Quote of the day—Tom Mauser

People don’t trust government to do what’s right. They are very attracted to the idea of a nation of individuals, so they don’t think about what’s good for the collective.

Tom Mauser
Gun-control activist.
November 2012
The Case for More Guns (And More Gun Control)
[It’s good to have him explicitly say it. Mauser (how ironic!) is opposed to a nation of individuals and individual rights. The collective is what is important.

Mauser is opposed to not just a specific enumerated right called out in the Bill of Rights, but the very foundation of this nation. He should move to a country more closely politically aligned with his views. I’m thinking North Korea would be appropriate. The United States Constitution clearly was designed for people totally different from him.—Joe]

What can we do about gun control?

What can we do about gun control?” is an open question on answers.yahoo.com.

Someone with the alias of Sal Paradise says:

Shoot gun owners with their own guns?

I find it difficult to interpret this any other way than this guy is advocating theft and murder of people exercising a specific enumerated right. Typical.

He must be a democrat. They have a very long history of opposition to civil rights:


Quote of the day—Christopher Evans

It’s my first gun show. I’m trying to keep an open mind about the firearm fetishists who frequent these death markets.

Christopher Evans
November 14, 2012
The Plain Dealer
How to buy guns, cheap: Christopher Evans
[H/T to Robb.

Let’s just say I’m “skeptical” of his claim about trying to keep an open mind.—Joe]

Clarification from Alan Korwin

There have been several sites (here and here are just two examples and there are many others) posting an alarmist message with the title of “Obama’s Gun Ban List Is Out” attributed to Alan Korwin.

It didn’t sound right to me so I sent an email to Alan asking if he had written it and if he had was it recent or sometime in the past. He replied to his email list and posted on his blog the following denial.

I’m reminded of something Winston Churchill said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Churchill, of course, said that before Al Gore invented the Internet so today it would be more like around the world 10,000 times instead of just halfway.

From Alan Korwin:


I did not write this:

Obama’s Gun Ban List Is Out

Here it is, folks, and it is bad news. The framework for legislation is always laid, and the Democrats have the votes to pass anything they want to impose upon us. They really do not believe you need anything more than a brick to defend your home and family. Look at the list and see how many you own. Remember, it is registration, then confiscation. It has happened in the UK, in Australia, in Europe, in China, and what they have found is that for some reason the criminals do not turn in their weapons, but will know that you did.
Remember, the first step in establishing a dictatorship is to disarm the citizens.

Where did that email come from?
A lot of people apparently got it before someone sent me a copy.
I’d like to write to whoever decided to create and circulate it.
I finally got it in this link from someone:


I did not write that inflammatory paragraph and its next sentence,
even though someone has attributed that to me.


I did indeed post, in January 2009, the huge list of guns to be banned that came with it — which I took directly from a Democrat’s proposed bill, HR 1022, in the 110th Congress. That list is accurate (as it appeared in the link above, and as it remains posted on my website), including the blanket powers to be granted to the Attorney General, amounting to an extraordinarily broad firearms ban.

[“Rifles (or copies or duplicates): M1 Carbine, Sturm Ruger Mini-14, AR-15, Bushmaster XM15, Armalite M15, AR-10, Thompson 1927, Thompson M1; AK, AKM, AKS, AK-47, AK-74, ARM, MAK90, NHM 90, NHM 91…” the list goes on at great length, including shotguns, handguns, gear, parts and much more, go to my website for the whole list]

That part is not invented. It was from Congress. In 2009.
To everyone who wrote to me asking for the source, there it is.

No one, including the Democrats, expected that to have a chance of passage at that time,
under President Bush. It simply showed what they wished for, and they introduced it into Congress.

It is horrifying from a gun-rights perspective.
Whoever used my name without my permission or knowledge was at least clever.

My original posting is here, including the list of guns to be banned, and you can read it:
If you own a gun, chances are yours is included, because along with the specific lists,
are features guns have, like grips (you read that right), and anything the AG might decide to add.

The Brady Gun-Ban Strategy, issued at the same time at the beginning of Obama’s first term, is here:
It did not circulate very far outside their own circles.
The lamestream media basically ignored it because it was so incendiary.

This is why the left was so disappointed with Obama’s performance:
he failed to act on their astounding rights-removal plans.
Their respect for the fundamental civil and human right to arms is lower than you can dream.

Now, as far as I’m aware, no one outside his inner circle has seen his current plans.

Saying “Obama’s Gun Ban List Is Out” — and attributing that to me, is false.

I would sure like to know who did that.

But the list of guns was real, it was proposed in Congress almost four years ago.

Who knows what they’re planning now. Wait and see.
I doubt it will be good, if your rights mean anything.

As before, I’ll be watching, and will continue to post these things as I find them.

I read the bills, and describe them in plain English. I get other insider info.
It’s what I do. Get on my list on my home page —

I have the UN Arms Trade Treaty spelled out in my reports 113, 114 and 116, here:
113- How treaties can trump the Constitution; 114- The UN treaty spelled out in plain English;
116- Mexico’s plan to use it against us, from our pro-rights Ambassador Donald Mahley.

