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Freedom in the 50 States

1    New Hampshire
2    Florida
3    South Dakota
4    Nevada
5    Arizona
…     …
14    Idaho
…     …
37    Washington
…     …
46    Oregon
47    New Jersey
48    California
49    Hawaii
50    New York

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Washington has some advantages but I would rather be in Idaho. Washington seems to want to oppress their citizens just for the meanness of it and in total spite of the state and Federal Constitutions..

Inconvenient Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights Must Be Ignored

Quote of the Day

Wednesday’s arguments focused primarily on this first theory: that adjudicating securities fraud before an administrative law judge violates the right to a trial by a jury. This right arises from the Seventh Amendment, which provides a jury trial in some civil cases. Current Supreme Court precedent breaks it down like this: When the U.S. government seeks to enforce a congressional statute that prohibits or punishes wrongdoing, it is enforcing “public rights.” And these enforcements don’t implicate the Seventh Amendment. That means they can be brought within an agency, before administrative law judges, who are shielded from removal by the commission. As Kagan put it on Wednesday, quoting major precedent, the Seventh Amendment “is no bar to the creation of new rights or to their enforcement outside the regular courts of law.”

This system is the only plausible way that the executive branch can carry out the duties assigned to it by Congress. Federal agencies rely on administrative adjudication to penalize polluters, scammers, abusive employers, crooked banks, and a whole range of unsavory parties. Obviously, these agencies can’t send anyone to prison, and their procedures must comply with due process. Their goal is to catch countless cases that would otherwise slip through the cracks—often because the harm involved applies to the public at large, or to potential harms that haven’t yet caused an injury. If the government had to bring these cases in federal court, the judiciary would be overwhelmed, its docket flooded with disputes that it lacks the time or resources to resolve by trial.

Mark Joseph Stern
November 29, 2023
The Supreme Court Has Figured Out How to Gut a Bunch of Crucial Federal Laws at Once

Emphasis added.

To refresh your memory on the 7th Amendment:

In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by Jury shall be preserved, and no fact, tried by a Jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

I’m not a lawyer, but the only exemptions to a jury trial granted by the 7th Amendment is if the value must be less than or equal to $20 or the controversy is not a suit at common law. “At common law” appears to mean “cases that triggered the right to a jury under English law”. Article III protects the right to a trial by jury for all criminal cases.

So what are these regulations that Stern is so upset about? Are they criminal or are they civil? It would appear to be criminal cases to me. They are violations of laws created by congress, right?

So, it would appear to me that the only exemption Stern can hang his hat on when he claims the 7th Amendment doesn’t guarantee a jury trial are those trials which involve less than or equal to $20.

Of course he doesn’t try to explain why these regulations are exempt. He just rants about how it is not practical to allow the defendants to have their right to a trial by jury. In other words, inconvenient constitutionally guaranteed rights must be ignored..

I suspect this mindset is common in those opposed to the 2nd Amendment as well.

Perhaps he would revise his option at his own trial.

You Are a Pre-Criminal

Quote of the Day

All criminals start off as non-criminals. But if they do break the law in respect to gun use they THEN become criminals. So even non-criminals can be a problem. You should know this!

Paige Kristinson (@SquirlyGirll)
Tweeted on December 11, 2022

This is what they think of you. You are a pre-criminal and “can be a problem”.

The real problem is people like her who have no respect for civil rights. Perhaps she should consider the consequence of people like her being treated as civil rights infringers before they have actually infringed upon the civil rights of others.

Politicians are Sociopaths

Quote of the Day

This is a society infected by socialism and what we need to achieve is to remove socialism from people’s minds.

Politicians are sociopaths who want to make us believe that we are mentally invalid in every sense because we cannot live without them.

If the country were divided between those who produce on one side and the other side, the f*cking politicians, the syndicalists, this whole bunch of parasites, they would sink and die.

Javier Milei
President Elect of Argentina
Via Tommy Robinson @TRobinsonNewEra

This is a presidential candidate I could vote for with enthusiasm.

