Quote of the day—Jennifer Granholm

Right. And that actually corroborates Ford’s story. Jennifer GranholmSeptember 23, 2018CNN’s Jennifer Granholm Claims No Corroboration Actually Proves Claims Against Kavanaugh — Tucker Isn’t Buying It[Context is important: “Kavanaugh, Judge, Smith and her friend, Leland Keyser, have all said they … Continue reading

Quote of the day—Ben Shapiro‏ @benshapiro

Only the government should have guns to protect us. We can’t expect government employees to confront armed criminals. Pick one. Ben Shapiro‏ @benshapiro Tweeted on February 23, 2018 [Shapiro has a logical response and expectation. Unfortunately this is not how … Continue reading

Quote of the day—M.E.

Perhaps this is almost too obvious/tautological/stupid to say, but although widespread change must eventually reach the majority, it does not often start there. Writer Rebecca Solnit put it this way: Ideas at first considered outrageous or ridiculous or extreme gradually … Continue reading

Quote of the day—Barbara LeSavoy

Firearm possession should be banned in America; President Obama can orchestrate this directive. His presidency can be remembered as a remarkable turn in United States history where a progressive leader forever changed the landscape under which we live and work. … Continue reading

Quote of the day—obvious-if-you-read-carefully

The people fighting universal background checks are the people who deliberately want to be irresponsible.  Plain and simple. obvious-if-you-read-carefully April 1, 2015 Comment to Gun background check hearing: Does bill close loophole or create unenforceable law? [The type of people … Continue reading

Brains, learning, and school

I had started writing a essay on learning and the brain and current understandings about it, and realized as it grew HUGE that it revolved around examining some rhetorical questions. Here are some of the core questions, with their import … Continue reading