The Stars Came Back -082- Incoming

Fade in

INT – DAY – Cargo bay

The compliance monitor, a fleshy Caucasian man in his 50s, dressed sharply and looking very official, is walking through the cargo bay with Kwon. Kwon is dressed in a “ship’s uniform” that looks similar to the one Allonia made for herself.

Kwon: It’s a good ship. A few circuits short, but tough and functional. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -081- Delivery

Fade in

INT – DAY – Tajemnica’s cargo bay, as it sits on pad D9

Ramp is down, main airlock door is open, daylight streaming in. There are seven trucks on board, including three tankers. One cargo truck is being unloaded, and there is a large pile of stuff where another had been unloaded. The rest have been driven on and parked, still loaded. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -080- Privates

Fade in

EXT – Day – Cab of a heavy military truck

Two soldiers are driving down a road on the outskirts of Adelaide, not far from the port. The morning sun casts sharp shadows, but the dust arising from the truck ahead of them in the small convoy makes things a bit hazy. They are in tan camo uniforms, with no armor other then helmets. Semi-auto rifles are in a gun rack in the back window. Their uniforms are dirty and unkempt, both have not shaved in a few days, one has his shirt buttons misaligned. They look a bit rough – not evil, just lazy and sloppy and poorly disciplined. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -078- Book 2

Fade in

EXT – Day – Landing Pad D9

Tajemnica is on the pad, aft ramp down toward the building across the street. Helton sits on the ramp, a long piece of grass between his teeth, looking like he’s waiting. For once, it looks fairly peaceful and quiet. The ship and cargo deck look clean and orderly, with minimal gear or equipment around. The day is overcast, no sharp shadows. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -077- Who’s who

Fade in

EXT – Day – Cargo Bay ramp

Tajemnica hovers above the landing pad on top of Seymore’s office. Lag and the guard stand, motionlessly, facing each other, waiting, Lag with his rifle still held casually. The door to the building slides open, and Helton and Allonia (a modest trickle of blood coming from the cut on her temple) come trotting out and hop aboard the ramp. Lag looks at her, concerned. As they hop on, Tajemnica lifts and starts moving away.
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The Stars Came Back -075- Ambush

Fade in

EXT – DAY – Harbin’s mortar pit

The dull rumbling drone of many quiet engines and big wheels dominate the background. It’s full daylight. Sabot is hunkered down in a corner, head down, asleep. Harbin is looking carefully over the edge of the pit. He slowly lowers his head down. He kicks Sabot’s boot gently. Sabot startles, pops his head up, looking around wildly for a moment, then settles down realizing where he is, then perks up at the sound. He looks at Harbin with a question on his face. Harbin nods. Continue reading

The Stars came Back -072- Situation

Fade in

INT – DAY – Kat’s office in BLDG 1701

She sits at her desk, Lag on her computer screen.

Kat: Nothing yet. They said they lost a bunch of surveillance assets about (glances at the clock) fifteen minutes ago. No good real-time in the area right now, but they are moving what they can – soonest is a couple of hours. Wait or risk it?
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The Stars Came Back -067- Boarding

Fade in.

INT – Day – In the cargo bay, looking out onto an unidentified small space-port landing pad

View from inside the cargo bay, looking out through the lowering aft loading ramp, across the landing field toward the control tower and port buildings. The sun is high and bright. Two armed and armored soldiers are standing darkly silhouetted against the bright background. As the ramp lowers, we see that there is a small crowd of a few dozen refugees standing not far from the landing pad, random average folks and families with packs, bags, and what they can carry. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -065- Quiritis

Fade in

INT – day – ships garden

Allonia and Helton are chatting in the hydroponics garden. The light panels are bright, there are many levels and racks of trays full of lush deep green plants – some obviously lettuce, melons, and tomatoes, a few compact blueberry bushes, and a lot of less obvious greenery. Some trays are hydroponics, some trays just look like they are filled with good dirt. Quinn is playing in some of the dirt, putting it into small pots. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -064- BBQ

Fade in

EXT – DAY – above a LARGE BBQ gathering.

Aerial flyby shot of a very large gathering near a large farm ranch-house spread. A number of buildings scattered around, lush greenery in the background, a lot of small fliers parked all over the place, to one side a couple of corrals of horses and cattle, lots of BBQ pits, smokers, and equipment, including an open pit with a whole pig on a spit over it, and a lot of rising smoke. On another side is a long cleared patch with various tables and targets set up on it. Adults and kids and dogs and dining tables and various groups everywhere. To one side, Tajemnica, looking old and dirty very non-dainty, the largest ship there by a fair bit. A large and well-attended shin-dig. Continue reading

The Stars Came Back -063- Ranch

Fade in

INT – DAY – Officer’s mess

Helton, Lag, Harbin, Allonia, Bipasha, Kaushik, Kaminski, Sar, Stenson, and Quinn sit at the table, having dinner. Sandwiches and finger-food. They all look a bit tired and drained.

Helton: I think that canceling R&R on Capella, and having the parts shipped to us, would be the more discreet choice. Continue reading