Argentina will be an interesting place to watch for the next few years. This is assuming he doesn’t get assassinated

Prep for a Communist Revolution

Quote of the Day

There are basically 5 scenarios in which civilians drastically lose their liberties, lives, and fortunes:

  1. Communist Revolution
  2. Civil War broadly defined: regime change/guerilla campaigns/insurgency/ complete loss of order
  3. Foreign Invasion
  4. domestic outward invasion/war
  5. economic sanctions/blockade (externally or internally imposed).

    And as we’ve seen recently… there’s a 6th condition:

  6. Disease outbreak and public health totalitarianism (i.e. Soft Communist Revolution)

Anyone one of these 5 (6) conditions can be caused by or cause economic collapses, and there are numerous examples of all of them resulting in things such as: mass starvation, breakdown in healthcare, concentration camp style detainment of populations, ethnic cleansing, mass enslavement, government by terror, conscription, press gangs, banditry, confiscation of wealth.

Of these 5 however, the worst is number 1: Communist Revolution. And for that reason we’re going to assume that’s what you’re dealing with.

Not just because I hate communists which, yes, but because inherent in every communist revolution are the other 5.

August 21, 2023
Realistic Prepper Advice

Via Hank Archer.

Prepare appropriately.

It Isn’t that Simple

Quote of the Day

These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.

Mr. Wheeler
June 2012
The Pig Trap

I’m not sure it is quite that simple. There is a huge “swamp” to be drained to reduce the size of our government to that which it is supposedly limited to by the U.S. Constitution.

That said, if it were possible to avoid the civil war as described by the execution of the appropriate 100 people I can see a case being made for that. It is similar to the adage, “A dagger in the dark is worth a thousand swords at dawn.”

Replacement for Western Civilization

Quote of the Day

Western civilization has produced some of the most stunning scientific, technological, social, and cultural breakthroughs in human history. If you consider yourself “liberal” or even “progressive,” it must surely be clear by now that America and her allies are the only places in the world where your values are even considered values. If our civilization is allowed to collapse, it will not be replaced by a progressive utopia. It will be replaced by chaos and barbarism.

Konstantin Kisin
October 22, 2023
The Day the Delusions Died

I’m not sure the death of the delusions came soon enough. I want an underground bunker in Idaho.

We Live in Interesting Times

Quote of the Day

Despite the Government’s conspicuous failure to establish a threat of irreparable harm, the majority stays the injunction and thus allows the defendants to persist in committing the type of First Amendment violations that the lower courts identified.

At this time in the history of our country, what the Court has done, I fear, will be seen by some as giving the Government a green light to use heavy-handed tactics to skew the presentation of views on the medium that increasingly dominates the dissemination of news.

Samuel Alito
SCOTU Justice
October 21, 2023
Supreme Court Delivers Bad News To Conservatives

The government now has a green light to conspire with social media and silence any opposition view.

This will make for some very “interesting” times. I hope they enjoy their trials.

Cyborg Rights

Quote of the Day

Over the past half-century, the microprocessor’s capacity has doubled approximately every 18-24 months, and some experts predict that by 2030, machine intelligence could surpass human capabilities. The question then arises: When machines reach human-level intelligence, should they be granted protection and rights? Will they desire and perhaps even demand such rights?

Zoltan Istvan
October 19, 2023
Creating Sapient Technology and Cyborg Rights Should Happen Soon

Interesting questions. Just wait until artificial life forms are allowed to vote and they multiply at exponential rates. Things will get really interesting then.

Lack of Arrests Due to Lack Of Gun Control

Quote of the Day

Late Thursday, a gunfight broke out in a parking garage by Philadelphia International Airport when, according to police, a pair of officers saw a group of people trying to break into a car. One officer was killed — a 50-year-old father — and another was injured.

No one has been arrested in connection with the killing, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department told Insider.

In a statement, Krasner, a progressive Democrat, blamed the lack of arrests on state and federal gun laws.

