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The liberals’ insistence that the law, the trial, and its outcome are tainted by racism is risible. But, to them, it has to be true because they have only two frames of reference, racism, and gun control. The accusation of racism was a major theme in the 2020 election and will be in the future — probably with less success — because that’s one of only two issues that the Democrats and the media care about.

Jed Babbin
November 21, 2021
Rittenhouse, Racism, and Gun Control
Dems don’t have too many cards left to play these days, just their two obsessions.

[The last sentence is overstating things a little bit. They also seem to care about increasing restrictions on carbon emissions, forced vaccinations, forced mask usage, and reduced restrictions on abortions.

But the sentiment of the first part of the quote resonates well with my understanding of the issue.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jed Babbin

  1. A little perspective? Racism wasn’t a factor in the 2020 election. Voter fraud was. They stole that election in the middle of the night. Plain and simple. Remember?
    Racism and gun control are the only two cards they have left. But we keep talking about THEIR cards, don’t we?
    They only have two cards. But were still getting played by them.
    Thats the real problem.
    When someone stands up and tells Jenn Psaki that her lying ass wouldn’t even make good fish food, then walks out. Thats when we start getting somewhere.
    We have stadiums full of people telling the president to go fuck himself.
    That’s what needs to be applied to their cards.
    Gun control? Sounds like you want to get your ass shot off? You that stupid?
    Racism? We ain’t the ones selling drugs an abortion clinics down in the hood.
    Your commie ass is.
    We need to quit looking at their card game. And start playing hard ball.
    The game they already lost.

  2. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, so long as it can be used to sow division, confusion, fear, envy, resentment and hatred, but of course sex, race, wealth disparities and age are perennial favorites. “Disease” of some description (again, it matters not at all what) has been used before and so it’s being used now as well. I’d put the early Progressives’, and Nazis’, use of “racial hygiene” (a.k.a. Eugenics) under that classification. It works. Why change a working formula?

    Gun “control” is in a special class because of its obvious implications to any within the criminal class, especially the more power-hungry among them who have title. And so here, again, it doesn’t matter what the actual rationalizations are, so long as they’re touted consistently, loudly and often. And the more rationalizations the better, even if they’re contradictory with one another. If they have to come up with a million reason why private gun ownership id terrible, they’ll do it. This is why we cannot afford to get into the mud with them on specifics but must instead remain locked on to the basic principles and never be distracted.

    Ultimately though, mindset and fundamental beliefs, tenets and premises, or what we might classify under “religion” will be the main issue, no matter how much they try to deflect and distract from their actual motivations. For now they’re still in the disruption phase, in which they need as many groups pissed off at each other and as much degradation of society as they can get. Disruption is relatively easy because all they have to do is attack each and every thing of value in a given society.

    Once we’re past that phase, the heroes of the revolution, the rabble rousers, community organizers, spiritual leaders and agitators, etc., will have served their purpose and they’ll need to be eliminated quickly. “Ordo ab Chao”, as the name says, requires the “order” phase (“Normalization” as the Soviets called it) after the chaos phase, and so there comes a point at which the agitators, originally spurred on, encouraged and funded by the powers that be, simply cannot be tolerated. They’re not merely disposable at that point– They’re a major detriment to the cause. For one thing they’ll expect to share power, and for another they typically each have their own significant followings. That cannot be allowed. They’re typically slaughtered, quietly and efficiently, within a very short time, but no doubt the Romish forces are capable of finding some very creative ways to get them out of the picture.

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