What are you thinking?

I’ve been busy recently and haven’t posted some things I wanted to weeks ago. It has come to the point I’m irritated so much that I have to say it. I’m withholding names to protect the guilty. Please don’t take offense if you decide I’m talking about you. I could be, but just because I am does not mean that I am going to shun you or am deliberately shaming you. That’s not my intent.

I’m pretty open minded about a lot of things. Reality is hard. I know that. Can we still keep things friendly even though I think you might have a circuit or two crosswired in your brain?

God? Gods? Pro-Life? Pro-Choice? I can probably argue four or more different sides to each of those questions and be reasonably convincing to the average person even though I am pretty sure which is the correct answer. Believe what you want as long as you don’t insist everyone conform to your beliefs and as far as I’m concerned we’re all good.

There are things which are less certain. Some of the UFOs (currently called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena–UAPs) are alien craft? Global warming/cooling/climate-change? The 2021 presidential election was totally rigged? Bitcoin will replace the U.S. Dollar in the next ‘N’ years? Bitcoin is a great/terrible investment? I just don’t know. I suspect the general public does not have enough information to determine an answer with a high degree of certainty to any of these questions. Again, I can probably be convincing to the average person no matter which side I wanted to take.

There are other things which are more clear cut. Actual moon landing or faked? Flat earth or spherical? 9/11 was an inside job? Sorry. You don’t get any slack from me if you start trying to convince me we don’t actually have satellites in orbit or that because steel doesn’t melt at burning jet fuel temperatures the WTC collapses had explosive help.

Let’s think about the claim all test animals for the mRNA “vaccines”* died. I first heard this several months ago and went looking for the research papers. It turns out that, at least in the papers I saw, this was true! Damning evidence, right? No.The animals died because the researchers performed necropsies on all of them. The results, that I saw in the papers I read, were that everything looked normal.

It is as if someone was trolling the general population to see how many people would draw the incorrect conclusion from factual data. Good joke! I actually laughed at the cleverness. But why would anyone persist in believing that even if they didn’t find the research papers and read them? Think about it some!

Suppose all, or even 10% of the test animals, died from the mRNA vaccine. How many researchers are going to go before their human subject testing review board** (sample of what is involved here) and say, “All the test animals died. We are going to test it on humans next.”?

Sure, there are people that think people are a plague on the earth and all humans (except perhaps others like them who are sufficient “woke”) should be exterminated. They don’t convince tens of thousands of other people to work on their project, get billions of dollars to produce and deliver their product without someone getting cold feet about the prospects and delivering overwhelming evidence to the general public of the impending doom of half the human population. Even small religious cults have people leaving and telling the dark stories from the inside.

After giving this a little thought, if you actually believe the whole mRNA “vaccines” are “Going to kill 100s of thousands (or more)” and people knew this all along, I have to ask, “Really? What are you thinking? How do determine truth from falsity? What color is the sky in your universe?

You want to talk about VAERS data? Okay. Let’s talk about it.

You might claim there is a huge increase in adverse reactions to mRNA “vaccines” compared to all other vaccines. Yup, it’s right there for everyone to see. But, there are some things to take into account before you reach valid conclusions. Unless you received a COVID-19 immunization you probably did not know people who received the “vaccine” were encouraged to sign up to receive and fill out a survey every day for a week, then once a week for several weeks, then another after a few months. They would send a text message to (IIRC) the CDC. Then they would receive text messages with links to the surveys. They would be asked how they were feeling. They were encouraged to report even very mild stuff, like a headache or muscle stiffness. Anything that might be considered an “adverse reaction”.

Suppose, they had a headache or some stiff muscles a month later; was it because they drank a little bit too much the previous evening or were hunched over the reloading bench all afternoon? Or was it because of the vaccine? They didn’t ask about those possibilities. The CDC just wanted the “adverse reaction”. I expect the noise was to be filtered out by looking for correlation with reports from other people at week ‘N’. To the best of my knowledge this has never been done with other vaccines. If you are looking at the raw data, without the noise filtering, you are going to see a lot of noise. And the number of reports are going to be much larger than with other vaccines because maybe 100x more people received the COVID-19 shots than your normal flu, MMR, and/or tetanus vaccinations. This combined with the encouragement and easy reporting of trivial “adverse reactions” results in the raw numbers being huge.

