our cleverness and power, to the stars in a form of self-salvation into self glory. Both systems point to their many fulfilled prophesies as evidence of validity, etc. Both otherwise running on faith (one in the Creator, one in man), each belief system thoroughly negates the other, and I further submit that the later system, as suggested by its completeness on each and every point of doctrine, may have been specifically designed for that purpose.

    I know this is all very unpopular, but popularity is irrelevant to actuality, except in one way– We are told that the truth will be extremely unpopular. But it’s not that simple either. Just because something is unpopular doesn’t mean it’s true, but if it’s true then it will certainly be unpopular (e.g. there are two sexes, black people don’t need special help from white people just because they’re black, coercive intervention in the marketplace doesn’t make it better, etc., etc., et al).

    • Dreams don’t die so long as there is continued reinforcement and we’re not beaten down so far that we can still dream. It’s why we need to get others to accept our dreams be it belief or reason. It’s manifested in our disagreements and verbal wars. It’s the topic and agenda of the day or not. It’s the history that we teach our children or not. It’s the laws and customs that we follow or not. It’s our valuables we have or not. It’s the decisions that we follow or not. And if you are lucky – or doomed – you can even be assigned to the front.

      As an aside, I fear that the philosophers – Nietzsche, Sartre, Camus – had an element of truth which I dismissed as a youth.

      ‘Hence the ways of men part: if you wish to strive for peace of soul and pleasure, then believe; if you wish to be a devotee of truth, then inquire….’ But be careful, you may not like what you find. In my mind that applies to all systems including our science. For me, the the door of belief shut long ago.

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  4. Unfortunately, the discovery of gravity waves proved that warp fields cannot move FTL. Spacetime itself is restricted to the speed of light, for very fundamental reasons.

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