Human Immortality by the End of the Decade

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If it’s always been your dream to have the ability to live forever, you may be in luck as scientists believe we are just seven years away from achieving immortality.

Ellie Abraham
March 22, 2023
Humans predicted to achieve immortality within the next 8 years

Quoted in the article:

Kurzweil has also said he believes we will be able to “advance human life expectancy” by “more than a year every year and I think we can get there by the end of this decade”.

In an earlier book, IIRC, Kurzweil claimed we would reach this point by 2024. I hope the goalpost isn’t moved too much further. It is a very tough problem but there are some very promising results in rats and other lower life forms.

As uplifting as this is in a global sort of way, I always think of Eric when this comes up and I get a bit sad.


20 thoughts on “Human Immortality by the End of the Decade

  1. Horrible. Imagine the likes of Poulosi living forever and oppressing humanity for her profit and fun

    • Imagine Trump as President and a Republican held Senate appointing Federal Judges for restoring the original text and history of the U.S. Constitution.

  2. The notion of either a 200 year old Trump or Biden leading the country makes me I’ll.

  3. Just remember, it’s not good people like you who are likely to get the immortality treatment. It’s more likely the most grasping, selfish, amoral, backstabbing bastards who can steal or blackmail their way into getting it. Don’t think of a world full of immortal Mr Rogers. Think of tens of thousands of copies of your ex supporting the lawyers and bankers of the world.

    • Wasn’t there a weird episode of some Star Trek spin-off were the Q guy had done everything there was to do. And wanted to die?
      Humans still don’t get their locked in here with God. He built this prison for exactly this purpose.
      That man creates nothing. He can only discover and enjoy that which is already made.
      Why would I want to stay on this earth in a body forever?
      Your even take this body to another place thats still material, but I might not be optimized for? Along with all my human baggage?
      When spirit is a much better/ultimate survival tool? And the lord can place you in the best form for my greatest enjoyment?
      It sounds like another AI deal to me. I don’t trust man.
      Were already eternal. And the guy that created you is giving you a brief moment alone to decide where you want to spend eternity.
      Screaming in hell, or no?

  4. My hyperbole aside. Lets hope they do a better job at eternity than they did on Madonna’s latest face-lift. Generally speaking anyway.

  5. I think Kurzweil is wrong on this one. Any predictions of where we’ll be 10 years in the future have usually been wrong. His predictions were generic enough given Moore’s Law at the time and the movement of technology to foresee those outcomes.

    Medical science has a poor track record of making predictions come through. I wouldn’t be unhappy being proven wrong but I wouldn’t be betting serious sums on the outcome or the dates either. A lab would already have to be close now to pull it off in a general sense in under a decade. Predictions of immortality by 2030 is not a bet I will take. The Singularity? On that I would comfortably bet against Kurzweil. I think technological hubris overstates that possibility. It would require us to acquire knowledge of the fundamental nature of ourselves and our own wiring to make it a possibility and right now, there isn’t a roadmap on technology advancement that goes beyond this decade in computing. Greater efficiency, new materials but the pace is going to slow down without breakthroughs in material and optical science.

    As I said, love to be proven wrong. I’ll likely still be around in ’45. If I am, sign me up. But I don’t think I will be. But immortality by ’30? I’d pay whatever price on offer to do that. But I think I’d comfortably win any bet saying it doesn’t happen.

  6. Right. And “fusion energy” will be successfully achieved within the next 10 years.
    I’ve been hearing that since I was a tot in grade school….a LONG time ago.
    Science may be able to extend our lifespan by a significant amount this century….at great expense. Most will not be able to afford that expense. And that doesn’t mean that your life will be meaningful and productive. Keeping a body from dying is NOT the same as granting that body health and fitness. I also doubt that the criminal elite in power will allow most of us access to such technology. They already feel the planet is vastly overpopulated and want 90% of us dead. The only people who will get life extending treatment will be the tiny handful of powerful politically connected people.

  7. With advancements in medicine, if it’s not being tested in labs right now, it’s not going to be on the market in the USA in ten years. It takes that long to get anything that’s really new properly tested and approved by the FDA. Until then, you can only get it by agreeing to be a guinea pig in a double-blind test (meaning neither you nor your doctor will know whether you are receiving the treatment or the placebo). But these ideas aren’t ready for testing yet.

    If it’s a well-developed idea today and doesn’t fall flat when studied more deeply like most such ideas do, _maybe_ it will be ready to start testing in a decade. But I don’t even see any well-developed new ideas leading to immortality.

    • Know how many children go missing every year?
      Think Soro, Gates, Schwab, and a host of other elites wouldn’t sacrifice most of us for immortality?
      Think tech meets Margue de Sade. Or try Podesta art.

    • I suspect that some people look at the vaxx, and how quickly they seem to have created that in response to the problem, and infer that medical science can move really quick if there is a need for something.
      Well, guess what, they lied. Fouci applied for a patent on that vaxx back in ’06. His first patent on a covid19 process was around ’98. (btw, he didn’t get that vaxx patent, as the med experts decided that it met none of the parameters of a vaccine)

      Never trust a government agent. If their lips are flapping, they’re lying.

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