Get on my list on my home page — http://www.gunlaws.com

Permission to circulate this memo gladly granted.


P.S. If that doesn’t worry you enough, scroll down to this item on my New Stuff page:
also introduced into Congress, HR 45, at about the same time, the beginning of Obama’s term.
It would require a test to own a gun that no one could pass, plus biometric ID that doesn’t exist.
It also had no chance of passage, but shows how they were thinking. It got no co-sponsors,
was introduced by former Black Panther Bobby Rush, and what’s our Congress come to.

Quote of the day—Philip Wilson

We must repeal the Second Amendment, demand the peaceable surrender of all handguns, and hunt down and destroy all those who do not comply.

Philip Wilson
November 27, 2012
Comment to Gun Control, RIP.
[This is so you know the attitude of those who oppose freedom and the Bill of Rights.

And Wilson, you should take point on that hunt.—Joe]

I doubt there would be much difference

Cheating to “qualify” as a public school teacher.

You could select names randomly from a phone book, hire those people as teachers and administrators without any training and no benefits or retirement program, end up with a very high turnover accordingly, and probably end up with a better school than some of the ones we’re currently forced by law to fund.  Chances are, they wouldn’t all be indoctrinated leftist/authoritarians such as we have now, but then it would depend on the city.  Certainly, some of the teachers I had were far below average in intelligence and functionality.  Plus they hated kids.  The random, first generation immigrant farmer or mill worker from that area would have exceeded their educational abilities, at least for a while until they got bored from not being able to pursue their main interests.  If all they did was nothing, we’d have done better in my high school, as we wouldn’t have had anyone impeding us in the classroom.  We could have read some books, looked into things using the library, brought in people from the community to speak about their specialties, discussed things amongst ourselves, and actually ended up understanding something along the way without getting a bad taste for the “education” process or being treated like pieces of shit for being curious and having independent minds.

The Double Auto Pistol

The 2011.

They say there have been many double barreled guns in the past, which of course is true, but the purpose has always been to have multiple shots available, either in leiu of a repeater (before there was any such thing as a repeater) or to have a second shot on hand without working an action, usually in a large African caliber or a shotgun.  In this case both barrels fire together.  It’s an interesting novelty.  Maybe you could fiber/epoxy a couple of 1911s together and have a similar experience.  The variations on the jam, or other stoppage, should be interesting as well.  The two barrels are serviced by a common slide.


Sound good. The left are always going on and on about “sustainable
agriculture,” and “sustainable lifestyles,” and “sustainable energy,” and
so-forth, and they make some reasonable arguments. The viability of their
solutions is another matter, but the problems are, at their core, real enough.
Yet they absolutely refuse to address the things that are obviously and destructively
NOT sustainable, and will make the above problems even worse, such as all aspects
of the welfare state.

The Welfare State is totally a creature of government creation,
subject to any rule change they want to make. People respond to their perceived incentives. Every trend line you can draw
show that all forms of public assistance, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security
(normal and disability) etc., are utterly NOT sustainable, and are in the
process of destroying the vary system that supports it (the rule of law, free enterprise,
property rights, etc), and it does so because it is NOT aligning incentives with
goals; indeed, it is filled with perverse incentives. Until people can see
that, the leviathan will continue to grow. We need a balanced budget amendment,
NOW. If people saw the real cost of
government because they were seeing it in real-time, not just putting it on the
credit card for someone else to worry about later, they would understand, and demand
less. Debt is too abstract, and not scary enough, as the colossal level of
private debt clearly illustrates. Balance the budget, via taxes or cuts or both,
and the cuts will follow as the real and immediate pain sets in.

Evidence of inflation

I recently purchased some Potassium Chlorate for Boomershoot 2013. The delivered price per pound increased 47% from March of this year. Both the price for the chemical and the cost of shipping increased by nearly the same percentage.

It won’t really affect the next Boomershoot but if the inflation rate were to continue at 47% every nine months (approximately 65%/year) it would cause me considerable concern and change the planning for Boomershoot 2014.

Quote of the day—David Hardy

Not all the media is in the tank for Obama. It’s a heck of a situation, though, when Pravda is the one hold out.

David Hardy
November 26, 2012
Not all the media is in the tank for Obama
[Even excluding Pravda it’s a slight exaggeration to say that all the media is in the tank for Obama. But it’s close enough to be funny.

The most interesting part of the article is that Pravda is touting the free market and criticizes Obama and the U.S. for repeating the USSR mistake of going down the Marxist path.—Joe]

O-care strikes

I just got a letter from our health insurance provider. We buy our own, as it’s not provided by any employer. Right now we have what is pretty much the least-expensive high-deductible coverage we can get. It’s around $550 per month for the family. As of 01Jan2013, it’s going up about $200, to about $750, a more than 30% increase. Coverage will not significantly change.

To paraphrase the Princess Bride’s Inigo Montoya if he were to talk about the Affordable Care Act,  “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Interesting shift

From Guns Aren’t the Problem, The NRA is the Problem

A fight against the right of Americans to own guns is one that almost certainly can never be won. But a concerted effort to make gun ownership safer by enacting and strengthening common sense efforts to protect public safety through, for example, closing the gun show loophole and banning bullet clips that hold 100 shells, can and must be won if we want to reduce gun violence in the US. And the way to win that fight is to paint the NRA, which takes advantage of its own members in order to promote a reactionary and dangerous agenda of turning the US into a version of the old Wild West, as the out-of-control villain that it is.

