Boomershoot 2013 ad

I seldom purchase ads for Boomershoot because it mostly fills up with repeat participants, word of mouth, and web presence. But I received a call last week from the publisher of Western Shooting Journal and they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. They offered me a 1/4 page in their 2012 ATLAS (affiliated with NW Sportsman Magazine) at a rate I could afford and put the ad together from info I provided.

Here is the result:


I like it!

Boomershoot Mecca housekeeping

When I last saw Boomershoot Mecca, just before the Gun Blogger Rendezvous, there was 3000 pounds of Ammonium Nitrate just inside the door:

Barron with the Ammonium Nitrate (Barron is on the right).

Nine days ago Ry sent me an email with the picture below, a subject line of “2000 pounds of Tetris” with a message body of, “Was bored.”


Barron, Janelle, and I visited Mecca on Sunday and moved the remaining bags to the rear of the container, put the older Ammonium Nitrate on top and in front of the new, rearranged the tables, and cleaned up in preparation for a private party this weekend:


The biggest changes were the reorientation of the table with the mixers to be inline with the other tables rather than at right angles and the addition of a measurement table between the chemicals and the mixing table.

We also made a place to put my tent, sleeping bags, and some other bedding Maggie donated “to the cause” when she recently moved.

I also took pictures of the exterior so we could better visualize some repairs and improvements we are considering for next summer:


Barron tried to tease me about “Cleaning the place up for when my girlfriend comes to visit.” But we would have cleaned things up just the same even without guests coming next weekend.

Quote of the day—Anonymous

Now that you said “lubricant” I think I should shake your hand.

A woman at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous,
September 8, 2012
[No. It wasn’t me she was talking to. I was between her and the person she shook hands with.

In some ways this GBR was far more “interesting” than any previous one I have been to. There are stories from this event that will last a lifetime and will probably never be told involving a woman licking a stripper’s breast, whiskey to be licked off one another, 2 Women 1 Cup (DO NOT WATCH IT! I haven’t and neither should you), Jar Squatter (DO NOT WATCH IT! I haven’t and neither should you) and the hand on my thigh as a certain someone told me they were going to bed.

Being the guardian of morals that I am I took it upon myself to do something about this. I was able to get the two people I believe were most responsible for the decadence to agree to attend Boomershoot 2013.—Joe]


This morning marks the beginning of a very busy schedule for me.

Today I “work from home” (actually I’m at Barron and Janelle’s home in Colton Washington). Tonight Barron, Janelle, and I go to Lewiston Idaho to have dinner with daughter Kimberly and Jacob. Then Barron and I go to Boomershoot Mecca to spend the night camping out under the stars and the trees. 3000 pounds of Ammonium Nitrate will be delivered at 0700 tomorrow. Barron and I then take off for Reno and Gun Blogger Rendezvous. Gun Blogger Rendezvous means sleep is optional until Saturday night when we will have to get a little shut eye before we drive back to the Seattle area.

Will we be seeing you at the Rendezvous?

Boomershoot 2013 entry opens to everyone at 12:00 noon

Boomershoot 2013 registration opens up for everyone Saturday July 7 at 12:00 noon Pacific time.

Entry is done all online on this web page:

You can see which positions are still available here:

Boomershoot is nearly 70% full with just returning staff and Boomershoot 2012 participants. If you want to participate you should be ready to do it at 12:00 as it is likely to fill up fast.

Update 2030 PDT: There was a flurry of last minute entries from staff and Boomershoot 2012 participants and now Boomershoot 2013 is 72% full with only 21 positions still available.

Boomershoot 2013 entry schedule

Boomershoot 2013 will soon be open for entry. The schedule for entry is as follows. All times are Pacific Daylight time.

Staff: 6/22/2012 6:00:00 PM.
2012 participants: 6/24/2012 12:00:00 PM.
Everyone: 7/7/2012 12:00:00 PM.

The link for entry is

If something drastically wrong shows up in the software these times could change but I probably can manually recover without starting over or disrupting the schedule above.

There are some changes I would like to bring to your attention.

1) Clinic and Field Fire Registration is done on the web site as opposed to directly with Gene Econ as has been the case in the past.

2) There is a new Boomershoot event on Friday evening: Private fireballs. For $500 you may shoot a fireball of your own at (up to) “entertainingly close” range. We will supply the rifle, ammo, and a shooting table. This is an experience suitable for even novice shooters. There will be a 7″ square target at relatively close range with a red-dot optic on a .223 caliber rifle. This will be a low recoil, easy sighting, highly exothermic experience.

If you have any questions or experience bugs using the updated entry software please let me know (

Testing for Boomershoot 2013

Saturday Barron, Ry and I did some testing for Boomershoot 2013.

While there is no particular need to hide the details I’m busy with getting the Boomershoot entry software ready to accept entries and will let Barron and Ry explain what we were trying to accomplish.

But for those of you who want to try and guess here is some of the video we took (edited by Barron):

Here are the critical still images of the tests I was most interested in:








Quote of the day—Ry Jones

That’s actually pretty devious. I like that.

Ry Jones
June 9, 2012
[Barron, Ry, and I were at the Boomershoot site doing some tests. Most of the tests were failures but one for a potential new target type was successful. It was the new target which prompted Ry’s comment.

For now, I’ll just say that the new target is 48” inches long, holds more Boomerite than any target we have deployed in recent years, and leave it at that.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Ry Jones

I feel so small.

Ry Jones
May 24, 2012
[This was after viewing some of these pictures of fireballs (click for very high resolution versions):

rip_02_sml wall_o_fire_workers_sml pyro_b17_sml

Ry gets and deserves a lot of praise for his fireballs at Boomershoot (2007, 2011, 2012). But apparently he is experiencing some performance anxiety.

Today is his birthday so I’m going to take him out to lunch and try to cheer him up as we plan our tests (scheduled for June 9, 2012) for Boomershoot Fireball 2013.—Joe]

Private fireballs

One of the new things we are planning to offer for Boomershoot 2013 is an opportunity to shoot your own fireball from as “entertainingly close” as I feel comfortable with. Hint, this year Ry was pushing the envelope for my comfort zone.

There will be a very limited number of them, perhaps three to five, they will take place Friday evening, perhaps near dusk, and the price will be $500 each. And to a certain extent you will control the audience. There will always be range safety officers present but if you only want to allow your immediate family or have it be “all yours” you can do that. We will keep all other spectators at least a couple hundred yards away.

The question are: 1) Are there people interested in such an experience? 2) Is there some modification to the scenario such that it would be more attractive to you?

Boomershoot 2013

I’m doing some thinking about Boomershoot 2013. I need to schedule around wet/snowy weather, Fire Season, the NRA Annual Meetings, Mother’s Day, and my wife’s work schedule.

I have tentatively chosen Sunday May 5th as the date.

Can anyone come up with a good reason why that date should be avoided? I realize this is the probably going to be the weekend before finals at the University of Idaho but I’m not seeing a better tradeoff at this time.

Discuss as needed…