Quote of the day—The Annoyed Man

I think we are ultimately headed for some kind of violent showdown between the left and everyone else. They no longer know when to back off, and they lack the moral filters necessary to coexistence. We’re going to end up in an existential fight for our most fundamental rights, and literal self-preservation.

The Annoyed Man
June 22, 2019
Comment to MN: Self defense shooting trial built on gun control bumper sticker
[Certainly a case can be made for that. But it seems to me that they back off when they get some serious push back. I think at least some of them are more in touch with reality than we sometimes give them credit for. They may be crazy but they may not be stupid. They can “sober up” for short periods of time if they really need to.

Think about it. For a while there were marches with vandalism and sometimes riots nearly every week all over the country. And now how often do you see that?—Joe]


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  1. I think the rioting died down not because the rioters saw sense, so much as got bored.

    They may have died down for now, but the lesson given is that they can happen with few consequences (outside of trashing one’s own neighborhood), so there’s not much external incentive not to do it again the next time the mood strikes.

  2. I’ve noticed that most of the people with the “Coexist” bumper stickers are really bad at coexisting with anyone who doesn’t actually think like they do, but thinks like a traditional American with a sense of Christian right and wrong. They keep poking the bear, telling everyone else to change to be more like themselves, while they live their sterile, dysfunctional, cat-lady lives. But if it ever comes to a final showdown, there are a few who may step forward like Abbot of Citeaux, Arnaud Amalric, and while trying to sort out the “good” leftists from the “bad” leftists, will mutter: Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius. (“Kill them. For the Lord knows those that are His own.”)

    Let us fervently hope it does not come to that. Perhaps mass military tribunals for treason will dissuade them before they go too far.

  3. The funding of Antifa dried up. It will be restarted summer of 2020. More violent than before.

  4. Thanks for the credit. The problem with your premise is two-fold:

    1. Not enough conservatives have the “push back” nature. It’s not in the conservative nature to get loud and obnoxious about things. They tend to save their political actions for the ballot box, and anymore, there are too few of them compared to the hordes of “gimme free shit” lefties. My observation – and I admit that I could be wrong about this – is that the loudest voices I see or hear for gun rights in particular are more from (big “L”) Libertarians, from the (small “l”) libertarian wing of the GOP, and from libertarian-leaning independents.

    2. Libertarians, and libertarian-leaning republicans and independents, are too few in number to have any real political advantage against the left and their country club republican proxies in the GOP.

    Yes, Trump won the electoral vote (the only vote that counts), but Hillary DID win the popular vote, and we’d be foolish to forget that. Why foolish? Because there is a significant bloc of “Never Trumpers” in the GOP, and many of those will vote for Joe Biden if he wins the commiecrat nomination. They’ll go for him because “he’s a mainstream politician”, and a “DC insider who has been ‘playing the game’ for a long time”. Trump can possibly still win in 2020, but if he does, I don’t think it will be by a hug margin. In fact, it may be even closer than 2016. And, Trump has shown himself to be little wobbly on the 2nd Amendment.

    The 1st Amendment is undeniably under assault and has been weakened over the past couple of decades. The 2nd Amendment is under assault, and we can’t even count on the GOP to rally to its defense. If it gets severely curtailed, the 1st will collapse entirely not long after.

    These two amendments are the most fundamental underpinnings of Liberty in this country—more so than all the others—and it is undeniable that they are both facing hostility from an ascendant left. If they collapse, we’ll be in that existential fight for our rights, and *maybe* for our lives.

    How can this happen? Well for one thing, the world’s largest search engine provider, Google, is now actively engaging in election interference—admitting on video that “Trump can’t be allowed to happen again” (a direct quote from one of their execs). I tweeted a thread about this earlier today: https://twitter.com/theannoyedman/status/1143177920216801282?s=21.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m GLAD that there are Americans who will push back. But I am worried, and I think for very good reasons, that there aren’t enough to push back in a way that will change the arc we are on. I remain convinced that, as a nation, we will have to endure some SEVERE pain before enough voters will pull their heads out of their butts and realize how wrong they’ve been all along …. that is, if we can still vote by then.

    • Hillary won the popular vote largely by fraud. A 100% honest election, where only legally registered voters cast one legit ballot, and it was counted only once, and nothing else was counted, would have had dramatically different tallies in many precincts; more than likely it would have changed the popular outcome, and perhaps made the electoral count an even larger win.

      • One example to keep in mind: “ballot harvesting”. It’s sufficiently dishonest that it was the reason for invalidating an election in NC. But on the other hand, it’s the law in CA, legally sanctioned by the state government and massively promoted.
        Why the double standard? Need you even ask?

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