I’m proud of my F+ grade

Actually, it’s my state, Idaho, that got the F+.  The Brady bunch released the 2004 Report Card.  Someone else will probably beat me to it or I would do a correlation between the grades of states and their violent crime rate.  Correlation doesn’t prove causation (gun control may not cause crime), but if the correlation doesn’t exist you can be pretty sure there isn’t a causation (lack of gun control does cause crime).

You would think that it would eventually sink in to these people that weapons restrictions don’t make people safer.  But that’s not the way it works.  This is just another When Prophecy Fails example.  If certain conditions exist when you are proven wrong you will become an even greater advocate for your failed ideas.  This model for human behavior is so powerful the book, or at least the model, should be required teaching material for all kids in about the 8th grade.

Boomershoot.org updated blogger list

I’m keeping track of all the blogger posts on the status page for Boomershoot 2005.  So far it looks like nine different bloggers will be attending.  This includes Ry and I so it’s not quite as big a deal as you might think.  But I’m still very pleased.  This might be the year that I make a little money and get to pay back the loans I made to cover the building of the explosives magazine.  Kim du Toit in particular has generated a ton of web traffic and numerous entries for both last year and this year.

Thanks everyone.