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As Dana Loesch frequently says:

Still waiting here for you to contact the authorities and have us all rounded up.

The NRA is a civil rights organization. That our political enemies regard the exercise and defense of a fundamental human right as terrorism tells you a lot about them. One thing is of particular note. If they think we are terrorists of greater significance than al-Qaida and ISIS then they want us imprisoned and/or dead.


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  1. And “This is what they think of you.” During the 1930’s in Germany there were hundreds if not thousands of cartoons that portrayed Jews in de-humanizing ways. You see the same tropes applied to gun owners as well.

    1) All gun owners are members of the NRA
    2) The NRA represents gun dealers/manufacturers.
    3) Gun owners are fat, white, drunk, and angry.
    4) Gun owners want to kill people

    In every cartoon you will see them hit some or all of these points. In this case, the NRA is represented by a bloody handed (4) white (3), drunk (3, see large red nose). Implied is 1.

  2. This may sound odd … but at least the guy is a Fudd (going by the clothing) and not a Tactical Timmy. (With the exception of the AR-like front sight, anyway.)

    Why do I think this is a sort of good thing? If it wakes the Fudds up to the fact that all gun owners are in this together, and the lefties will not stop short of their over/unders and Rem 700s, it’s a good thing for us. Too often the gun community is divided by our own hands, and that makes it easier for our would-be oppressors to act against us piecemeal.

  3. Nice he signs his work.
    Makes it easier to vet evidence at his trial.
    The first Nuremberg trials laid down the legal basis for holding those in media fully (cf Julius Streicher) accountable for producing and publishing propaganda to support criminal violations of our civil rights.
    Let’s not forget to use that in the new Nuremberg trials.

  4. To be fair, the cartoonist does make a valid point, albeit an unintended one:

    The Left is not at all terrified by Islamists who openly proclaim their intention to kill anyone who refuses to convert to their particular sect of Islam.

    The Left is terrified by the concept of an armed free citizenry, and thus by any organization that supports that concept.

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