I’ve heard things to the effect of “Bill Gates is behind it and he is evil.” Gates was ruthless as a business man. I would have had serious moral qualms doing many of the things he did to competitors. He was good to his employees. When I worked at Microsoft I had numerous people who know him far better than I do say things to the effect that he would be more than fair to employees in situations where he had no obligation to be so. I’ve know people who talked to Melinda Gates about the work done by the Gates Foundation. I know people who worked on the Gates house and had long term personal contact with Bill and Melinda. I know one woman who went on a date with him. I know a woman who volunteered at the same charity has Bill’s mother and worked with her frequently. None of them even hinted at any dark side with him or his family. He was sometimes a little odd, but this was in a geeky rather than evil genius or creepy way.

Could Gates be bankrolling the deliberate extermination of millions? The odds are extremely low. He couldn’t hire enough guards or pay them enough money to keep the angry mobs at bay once it was discovered. He is not stupid. He is not suicidal. I believe the Gates Foundation really is intended to make the world a better place for humans. There is no intent to make the world a better place without humans. It is inconsistent with everything I know about him, his family, and the foundation. I think there is enough public information for anyone to arrive at a similar conclusion without many reservations.

Do I agree with all his politics and projects? No, but I think they are well intentioned even if they are misguided or flat out wrong.

On a different tangent maybe we can work out some answers on our own without relying on information from questionable sources like random podcasts, YouTube videos, word of month, memes, and worst of all, the CDC and other government sources.

Let’s run a little statistics experiment. In the comments or by sending me an email tell me how many people you have personally met*** which meet one or more the following criteria:

  1. Had a reaction to a mRNA “vaccine” which resulted in an ER visit and/or hospitalization.
  2. Had a reaction to a mRNA “vaccine” which resulted in long term (two or more months) adverse effects.
  3. Had a reaction to a mRNA “vaccine” which resulted in death.
  4. Had COVID-19 which which resulted in an ER visit and/or hospitalization.
  5. Had COVID-19 which resulted in long term (two or more months) adverse effects.
  6. Had COVID-19 which resulted in death.

Don’t double report anyone. For example, if the person died don’t also report them as having long term adverse effects.

Here are my answers:

  • One person for item 1.
  • One person for item 4. (Added on 1/25/2022 after I remembered someone else).
  • One person for item 5.
  • One person for item 6.

Please be honest. “Stuffing the ballot box” isn’t going to change anything beyond a tiny corner of Joe’s world. And, almost for certain, the statistics will point you out as being a liar.

Next weekend I’ll collect the data and make a short report. My guess is that this little experiment will be more “interesting” than most people think it would be.

* Quoted as a deliberate concession because I don’t think that point is particularly important one way or the other.

** I had to do this for one project I worked on. I was gathering anonymous data from computers about the movement of the mouse. I was not gathering any information about what applications they were using or even if they clicked the mouse. I only collected timestamps and the position of the mouse at that time. It took weeks and answering lots of questions to get approval.

*** This needs to be carefully defined to get valid results. Consider “personally met” as meaning you were, at least once, in the same room/location as them and there is a good chance they would remember you as well as you remembering them. My brother’s niece, on his wife side of the family, who I have never met, having serious complications from COVID-19 linger after a year doesn’t count.


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  1. For statistical consideration.

