Types of Marxism

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Economic Marxism wants to destroy your property.

Cultural Marxism wants to destroy your civilisation.

Environmental Marxism wants to destroy your species.


Alice Smith (@TheAliceSmith)
Posted on X April 6, 2024

Alice Smith claims to be the great-great-great-granddaughter of Adam Smith.

It would be trivial to get multiple quotes of high quality each and every day from her X feed.


3 thoughts on “Types of Marxism

  1. Yes, in all things. Marxism/communism is the religion of totalitarian domination guided by the principles of the Marque de Sade.
    Always a trick played by the greedy professional class to convince the poor to murder the producers of a given place.
    It does not age well.
    Here we go again.

  2. Marxism is a construct of the white male patriarchy. (/s)
    I wonder what the common thread is in all these isms.
    We need a schism from the sinking banana republica.

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