Gun cartoon of the day


First off, there is no “epidemic of firearm mass murder”. Murder rates are at something like a 50 year low. The mass murder rate in the U.S. is in the same general range as the rest of the world. Unless you want to compare the U.S. with Europe in the 20th century. In that case the rate is far, far, lower. And you know why? Because the so much blood was spilled by governments murdering their own citizens. Closest the U.S. has had that might be compared is some of the Indian wars. And guess what, the North American natives were banned from owning firearms.

Genocide and firearm restrictions are closely related:

Which leads is the main point to be made about this cartoon. The cartoonist leaves no doubt what they think of the NRA, gun owners, and those who insist the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms means what it says, “shall not be infringed”.

With such an attitude they are the same path to the murderous behavior of European governments in the 20th Century. If you give up your guns, or even register your guns, we are at a much higher than acceptable risk of a similar result here.

Gun cartoon of the day

This is what they think of you and the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms:


If you are a NRA member you are most likely fat, creepy, and murder innocent people with no remorse.

As Lyle said yesterday:

It’s projection alright, combined with Nazi-style propaganda, promoting fear, loathing and hatred against a whole group of people (and by extension the rights of all people).

Anyone who thinks that might be an exaggeration; go ahead and dig up some of the old political cartoons out of Germany in the 1930s and ’40s, aimed at Jews, and you’ll see for yourself the blatant consistency of both theme and technique.

There’s a Soviet component in there too. If you disagree with what they refer to as “sane” gun laws, it can only be because you are insane. Presumably then, you belong in an asylum.

One can easily make the case anti-gun forces want gun owners to be thought of as subhuman and ultimately arrive at a “final solution to the gun question”. It is being implemented incrementally was in case with the “Jewish Question”:

Most historians agree there is no ‘big bang’ theory for the origins of the Final Solution, predicated on a single decision made at a single moment in time. It is generally accepted the decision-making process was prolonged and incremental.

This makes it extremely difficult to make certain decisions. When do you say they have gone too far and it is time to ignore the immoral and unconstitutional laws instead of giving them just a little bit more such that you don’t run the risk of being caught in noncompliance and risk the well being of your family, your finances, your freedom, and your life?

Gun sanctuary cities, counties, and to some extent even states exist now which may provide some protection. But how long will they last? Support them if you can. If you plan to retreat there make sure there is a place there for you and you are welcome.

We live in “interesting” times.

Gun cartoon of the day

This is what they think of you.


In addition to the gross distortion of the “in fear of imminent death or permanent injury” criteria to use deadly force into “I felt threatened” there is more to point out here. Can anyone point out a single instance in the last 30 years where a gun control advocate was murdered because of their anti-rights advocacy? How about comparing the mass shooting and violent crime rate of those on the political right versus the political left?

This is projection and “tell a big lie often enough” psychology on the part of the anti-gun people. Don’t let them get away with this.

Gun cartoon of the day

This is what they think of people with guns:


There are now several states that allow teachers and staff to carry guns in schools. Has something like this ever happened? No. It’s a lie. Lying is an essential part of their culture and we have known that for decades. If gun control comes up in conversations let them know gun control advocates lie about almost everything even when the facts are easily discovered and it does them no good to lie. It’s what they have always had to do to make “progress”.

Gun cartoon of the day

Via email from Brian Keith:


This is what they think of you. They think of you as an evil person who shoots innocent school children.

As I said yesterday, what congress is really “scared” of regarding the NRA is the votes and activists they can bring or take away from candidates.

Illustrating their extreme ignorance

Via Jacob Parajecki‏ @Jacob_Parajecki:


The text is in error. It’s a rare cartoonist which makes laws. And there is no :allowing” required for a cartoonist to make a fool of themselves.

However, I would agree that those who make this gross of mistake regarding their subject matter should be shamed and then ignored.

Gun cartoon of the day

Via a tweet from Firearm Policy Coalition:


The political left has a strong tendency to deflect when presented with something like this. That tells you all you need to know about them and possession of guns. They hate gun ownership more than they are repulsed by the slaughter of hundreds of innocent children and teachers.

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