Kim stops by for a visit and a hair job

Kim stopped by last night so Barb could fix her hair in rag curls.  She dressed up as an angel for work today and wanted the hair to look the part.  It sure was nice to have her home and talking to us.  We went in to her work (KFC) this morning and took some more pictures.  As we left I noticed the bumper sticker we had given her after our visit to Las Vegas was on her car.  And then found the other sticker we had given her on her steering wheel.

Taj Mahal ready for the winter

Yesterday after geocaching at Winchester State Park Barb and I visited the Taj Mahal to drop off a few target bodies and make sure things were ready for the winter.  I took some pictures of Barb watching the grass grow and a few other things.  The grass is growing and everything looks good for Boomershoot 2005.  I still have a bunch of 8” target bodies in our garage but we have more than enough for the next boomershoot stored away in the Taj.  It started snowing while we there so I’m glad we got there before it got any later in the year.

China Closes 1600 Internet Cafes

Reuters and several other sources report censorship is alive and well in China.

BEIJING (Reuters) – China shut 1,600 Internet cafes between February and August and imposed $12.1 million worth of fines for allowing children to play violent or adult-only games and other violations, state media said.

Of 1.8 million Internet bars inspected, 18,000 were ordered “to stop operation for rectification,” Xinhua news agency quoted Zhang Xinjian, deputy director of the Culture Ministry’s market department, as saying.

“Porn, gambling, violence and similar problems have adversely affected the healthy development of the Internet in China,” Zhang was quoted as saying.

The crackdown comes amid a nationwide push to limit violence and pornography on the Internet that has seen the government shut down hundreds of Web sites it deemed unsavory.

China has some 87 million Internet users, over 50 percent of whom are under 24 and approximately 18 percent are minors.

It is my understanding they also block sites from entering the country which they find to be unacceptable.  I wish I could find out which sites they were.  I’m curious if is among them.