Can’t wait for a civil war

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No, it’s about a well regulated militia. That would be our military. You idiots that walk around with assault weapons either have really tiny penises or are cowards or both. I can’t wait until you idiots try and start a civil war. It will be OUR MILITARY that quells it.

Penelope Jane (Formerly LOVER OF DEMOCRACY) @PenneyJane2022
Tweeted on February 7, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

I think she will be “disappointed” should there be a civil war. I’ll bet she doesn’t even know what the phrase total warfare means and that it is more likely to occur in Ideological or religious conflicts,


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  1. Also a mal-educated idiot who doesn’t know basic word definitions or history or US law or US constitution. “Militia” and “military” (army and navy, etc) are different words for a reason.

    • Worse, Penny is probably well educated and deliberately misconstruing military and militia to advance her cause rather like the pretzel lolgic seen in 2A lawsuits claiming “x is not an arm so we can ban it”

      • Penny is quite evidently not well educated.

        She might be extravagantly credentialed, which is not the same thing.

  2. Whose military? Are “her” people enlisting and taking up a combat MOS?

    • I’m sure she will be fine with being drafted and sent to Ukraine if crappy Joe needs her to die for the cause.
      That’s where “her”, military is headed. Dildos and all.

      • I think “her” military is going to remember that illegal alien military-age males are subject to the draft, even though they aren’t eligible to re-enlist or get promoted past E-3, so no long-term pension liability, relatively low personnel costs, blocked from having significant authority, they can be ‘stop-lossed” indefinitely… and they don’t have any attachment to American citizens.

        Her side has very definitely learned the lesson of Tiananmen Square: don’t use troops from the local area to suppress the local area.

        • I’ve often speculated that ending the draft had something to do with the surge in illegal immigration.
          Americans would really have resented illegals being in the country and taking jobs when the citizens were drafted. And/or young male residents of other countries would have decided not to enter the USA if doing so would have resulted in military service.

  3. Sorry Penny, we don’t have to start anything. Those that be starting a war in America are moving their army up through the southern border right now.
    (While your government sponsored army is being drained of much needed material.)
    Make sure to tell that army your carrying assault weapons = little dick theory. I’m sure they will enjoy it, and you in the process.
    And don’t forget to tell the antifa guys guarding your favorite pedophile drag shows too. (No complexes there to worry about.)
    Life is going to be a wonderful place without rednecks, guns, and little dicks!

  4. Just wait until “citizenship malpractice” becomes a capital offense.

    As in, voting against the Constitution, binding Constitutional precedent, or other citizens’ Constitutionally-protected rights, potentially carries a death or life-in-prison sentence. Call it the “Too Stupid to be Allowed Out in Public Act”.

    That’s what they want for us — and have LONG advocated for — for daring to vote against the Leftist agenda, but that door swings both ways.

    (To be clear, no, I don’t think it’s a good idea. “Never vote yourself a political tool you wouldn’t want used by your opponents against you.” Once the precedent is in place, a simple change to the definition of “citizenship malpractice” could include keeping and bearing arms for lawful purposes [because that exempts the Left’s criminal allies, who bear arms for unlawful purposes], or registering Republican. But it is cathartic to turn their arguments back on them.)

  5. As I have commented elsewhere, should the black shirts get their wish “Civil War” is not going to be a modern Gettysburg or even the Russian invasion of Ukraine with actual battles and battle lines where the vaunted drones and F15s might be useful. If it kicks off, we’re going to see something like the Irish Troubles. Lots of bombing and sniping and the military mostly impotent. The IRA had an average active duty strength of 1000 operating in an area the size of Connecticut against a first clas military and police apparatus with few restrictions and after 19 years, the British offered a deal.
    Penny and company may be early casualties, and drone strikes will be IEDs delivered by Alibaba sourced drones through the sunroof of Karen’s SUV.

    • The big difference now is the massive amount of surveillance we have everywhere. There is no easily going anywhere anonymously. Private security cameras. Ring cameras. Traffic cameras. Store security and perimeter cameras. Cell-phone tracking. AC’s surveillance teams tracking “interesting” people. Internet search traffic tracking. etc., etc.

      • It creates complications but also opportunity. Surveillance can be monkey wrenched., feds can be manipulated, false flags can implicate enemies.

  6. “a well regulated militia” refers to the citizenry, and not the military. and, “the people” who have a preexisting right to bear arms, also refers to the citizens. and, it would have made absolutely no sense at all to say that a “military” has the right to arms, … , a silly idea.

    i am 75 year old. a b.a. from whitman college, an education certificate, and a law degree from the university of oregon, which enabled me to practice for 26 years as a lawyer in the state of washington. in my view, and given my reading on the subject of the amendments to the u.s. constitution, your letter writer qualifies as an absolute & full fledged “know nothing.” she is, in short, absolutely ignorant on the subject matter which she dares address.

  7. If “the people” in the Second Amendment aren’t the general population, who are “the people” in the 1st, 4th, and 9th amendments?

    The government’s failure to maintain a militia doesn’t allow them to infringe on the rights of The People.

    • For that matter, the 2nd Amendment doesn’t refer to the organized militia specifically, it refers to the militia generally. But yes, the key point is that all those amendments refer to “the people”.
      Neil Smith once made the interesting comment that “free state” in the 2nd Amendment could be argued to be a synonym for “free condition” as opposed to “free polity”. I haven’t seen that used elsewhere, but it’s an interesting argument to use.

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