Stossel gores Gore

Via email from Stephanie.

I like the part where the scientists who have supposedly been “paid off” are lamenting about not receiving their wheelbarrows full of cash. It’s the same story as us gun bloggers not getting our payoff from the NRA.

It’s telling when someone thinks its money that is the reason someone is opposed to a viewpoint. This is a strong indicator the proponent of the viewpoint is a Marxist. Evidence and logic appear to be irrelevant to these types hence they must resort to some other explanation for people to be opposed to them. Money, the root of all evil, must therefore be the reason.

Marxism has killed and impoverished more people than any other political philosophy yet they keep trying. “Global warming” is just one more tool in their bag of tricks to try and destroy capitalism. It may not be the conscious motive for the masses but I’m certain the people at the top know it’s nothing more than a scam to propel them to power. It’s simply not possible for them to not know the facts if they put any serious effort into researching it.


One thought on “Stossel gores Gore

  1. The irony is Marxists are so obsessed with MONEY (and whoever has money) that they developed a “philosophy of economics” – but it’s an 18th Century paradigm that blinds them to the realities of economics, and maintains an orthodoxy of belief that clouds the issues which continue to elude them today.

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