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Many ppl can’t imagine what it’s like to be the opposing side; you subconsciously imagine the other people must ‘feel’ evil or not ‘really’ believe what they claim, and since you yourself *don’t* feel evil and *do* feel genuine belief, this is quiet proof that you must be right.

Aella (@Aella_Girl)
Tweeted on May 31, 2023

Did Hitler, Stalin, and their followers think they were evil? If not, then how do you know that you are not evil? Perhaps opposition to one and/or both of national socialism and world socialism is evil. Perhaps support of one and/or both is evil. How do you know?

How do you determine truth from falsity?

Philosophy. Who Needs it?

All interesting stuff.


7 thoughts on “Imagine the Other Side

  1. We are all fallen and thus susceptible to evil. Having codes (usually religious) to live by creates a barrier to evil behavior. Breaking down the codes increases the probability of evil.

  2. In a word, Observation.
    We don’t need to FEEL anything. We have observable proof. I don’t need to understand how a communist thinks or doesn’t. The facts are clear that when certain patterns are matched.
    Human nature drives it the rest of the way home.
    They think I’m evil, and I think their evil. But who is actually causing evil?
    I’m evil. But I’m not in congress either. Who is driving what?
    I’m evil, And if everyone was as evil as me, the world would be a pretty good place to live. I worked for everything I have, and stand ready to defend it.
    And I cannot say that AOC wanting to cut little boys dicks off is bad because I don’t understand how she FEELS in providing funding for such evil?
    Sorry, I don’t want to imagine what it’s like to be someone that ignorant/evil/malicious/uncaring.
    All I need is to understand what happens to all that is good, true, and beautiful if this shit is allowed to continue. And we have 6,000 years of human wreckage as proof.
    Evil is in the eye of the beholder. But right and wrong are from God.
    When you got your ass-whooped as a child. Did you always know why? Did mom and need to understand your thoughts about it/things?
    Or did they just make sure your ignorant/evil/malicious/uncaring acts ended?
    And just like mom and dad. We shouldn’t really care what Jr. thinks about it. No matter how evil Jr. felt it was at the time.
    Your actions are what make you evil. Not what you want to call them before/after.
    If you feel the need to equivocate about good and evil? Maybe you need to get out more? The distinction pretty glaring these days.

  3. So how much world history does someone really need to know to understand what evil is? Why is it so hard to define what evil is? Philosophical statements like this are simply an effort by people who are knowingly trying to either gain control over people or assuage their own guilt for knowingly engaged in an evil activity. Anytime that someone is seeking to usurp the liberty of any other person where that person has not used said liberty to injure another is pushing into the realm of evil. You cannot rationalize any such activity as “for their own good” or “for the greater good” as all of those statements have been the harbingers of tyranny. Anytime such comments are made, it is essential that freedom loving people call it out, push back against it and clearly explain why they will not comply. If that is not done, the live and let live approach will only be exploited by those who desire dominance until the effort to exercise freedom will result in extreme evil being levied against all who resist that domination.

    • Why are you trying to force freedom on other people?

      Racial purely is obviously good.

      Jews are the cause of most of the world’s problems.

      You have to break a few eggs to reach the worker’s paradise of world communism.


      • Sarcasm indeed for this context. What I find amazing though is that as obviously evil as those lines you quoted are, they have enabled so many tyrannical regimes to rise to power and so many “ordinary” people have become tools of the tyrants. You could probably spend the rest of the day cataloging the more subtle excuses for promoting tyranny. There are plenty of them around.

  4. The people who commit the most horrific acts against others almost always believe they are acting righteously. Whether or not they are in fact evil is less relevant than the fact they are committing evil acts. You can’t judge people by their motives. You CAN however judge them by their actions.

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