    1. One person
    2. Two people
    4. One person
    5. Three people

    And just for the record, I think that the problems with the entire Covid-19 response are quite a bit more nuanced than can be explained and evaluated in a typical blog posting. There are certainly more facets to the issue than I usually hear in a single discussion or read from a single posting on the subject. I have been following this for some time due to my own experiences and seeking clarification from several very experienced contacts that I have in the medical and science fields. What I can state with certainty is that the response was and is still confused, conflicts of interest were built into the response, accountability has been removed, informed consent has been incomplete and insufficient verified data has been released to support balanced discussion of the entire issue. Unfortunately, I believe that the most significant issue is that what should have been a medical problem and response has been hijacked by politicians desperate to appear to at least be doing something and afraid they may, at some future time, be accused of not doing enough; so overboard they go now. I am also sure that the time will come when all the questions and claims will be resolved. In the mean time, proceed as you personally feel best for you but please grant others the privilege to do the same without ridicule or shaming.

  2. Oh, and by the way, steel does not have to melt to loose strength. And in the case of the WTC on 9/11, the weight of the structure above the point of impact was certainly enough to initiate the classic buckling that was observed in the collapse of both towers once the the jet fuel fires heated the structure near the point of impact to the 800 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit range. Once that collapse started, there was nothing that could have stopped the total structural collapse. Just to clarify, I am a welding engineer and have considerable experience in material performance in adverse conditions, both heating and cooling. And an additional word of advice for which I am sure I will be roundly pilloried by some, in every discussion, always make a concerted effort to recognize your own biases. It helps create humility which will lead to a great deal more learning that you know.

    • Maybe I wasn’t clear. I’m well aware steel bends easily when it gets red hot. We did lots of steel repairs and construction on the farm. The heating torch and cutting torch are two different tools.

      • My reply on this subject was intended for those who don’t believe that the WTC collapse could have happened without explosive augmentation.

  3. I’m a teacher here in N.E. Oregon and about 2/3 of our staff were vaccinated voluntarily. I had only a mild reaction which was a sore deltoid for less than 24 hours the first time, but the second, I had a knot in that deltoid for months afterward, but no other untoward reactions. Other staff members had severe reactions although none of them took them to the ER, one reported starting vomiting before they got home so, about 25 minutes after the shot, that was 10 minutes after they were released from the standard 15 minute wait. Four or Five staff members had their Doctors recommend that they not get the shot for valid medical reasons….and then they were forced to because of our dictatorial governor’s orders…… I’ve had one close friend who suffered a 45 day stint in the hospital 19 days in ICU with Covid, came out with permanent lung damage and uses an oxygen tank. The man is a former Green Beret and although he was 67 when he came down with it (Feb. / Mar of 2020) he could still max the physical. He had retired from the GB after 30 years in the reserves with them, maintained his running and weight lifting…e.g. no co-morbidity factor as other than ‘age’. My youngest nephew contracted it, fought it at home, then a month after official recovery suffered an extreme spike in blood pressure and kidney problems. Several staff and a whole bunch of kids now in school (Irrigon JrSr H.S.) are out with Covid, all seem to have had the ‘mile’ form. Although the several (faxed and unvaxed) that have had it in the past two to three months starting before the sudden magical appearance of ‘Omacron’ said it ‘kicked their butts’ but they recovered quickly. None reported using the monoclonal antibody, invermecting or hydrochloroquine (if I got the spelling of those last two correct. I have read, but foolishily didn’t download the articles) about the concern of the increased myocarditis caused by the increased quantity of spike proteins and the adverse effect of the lipid technology (micro coacerivates I suppose) they use to ‘protect’ the fragile m-RNA). I and hugely suspicious of the ‘protecting’ the data for 55 years before release. That is criminal in my mind….. in addition to placing the most vulnerable population in contact with known infections a.La. Nursing homes…. Also criminal (especially in Washington…and I was living there at the time in Kennewick). Then there is the reporting of every damn death as due to covid….which is damn bullshit! The bone I have to pick with the MSM reporting well….. I shant, don’t want to spike my BP. And the firing of nurses and other medical staff and then whining about a staff shortage? Ok, there went the BP, better stop.

