Boomershoot Precision Rifle Clinic is full

I received an update from Eugene on the status of the clinic.  This is the earliest it has ever filled up.  He is accepting standby positions however.

I updated the blogger referral numbers just a few minutes ago too.  Most of the numbers are overstated just a bit because I didn’t filter out the search engines web crawlers.  Another known error is that I didn’t include all the referrals from (209 unique IP referrals this month) which were all via Ry’s postings.  Since isn’t his blog I didn’t credit him with them on the page but I did include some of his lesser known websites that have links to  He gets a free Boomershoot coat, free entry, free shirts, and still I am indebted to him.

When “Ballistic Fingerprinting” fails

This is an even more blatant example of When Prophecy Fails related to the ballistic fingerprinting debacle.

Leah Barrett, executive director of CeaseFire Maryland, said police are not using the database enough, instead relying on a national ballistics database that only has ballistics images from crime scenes. As a result, she said, the national database can’t lead investigators directly to the specific firearm that produced a recovered ballistic image unless the gun is eventually recovered.

She said scrapping the state program could deal a setback to better ballistics imaging.

“I think it’s a real tragedy because other states are looking at New York and Maryland to see how we succeed with this,” she said.

To see how we succeed with this.”????  The possibility it has failed is apparently not in her domain of thought processes.

Quote of the day–Neal Knox

Without freedom there will be no firearms among the people; without firearms among the people there will not long be freedom. Certainly there are examples of countries where the people remain relatively free after the people have been disarmed, but there are no examples of a totalitarian state being created or existing where the people have personal arms.

Neal Knox
From Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries
Vol. 4, No. 7
June 1996