2 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Jeez … At least use the laser sight. (And there’s precedent for that, courtesy of the “only ones.”)

  2. So according to the leftist agitators, not only is poor little Mrs. Jones going to be forced against her will, by NRA thugs, to learn to shoot and to carry a gun, she’ll be forced to carry that gun openly and waive it around in class, thus terrifying the students, turning schools into paramilitary detention camps.

    May as well depict the kids being forced to low-crawl in mud, under barbed wire, with machinegun bullets cracking over their heads too. I mean, as long as they’re making up total bullshit, they might as well go whole-hog. While they’re at it, they should show poor little Mrs. Jones in battle fatigues, with some grenades on her belt, wearing a drop holster with an M9 in it.

    Really then, when it comes to egregious lies, this one leaves room for improvement.

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