Emphasis added.

It might be all from the same source but I have seen several instances where the anti-gun people are advocating restrictions on 100 round magazines with no mention of a 10 round limit as is the usual threshold for demonic possession.

While that is certain to ease the political resistance to capacity restrictions on firearms the statistics where such magazines played a definitive role in the execution of a crime are going to be exceedingly poor. I would be willing to bet that you will find a much higher correlation to crimes committed by people wearing gray hoodies greater than size XL simultaneously with size 12 or greater Nike shoes than you would to 100 round magazines being correlated to crime.

But don’t expect the facts and logic to be important to these people. It’s about the implicitly admitted long term fight “against the right of Americans to own guns.” The 100 round threshold is the camel’s nose.

Imagine the implications

Last week Ry came into my office and told me of an article he had read.

This is the “money quote”:

When the four molecules key to the smell of rose were combined with an olfactory white mixture, the rose smell was effectively obscured — showing that olfactory white could be used to mask odours, from the smell of public toilets to that of cocaine or explosives.

If that works on dogs as well as human the implications are very interesting.

Oh deer!

After Thanksgiving dinner brothers Doug, Gary, Dad, and Uncle Darrell and I went for a drive and looked at various things at the place where Dad and Uncle Darrell had grown up. We then went for a drive “around the loop” to see other old landmarks Doug wanted some historical discussion on. I took video of most of the discussion about the place my grandfather and great uncle used to own.

When we were driving around we saw a herd of about a dozen whitetail deer. I had enough time to put on my telephoto lens and take some pictures. It’s interesting to see the deer in motion stopped by the camera:


New equipment for Boomershoot 2013

I’m always searching for new ways to improve Boomershoot. I recently ordered a OXO Good Grips Food Mill from Amazon in the hopes it could speed up the processing of the potassium chlorate  we use for making Boomerite.

Saturday I tried it out. I first used the smallest screen which is similar in size to the current strainers we use to remove the lump (and sometimes “rocks”) from the potassium chlorate.

A strainer used in preparing potassium chlorate.

Food mill used in preparing potassium chlorate.

The result was that I could process the chemical about 20% faster. I could get about 160 grams per minute through the mill. That was good but not great.

I next tried the medium screen. I got 310 grams/minute! That is a significant improvement and the quality of the result appeared to be just as good as what we have been using. This is probably close to the rate at which a single mixer can consume it in the production of Boomerite. We have two mixers that we sometimes put to use when have enough people.

I was running short of time but I will try the large screen the next time I get a chance.

Boomerite from cold packs

Last April Rolf gave me three instant cold packs you buy at the drug or sporting goods store. Yesterday I opened them up:


I poured the prills of ammonium nitrate into a bowl:


The three packs combined gave me 370 grams of AN. I scaled the other components for Boomerite appropriately and mixed as usual:



It made enough to almost fill a 4″ target box:


I put it near the base of a tree and as usual it created a small “smoking” (it’s actually water vapor not smoke) crater when detonated by a .223 bullet:


Update: I did a little poking around online and found that cold packs are not all made equal:

Depending upon which warehouse we fulfill your order from the Ingredients may be: Ammonium Nitrate, Water or Urea, Water. Express orders will be fulfilled with Urea, Water to avoid Hazardous Materials shipping fees. Both products work well for an exceptional quality cold therapy product.

Urea requires processing with some hazardous chemicals (strong acid IIRC) to be made into something that will go boom.

Did you vote?

An infographic on the low voter turnout in the election. The verbal summary:

Voter turnout for 2012 fell to 118 million from 2008’s impressive turnout of 131 million, with only 60% of eligible voters actually exercising their right to choose their government. In an election where the difference in the popular vote was less than 5 million, the 78 million people who chose not to vote might have made a huge difference. So how did President Obama get out the vote? Tweets, likes and status updates.

Via an email from Chloe (sent two weeks ago and I am just now getting around to responding to).

Super moss!

On November 11th Barb L. and I went on a hike to Wallace Falls. As usual it was an interesting hike. The falls are very pretty. The elevation gain is 1200 feet which is noticeable but not extreme. The trail starts out very wide and easy but gradually gets more difficult. Plan on spending about a half day to get in, enjoy the view, and back out. It takes about two hours each direction. A little than that getting in and a little less getting out if you don’t spend too much time resting and admiring the view. Take water (we didn’t and were sorry) and perhaps a snack.

On the way out my left knee started aching (from old tennis injuries) and it required some ibuprofen for a few days afterward.

This is in the Cascades and the area gets a lot of rainfall. I took some pictures of the moss to which Barb exclaimed, “Super Moss!” Yeah, I guess you could say that:




The trail goes beyond the upper falls but hikers are strongly cautioned to be prepared if you continue:



There were of course other interesting things to take pictures of:

Middle Falls

Upper Falls