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San Francisco just stopped enforcing the law about five years ago. Traffic, shoplifting, drug use, car break-ins, etc

If nothing else, the catastrophic results will be fodder for a generation of economists & social scientists to digest & learn from. And in the meantime, a prod for voters to stop the madness

Chris Anderson @chr1sa
Posted on X, April 4, 2024

He quote tweeted Zach Coelius @zachcoelius who had posted this:


I’m reminded of the Soviet Union communists who viewed the common criminal as their ally because they were believed to be robbing and stealing from the capitalists.


7 thoughts on “Fodder for a Generation of Economists & Social Scientists

  1. Deliberately causing a social breakdown is what Yuri Bezmenov and Cloward-Pivon talked about. We are nearly there.

  2. Off topic, but I’ve just had a bit of a brainstorm:

    We’ve been calling removeable magazines that will hold ammunition at their designed capacity “standard capacity magazines”. Well, that’s nice, but that’s a defensive move; we need a offensive move.

    It’s pure marketing, but I think the NSSF needs to get on this: magazines that hold less ammunition due to legislative imposition should be sold as “infringed capacity magazines”.

    Don’t make 10-round magazines. Instead, make 17-round magazines with included 7 round infringer. Mark it on the baseplate “7 round infringer”.

    Magazine plugs to comply with game laws are “game plugs” or “sporting plugs”, and they have a distinct feature: they’re removeable without tools or with no more tools than needed to do a field cleaning. Otherwise, they’re infringers.

    It’s not a “high capacity magazine” law. It’s a “capacity infringement” law.

    You’re not selling “California compliant” Glock 17s. You’re selling Glock 17s with two integrally-infringed magazines. Stamp it right into the magazine body: “17 rounds, 7 infringed”.

    If you run a gun range, rather than saying “No high capacity magazines” in the range rules, say, “While RCW blah-blah-blah is in effect, all magazines must be infringed to ten rounds or less”. Better yet, just don’t acknowledge magazine capacity or other infringements in the range rules; just say all firearms must be possessed and operated lawfully on the range. If the legislature makes some compelled speech regulation to make you post something, always frame it like that: “The Washington State legislature compels us to post the following…”

    • That’s funny as hell. That needs to get spread wide and deep!
      Love it.

    • I like it, I could see this catching on.

      Related to the”constitutional carry” gambit, which IIRC is now the case in over half of these disunited states.

  3. ” And in the meantime, a prod for voters to stop the madness.”
    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, please stop. Your kill’in me!
    San Francisco has been sponsoring the breeding program of that madness since the 60’s! (The corner of Haite and Ashberry streets anyone?)
    Being comfortable about shitting in the street isn’t a voter issue. It’s a cultivated lifestyle.
    Might as well vote that drugs are illegal San Francisco now. You’ll get the same results, enforcement or no.
    Voting out the madness. Too Funny!

  4. All the “data” from the progressive experimental failure that is the Gay Bay will be round filed. Made to disappear. History will quickly forget just how big the failure it was.

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