New equipment for Boomershoot 2013

I’m always searching for new ways to improve Boomershoot. I recently ordered a OXO Good Grips Food Mill from Amazon in the hopes it could speed up the processing of the potassium chlorate  we use for making Boomerite.

Saturday I tried it out. I first used the smallest screen which is similar in size to the current strainers we use to remove the lump (and sometimes “rocks”) from the potassium chlorate.

A strainer used in preparing potassium chlorate.

Food mill used in preparing potassium chlorate.

The result was that I could process the chemical about 20% faster. I could get about 160 grams per minute through the mill. That was good but not great.

I next tried the medium screen. I got 310 grams/minute! That is a significant improvement and the quality of the result appeared to be just as good as what we have been using. This is probably close to the rate at which a single mixer can consume it in the production of Boomerite. We have two mixers that we sometimes put to use when have enough people.

I was running short of time but I will try the large screen the next time I get a chance.