Gun cartoon of the day


Facts don’t matter to anti-gun people. Lying and ignorance are sources of pride, rather than obstacles, in the pursuit of their objectives.


3 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Arright, I’m in the mood for compromise.

    We will define “assault weapons” as firearms that produce the depicted effect, and no less.

    We will consent to banning “assault weapons” so defined.

    In exchange, anyone misusing the term “assault weapon”, as so fixed in definition previously, shall be guilty of a crime of deception pursuant to the violation of protected civil rights, forfeit any and all taxpayer funded benefits (even fractionally), and be barred from public office, public trust, or use of any mass media (although they can still speak, unamplified, or enjoy the use of a hand-cranked printing press).

    Second part gets enacted first.

  2. Lies, ignorance and false narratives, e.g. that rifles are only for hunting. We’re supposed to be conditioned to believe that, if it’s not a proper hunting rifle there’s no “need” to own it, which, by extension, means that there’s no excuse to own it, all assuming that we should have an excuse, rather than the keeping and bearing of arms (especially combat arms) being a basic human right.

    One does not need any excuse, nor does one need to answer to anyone at all, to keep and bear combat arms. That sort of shuts down the debate, right there and then.

    Nor does any lover of liberty see any point in debating whether he has any rights. This would be like a young and attractive woman entering into a debate, in a dark alley, with a male stranger, over the question of whether she has any right to walk home without interference. There IS no debate. The mere pretense of a debate is how tyranny thrives around the world.

    Some things are simply not up for debate, or controversy. This is precisely why some of the state constitutions, regarding the unalienable right to keep and bear arms, use the language “…shall not be questioned.” It means, simply; “Just shut the fuck up and find someone else to pester.”

    To you leftists out there; just so you understand something here; The “assault rifle” calibers are less powerful than your great grandfather’s 1894 Winchester 30-30. They’re reduced in power in favor of easier handling and lighter weight ammunition. As a hunting rifle your great grandfather’s 1894 Winchester 30-30 is considered under-powered, nowadays, for anything much larger than a white tailed deer. Most any gun owner, or anyone who has studied the subject (i.e. anyone who cares) knows these things, and so when you put out this kind of political propaganda disguised as “comics”, we roll our eyes at the blatant stupidity of it.

    It’s like saying how over-powered and overly fast a 1960 Volkswagen minivan is, by way of portraying people who like to drive cars as sadistic, power-mad killers. People are just going to snicker at you as you parade your willful ignorance as though it were a sign of moral virtue.

    Some among the gun owners would say that I’m helping you with information, when we should all just stand aside and watch you make utter, gibbering idiots of yourselves in public. I can see that as good policy, but seriously; if you were interested in the truth, in this day and age of instant global communications, you’d have discovered it on your own by now. It’s right there at your fingertips, right now.

    That you don’t speak the truth is therefore proof that you don’t care about the truth (for if you cared, you’d know it already), and so any amount of truth I throw your way will just roll off of you like water off a duck’s back. One can only conclude that it is your mission to repel truth, similar to the way that a duck’s feathers repel water.

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