Charles R. Davis
October 13, 2023
A Philadelphia police officer is dead and thanks to ‘gun-crazy’ politicians his killer is on the loose, DA says

Larry Krasner is the District Attorney of Philadelphia. He blamed the 2nd Amendment for the lack of an arrest. Does he also blame the 5th Amendment for the lack of convictions? It would be a lot easier to get confessions if people could be interrogated without an attorney present. And just imagine how many convictions they could get if the entire Bill of Rights were disposed of and torture was allowed and it was illegal to complain about it.

Gun control isn’t about safety. It is about control.

Gun Control Emboldened Criminals

Quote of the Day

Making it more difficult or even more expensive for me and people that look like me and other law-abiding citizens. will not make us safer. It will embolden criminals. Gun owners are not the enemy and these gun control policies are not the solution.

Lucretia Hughes
June 8, 2022
DC Project Delegate Lucretia Hughes Testifies Before House Committee

The first two sentences are true. At first glance the last sentence would appear to be true. But it depends on your premise.

If the premise is the problem is people with guns committing violent crime then yes, gun control is not the solution and ordinary gun owners are not the enemy.

But, as I’m am inclined to believe, these days most of the politicians advocating gun control are not motivated to make innocent people safer. They are part of the criminal class and ordinary gun owners are their enemies. This is why they lie so much. The truth would destroy their ambitions to rule over an enslaved population.

Just Like it was Done in the USSR

Quote of the Day

He’s only in it for himself. He’s now defending himself in civil actions and criminal actions. And when do they break with him? Because at some point maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members. But something needs to happen.

Hillary Clinton
October 6, 2023
Hillary Clinton says Trump supporters may need to be ‘deprogrammed’

Presumably this would best be done in a psych hospital. Just as they did it in the USSR.

Which Will Remain More Effective?

Quote of the Day

once again, while you’re at the range taking tactical carbine for the 7th time,

leftists are getting civil disobedience and resistance training

and they’re going to use those tools a lot more effectively over the next 18 months than you’ll get to use your training over the next 18 years.

you have to be armed and dangerous to remain safe and credible, but let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that it’s the best solution to our political and social problems.

the left views violence as a dial that can be turned up or down, while the right views it as an on/off switch.

which view has been more effective over the past 10 years? which will remain more effective over the next 10?

Mike Shelby | Do Your Area Study @grayzoneintel
Tweeted on October 4, 2023

This is an interesting assertion..I can see it being true in certain timelines and not in others. But which timeline is most probable? And would it be appropriate to push events in the direction of certain timelines? And how do you know your actions will have the desired effect? It is such a complex system…

Dianne Feinstein

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein died Thursday night.

To gun owners she probably is best know for her famous quote:

If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have done it.

Diane Feinstein
February 5, 1995
CBS-TV’s 60 Minutes

She is also well known as willing, perhaps even eager, to lie to advance her unconstitutional gun banning agenda:

One could claim there is a silver lining to Senator Feinstein’s hatred of our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms. Her activities were a motivational factor in the creation of Boomershoot.

Many people, who will remain nameless, have been saying things like:


Dianne Feinstein has been the primary pusher of gun control since I was just out of college and the 101 California law-firm massacre happened. Good fucking riddance.

I will not speak ill of the dead.

Diane Feinstein is dead. And that is good.

A very small number of people are telling us we should be praying for Dianne Feinstein and that our celebration of her death is in poor taste.

Fuck that. Forgiveness is between her and God, and she had zero remorse for her actions while alive.

People like her are responsible for disarming thousands of Americans and putting them into positions where they can’t defend themselves or their families.

We’ll celebrate in exactly the same way when Nancy Pelosi, Beto O’Rourke, Michael Bloomberg, or anyone else of that ilk finally keels over.

Can’t happen soon enough.

Good people celebrate the death of tyranny. Be good people.