  4. One person for #1 and #2 (same person) Ended up in the ER and still dealing with stuff later
    0 for #3

    For 4, 5 and 6: 3 total people hospitalized, 2 of them died, one died in the hospital fairly quickly, next one died about 2 months later from blood clots that she had no history of before she had covid, with the first clot showing up while she was being treated for covid in the hospital, third one treated with some magic drug and released with no additional trouble. Not sure how you want to count that 2nd one, she got over the acute part of covid but it got her in the end.

    Next anecdote, 2 coworkers and I all acquired covid at approximately the same time. They have the shot and I do not. Comparing notes post sickness all 3 of us had the same symptoms that lasted the same amount of time. They both had less severe symptoms, particularly the burning lungs part, but same duration and same list of stuff happened.

    I know several other people that have gotten the shot and had no trouble, several others that have gotten covid and had no long term trouble. I know a few people where one half of the couple had covid, and the other half didn’t even though they spend a lot of time together

  5. Had a reaction to a mRNA “vaccine” which resulted in an ER visit and/or hospitalization.
    About 60 young men under the age of 25 or so.

    Had a reaction to a mRNA “vaccine” which resulted in long term (two or more months) adverse effects.

    Had a reaction to a mRNA “vaccine” which resulted in death.
    4 young men under the age of 25.

    Had COVID-19 which which resulted in an ER visit and/or hospitalization.
    My wife, for pneumonia. Antibiotics cured it in 36 hours.

    Had COVID-19 which resulted in long term (two or more months) adverse effects.
    If you count being exhausted and a wonky sense of smell and taste, me and my wife. Oh, and hair loss.

    Had COVID-19 which resulted in death.
    Nobody. Not even in the over 70 crowd. I don’t even know anybody who knows anybody who died of Covid.

  6. A close coworker got the jab and, almost immediately came down with flu symptoms. It was so fast he couldn’t drive home. He spent three days in bed, but then recovered and has suffered no long term affects. His MD said to stay at home unless his condition worsened.

    Another coworker and his wife got Covid on their honeymoon in October of 2020. He lost taste and smell for months.

    I can count maybe ten people who tested positive. About half were asymptomatic.

    My wife and I got sick while packing up our house to move back in February of 2020. We thought it was the flu. Hindsight says it could have been Covid, but we never went to the hospital or have any reason to believe it was Covid

    So, to summarize one person who got sick immediately after the jab, but doesn’t actually qualify for question #1 because it didn’t require hospitalization. And, one who lost taste and smell for over six months that qualifies as a +1 for question 5

  7. #4=1. Rest are zeros.

    Your point about the numbers is one I have made. All medical actions carry some risk and when you do 8.5 billion you are going to get some pretty big numbers of incidents. Mainstream media acts like there is absolutely no risk but the alt.media publicizes every negative outcome any where in the world.

    I think the survey you were asked to fill out was a product of your provider or perhaps state. I received no encouragement or even notice that such a survey existed. The first I have heard of it was your post.

    While I don’t think Gates is trying to kill (or microchip) everyone, he does have much to answer for other than Windows sucking. His forays into educational and climate policy have been little short of disastrous. I would argue that this is precisely why anti-vax sentiment has exploded on the right. People hated him for other reasons and were willing to believe virtually anything negative. He should have funded research and STFU.

      • Perhaps they stood that up after I got mine. I used a county agency so I would think they would follow the protocols.

          • Mine was Feb/Mar 2021.

            My conclusion after this exchange and talking to my daughter is that the disconnect was due to chaos in my area. We don’t have a county health department so the shots were done by Emergency Management. They imported a bunch of nurses from somewhere. Shots were given in or next to cars and there were about 500 cars in line. So probably the survey just got lost in the shuffle.

          • It also could be they only asked for volunteers from certain locations.

            In any case my conclusions about the reporting are at least partially in error.

            Thanks for the info.

  8. 1=1
    1a= 2 cases of Bell’s palsey within a week of jab.

    • I’d be cautious about linking Bell’s Palsy with the mRNA “vaccines”. I had Bell’s Palsy almost exactly a year ago… three months before I got jabbed.

      I’ve since had reason to look, and there are some researchers making a correlation to Bell’s Palsy and both the real virus and the mRNA preparations.

