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Most people live in an inner reality that is only very tenuously related to actual reality. To be capable of achieving that level of self-delusion must be nice. We’re all capable of it to a degree… but some people are very gifted.

Sebastian @SebastianSNBQ
Xeeted on August 2, 2023

Today I was to a coworker on almost this same topic. Smart people can be very convincing about their delusions.

Do you want to break through the delusion or at least determine for yourself if they are delusional or perhaps more closely in touch with reality than you?

Ask this question of both them and yourself, “What is the process by which you determine truth from falsity?” Then compare the two processes as applied to your current situation.


2 thoughts on “Gifted People

  1. Yes, many gifted people in that sense. But many are brainwashed. Trained from youth to be delusional.
    Like telling a 7 year old they can change their gender. Start off with that lie and your world as far as reality goes? You, and many around you are going to suffer.
    Drugs and alcohol do much the same work as teachers in delusion training.
    To me, the true essence of all delusion can be traced back to how one was taught to use their imagination. And then how that imagination gets tested.
    One may jump off the barn roof with a cape on. Believing you can fly. Few survivors repeat the process.
    Conversely communist are trained to believe the test was never done properly. So, the delusion can never be wrong. And can be repeated as necessary to maintain the delusion. (Talk about a mental make work, shit detail!)
    The secret is that delusion to a certain point is necessary for life on this planet. But like Dirty Harry said, “Man’s got to know his limitations.”

  2. The vast majority of people prefer their delusions over the harshness of reality.
    Many will go so far as to commit murder to prevent being forcibly awakened from their deliberately embraced dream state.

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