As a general rule of thumb you shouldn’t celebrate people’s deaths just because you disagree with them. With that being said it goes way deeper than just disagreeing with her. She was a genuinely awful human being. I’m only sad she didn’t croak sooner.

Why should we mourn or speak highly of a tyrant that had been destroying our country for 50+ years?

I see nothing wrong with rejoicing in the demise of a tyrant.

All I can say about Diane Feinsteins passing is, “Good riddance”.

Those thoughts do not match mine. I did not smile or celebrate the hearing of her death.

Her death saddened me. I wanted her to live long enough to be prosecuted and spend her last years in prison.

Joshua Smith from Break The Cycle @JoshuaAtLarge

Quote of the Day

In 1993, the ATF and FBI burned 76 people alive in Waco, Texas, including 25 children and two pregnant women.

The DOJ would go on to lie about how the fires started.

This all happened despite the fact that those involved could have, at any time, picked up the person they were after outside of the compound.

Federal agencies have only grown in size since then. They are so big that there are too many agents to focus on the things they were built to focus on solely, and they have now started doing things like infiltrating catholic groups, calling mothers worried about their children’s education “domestic terrorists,” and creating an entire false plot to kidnap a governor.

These agencies must be cut back to a size so small to non-existent that they only have enough time to focus on real issues, like multi state serial killers and child sex trafficking. Those left after 70% layoffs will either focus on actual crimes or go work in mailrooms at building across the country.

The ATF headquarters building must be demolished and turned into a dog park to honor all the fallen dogs.

Joshua Smith from Break The Cycle @JoshuaAtLarge
Ex-Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee Candidate for POTUS
Tweeted on September 22, 2023

This is the type of guy I want as our next United States President.

It is a nice fantasy. The reality is I need an underground bunker in Idaho.

90% of Professors Self-Censoring

Quote of the Day

Paul Lazarsfeld and Wagner Thielens Jr. surveyed almost 2,500 professors right in the middle of the Red Scare on whether or not they were self-censoring in light of the political climate. Nine percent of professors said they were, which by historical standards is really quite bad. Today, in 2023, that number is almost 90%.

Greg Lukianoff
September 25, 2023
The new Red Scare taking over America’s college campuses

And what was the self-censor rate in the USSR? My guess is 99.9% or higher. It is what communists do. They have to do this because the system is so broken it can only exist upon lies. The truth must be censored to avoid the abandonment and/or destruction of the communist organization.

A good rule of thumb is that the more acceptable censorship, the more the society depends upon lies to exist.

The Solutions are Simple

Quote of the Day

  • The personal solution is easy. Make sure that someone can shoot back.
  • The public solution is time tested. We’ve done it for the last decade, and we’ve never had a school attacked where they had a public program of armed school staff.
  • The legal solution is simple. Make property owners responsible when they disarm the people who obey the law. If you stop me from protecting my family, then you become responsible for their safety.
  • The media solution is easy as well. Most mass-murderers kill innocent people so the mass-media will show us their face, their name, and their manifesto. Stop giving mass-murderers a multi-million-dollar publicity campaign.
  • All that might sound simple, but the political solution is harder. We have to ignore quack cures that have failed in the past.

Rob Morse
September 19, 2023
Can There be Good News About Public Violence?

The public solution is difficult, in part, because most politicians put up a vigorous fight when they are to lose even the smallest amount of power. And having an armed populous seriously shifts the power balance away from them.

Crazy Talk! Or is it?

Quote of the Day

Why do Republicans still fight for their beliefs knowing they will be wiped out, like any other minority group in history? Their beliefs are archaic and improper, so why fight against the advancement of the human species?

Anonymous question from Quora

You have to wonder… Yes, it is crazy talk. But, it could be Russian or other bad guy trying to stir things up. Or it could be just some troll getting their jollies. But it also has a small chance of being someone sincerely believing what they are saying and not afraid to say, “the quiet part out loud”. Hitler’s Mein Kampf wasn’t taken serious by the majority of people when it was first written either but within a few years the mindset took over a nation.

Ideas are more dangerous than tools…