      It would be great stuff if anyone had a real clue how Bell’s Palsy is caused. Lots of guesses, no solid chain of causation. Wouldn’t be surprised if we actually got some good research out of this situation.

  9. #6 = 2

    1 was a retired firefighter with severe COPD and over 70

    1 was over 80 years old. Speculation is that he caught it while spending several hours waiting in the ER for an unrelated issue

    I had it over a year ago, not nearly as bad as the worst Flu I’ve had.

  10. #4: one. Although the ER did nothing and sent him home.

    #6: one. Several comorbidites.

    My wife is an er nurse and has seen all.

  11. 1. 0
    2. 2
    3. 0
    4. This is hard to quantify, because I know two or three people who went to the hospital/ER when they were sick, while I also know people who were sick just as bad(or worse) but didn’t go to the hospital/ER and recovered ok. In my experience, getting medical attention doesn’t correlate perfectly with severity of infection. I’ll say 3, but there is uncertainty depending on what is actually being measured.
    5. 0
    6. 0 (to be fair, members of my immediate family would say 1, but I never met the person in question)

  12. None of the above. (But we don’t know many people here and stay isolated.) Wife’s uncle was vaxxed and boosted. Got covid twice afterward. Both times within a month of being vaccinated.
    He’s 80, and in good health. It slowed him down. Says he’s more of a home body now. My mother in her mid 90’s in a home and had covid. Then got vaxxed and boosted. And is still kicking. So, covid can be bad, but not always.
    210 million in India have wiped it out with Ivermectin. That’s a pretty sizeable case study. Why can’t we get the horse-wormed to?
    As for Billy Gates. If his investments in medicine are as informed as his climate change policies? (I’ve seen the man on tv say CO2 was a cumulative poison.) So, who can say for sure what’s going thru that super-brain?
    No matter, Dr. Martin, Dr. Malone, and Dr. Fauci have dispelled any myths about what it truly is, and what it was for.
    I’m sure George Soro doesn’t do cruel things to his help. But that don’t mean he ain’t as evil as they get. Or is afraid to do evil to others, to get what he wants.
    The elite of the world have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything else is on the table for their power, money, and control.
    Why would they skip Covid?
    And somehow Klaus Schwab fails to inspire a bright future. Or is it just me?
    God save us from the good intentions. (Like Joe Biden is full of.) Whither there is a god or not. We know what the road to hell is paved with. And at this point lined with Russian tanks?
    Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking.

    • As for UFO’s I’ve seen lots. And can say that without a doubt that they are all built and run by the government.
      I’ve actually seen a human piloting one.
      As for the twin towers falling? It seems very unlikely that with the inner square core of steel that matched the outer one. The wind sheer and weight ratings engineered on those building. Plus a minimum 1.5 safety factor?
      On top of the fact they were engineered and built to survive a plane crash. Earthquakes, and fire…. Smells real bad.
      What we know for certain is that trillions of dollars were created and transferred to the very elite because of that event.
      And the security state that was built behind it is being used on everyone but who we were told it was built for.
      So would global elitists murder people to make money?
      Ya, I kinda think they would.

      • They did survive planes crashes. Both of them were still standing after being smashing into by planes that were full of jet fuel for long haul flights.

        Then one floor in the middle of the conflagration pancaked, bringing all the mass above it down onto another weakened floor, and it just pancaked all the way down. No building is designed at it’s 75% height point to have the top 25% drop 15ft and stop it. A 1 foot drop would be enough to trigger a cascade failure.

        As for earthquakes, they’re designed up to a point to withstand earthquakes. Vertical movement of 1ft would probably wreck any skyscraper, but luckily most of the movement at the ground is sideways, so the earthquake design for the building is to damp down the wub-wub-wub of the building so structural elements don’t fail. Falling glass and masonry facade are less of a concern in highrise earthquake design because you’re just going to have to deal with it.

        • I’m not an engineer. But I’ve built big thing all my life. Weight is weight. All that was added was the plane. Top floors melted or not.
          It didn’t melt all the steel in the lower parts of the building.
          Remember, those building had an inner square of steel that matched the outer square skin.
          But like I tried to mention above. It doesn’t matter if it was done on propose.
          There sure was a butt load of people positioned to never let a crisis go to waste. And if you can think like that. What else are you willing to do?

          • Weight isn’t the problem. The problem is momentum. If the top 25% of a skyscraper is allowed to moved downwards for 6 inches at an acceleration of 32 ft/s2, the entire building is going to come down because nothing is designed to take that kind of wrecking ball flying at it.

            I think if the planes had hit the top floors of both buildings in a power dive, they probably wouldn’t have collapsed. Big fire, yes. Lots of wreckage, yes. But a relatively small mass in motion, which the structure could handle.

          • Obviously they did collapse from momentum. The only argument is what it would take to get it started and keep it going.
            If one can get 3 or 4 floors to slam into the trusses below. It would shear the bolts. And continue downward. Which it did.
            My personal problem was always with the center core. But it’s just that, a personal problem.
            The real question is, is someone evil enough to do such a thing for fun and profit?
            The facts surrounding Covid and Ivermectin. Other treatments that are available. Media response to free speech on the matter?
            Kinda makes me think there are.
            Didn’t Jen Psaki say that illegal invaders don’t have to get vaccinated because they’re not planning on staying here?
            You believe that? No one in the media got up and yelled; You got-too be f–k’in kidding! right?!!! Instead, we get crickets.
            Why shouldn’t the host of smelly crap dropped on us for the last 50 years not tint the cred of all else they tell us today?
            i guess I’m to old and jaded.

          • Of course, to those monotheists who worship government, the “one true solution” must be the one provided by the government.

  13. For the record, I have a problem with the mRNA vaccines not because I think it’s some sort of conspiracy or something, but because it is relatively young technology never used on this sort of scale and I think we have no clue whatsoever what the long term effects might be…and I have no interest in being part of the experiment that will find out.

    With that said, I am honor bound to answer the question honestly.

    I personally know no-one who’s suffered an adverse reaction to the “vaccine” that’s required hospitalization or led to long term effects.

    I do know one person who died from COVID…in fact it was the first reported death in Virginia, it was my wife’s Uncle, he was in his late ’80’s and had several comorbidities. If he’d died a week before COVID started, it wouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone in the family.

    I also know one person who had long term side effects…blood clots…and will likely be on blood thinners the rest of his life.

  14. I think they cut a lot of corners before bringing it to market. I don’t trust the technology (the “off” switch does not seem to be well defined, for one thing), or the pharma companies, or the government.

    My position from the beginning was “wait 5 years.” Some people will die of the virus, some will die of the shot (of course they will, anyone who says otherwise is lying or delusional).

    At this point I see it as having marginal benefit at best (“reduce the severity of symptoms” of a disease that really isn’t that dangerous in the first place), and a whole lot of very serious risks at worst. It just doesn’t make sense, especially for someone not in a high-risk group.

    Plus I already had covid, if the test can be believed. Wasn’t exactly fun, but wasn’t anywhere near as horrible as it’s been cracked up to be. So now I really don’t need the shot. I bet I can probably go to Wuhan and lick every doorknob in the Institute of Virology with no ill effects.

    And even if it were a good idea I still don’t want it, which ought to be reason enough.

      • And I’m pretty sure (based only on my data) the statistical conclusion is “covid is more dangerous than the vaccine.”

        Except the 2 serious Covid cases I know were old (mid-60s and over 80), and the 1 serious vaccine reaction I know was fairly young (early 40s). So that might change the “perceived risk” estimate some, particularly for someone who is much closer to 40 than to 80.

        • And one other wrinkle in the analysis:

          The hospital case was vaccinated (2shots no booster at that time but I believe has gotten the booster since then)

          • The serious case who survived was given a course of Remdesivir, which I understand is quite expensive.

  15. The death count for the US in 2019 was LESS than in 2018, and there were no flu deaths recorded, supposedly. Now, with the vaxx being used in 2021, the life insurance companies are seeing death counts they have not seen for working age people.

    ” The head of Indianapolis-based insurance company OneAmerica said the death rate is up a stunning 40% from pre-pandemic levels among working-age people.

    “We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica,” the company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week. “The data is consistent across every player in that business.”

    Davison said the increase in deaths represents “huge, huge numbers,” and that’s it’s not elderly people who are dying, but “primarily working-age people 18 to 64” who are the employees of companies that have group life insurance plans through OneAmerica….”

  16. I know two (already unhealthy) people who died of Covid.
    Two had high fever from the vaccine and permanently lost hearing on one side.
    My reaction to vaccine was zero, no effects of any kind. Not even pain in the arm.

    • Statistical analysis of the distribution of vax injuries gives a strong indication that a relative small number of hot lots account for nearly all the deaths, and a majority of lots have virtually no injuries at all, and no deaths. The distribution of hot lots vs harmless lots is not entirely random. I believe that many people who say that they had no side effects didn’t have any because they were getting little more than saline.

      I know a lot of people (mostly on the “conspiracy” side) who have caught Covid and recovered fine with no problems because they were treating it properly (taking D3 & zinc beforehand, ivermectin after, etc), including my parents in their 90s (a very high risk group). I know a lot of people who caught it and did the FedGov recommendation (nothing) and skated very close to needing to go to urgent care of the hospital. My mom died not long after getting the booster, but she was old and already trending down fast, so I’d have a hard time honestly pinning her death on it – that is one I thing that is an actual temporal coincidence. I know a fair number of people who felt really shitty – more than just a normal flu vaccine bad- after getting the vax, but none personally who were hospitalized or died. in my wife office a lot of people needed to take a few days after vaxxing, or a week after a booster, before they were well enough to return to work, but as far as I know none went to the hospital.

      The data available in VAERS should be assumed be reasonably reliable (at least as far as it goes, because by law it is required to be accurate.

      But the biggest two tells for me is: why the huge push for the experimental vax when off-the-shelf drugs with a good safety record are know to work, but they are being disallowed with a heavy hand? Any why is the clot-causing toxic spike, one of THE problem proteins of the disease, chosen as the one to create with mRNA in our bodies? can’t they use one that doesn’t cause most of the symptoms and death in Covid19 virus deaths? Clearly public health is not the priority.

  17. 1) Had a reaction to a mRNA “vaccine” which resulted in an ER visit and/or hospitalization.
    3 persons
    2) Had a reaction to a mRNA “vaccine” which resulted in long term (two or more months) adverse effects.
    5 persons, two from (1)
    3) Had a reaction to a mRNA “vaccine” which resulted in death.
    0 persons
    4) Had COVID-19 which which resulted in an ER visit and/or hospitalization.
    2 persons, both vaccinated – included above
    5) Had COVID-19 which resulted in long term (two or more months) adverse effects.
    2 persons, included in the vaccine group above
    6) Had COVID-19 which resulted in death.
    0 persons

  18. ! ER, 1 person
    2 Long Term 1 Person, same as 1
    4 COVID 1 death after ER and hospital
    5 Covid 1 person long term loss of smell/taste

    WE had the vacc in January and March 2021. and no mention of a survey or any follow up.. She was down for several days after each shot, I had zero reaction. In the mid-March annual physical the Vit D level for me was down from above 86 to under 65. Factor that in, as early results said those with Vit D under 30 had more problems and issues.

    ER may be misleading, as the primary care office may tell you we have no openings, go to the ER if it is immediate, Also, some primary care offices had a no vacc no see policy, The no openings issue has impacted several acquaintances.

  19. 4) 1, unvaccinated elderly man. Interestingly, the weight loss reduced the negative effects of his previous medical problems.
    5) 1 aunt
    6) 1 elderly man.

    The first death and not fitting any slot was the lockdown-related suicide of a 11 year old friend of my son.

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