A good start

Free Muslims against Terrorism are asking all people to sign a petition.  This is very encouraging to me.  This does not mean we should let our guard down in the slightest.  It only means we may be getting some allies. The complete petition is below.  I found it via Jihad Watch:

Sign Petition to Punish Religious Leaders who Preach Violence and Justify Terrorism

November 30, 2004

Sign Petition to Punish Religious Leaders who Preach Violence and Justify Terrorism

The Free Muslims Against Terrorism (Free Muslims) have partnered with progressive Arabs and Muslims to hold religious leaders accountable for justifying violence and encouraging terrorism.

The Free Muslims are petitioning the UN Security Council and the United States government to establish an international tribunal to prosecute religious leaders, including clerics who issue “fatwas” which are religious opinions, edicts, rulings and conclusions that incite violence and justify the use of terrorism. These religious leaders are especially dangerous because some of their followers consider their opinions to be gospel.

This petition is a follow up to the recently adopted UN Resolution 1566 that reads in part:

“…[A]ll members of the Security Council to consider and submit recommendations… on practical measures to be imposed upon, individuals … involved in or associated with terrorist activities…bringing them to justice through prosecution or extradition, freezing of their financial assets….”

It is crucial to hold these religious leaders accountable because most terrorists who kill in the name of Islam rely on the fatwas and conclusions of these religious leaders to convince themselves that they are going to heaven after their death.

The Following is an example of a Fatwa that encourages terrorism:

• Sheikh Yousif Al-Qardhawi issued a Fatwa permitting the killing of “fetuses” (unborn) Jews, because (according to him) when Jews are born and grown-up they will join the Israeli army. Furthermore, on September 3, 2004, (at the Egyptian Journalist Union) Al-Qardhawi issued a fatwa to kill all American civilians working in Iraq. And on July 3, 2004, he issued another fatwa permitting the killing of Muslim intellectuals as being apostates, claiming that Islam justifies the killing of such apostates.

These extremist clerics continue to issue fatwas that incite terrorism under the false umbrella of Islam. Join us in stopping these religious leaders by signing this petition requesting the U.N. to create an International Tribunal to prosecute them.

This petition has been organized by Dr. Jawad Hashim (Iraq’s former Minister of Planning), Lafif Lakhdar (A Tunisian Intellectual), and Dr. Shakir Al-Nabulsi (A Jordanian writer and author). The Free Muslims Against Terrorism has joined this effort and we seek 20,000 people to sign this petition. More than 3000 people have already signed.

All people are invited to sign this petition by sending your name, profession, country of residence and nationality to Jmhashim@hotmail.com and cc: President@freemuslims.org. Write “petition” in the subject line.

For more information Visit www.FreeMuslims.org

Fighting by the rules (NOT!)

If anyone ever complains about the U.S. not fighting WW III by the rules of war remind them of all the weapons and fortifications found in Mosques.  Michelle Malkin has the most succinct posting on this topic I’ve seen so far:

BAGHDAD – A mosque raided by security forces in southern Baghdad contained a workshop to rig suicide car bombs, with seven vehicles ready for terror attacks, an Iraqi Defense Ministry official said Sunday.

Car bombings and remote-controlled roadside blasts have become routine in the Iraqi capital in recent weeks, including a blast Sunday that wounded two U.S. soldiers…National guard forces raided the Sunni Muslim Al Yassen Mosque in the southern Baghdad area of Abu Dshir on Saturday, said Gen. Saleh Sarhan of the Defense Ministry. In addition to seven cars rigged with explosives, the guardsmen found 30 rocket-propelled grenades, high-powered rifles, mortars and remote control detonators, Sarhan said.

Churches loose their special status once they are used by enemy combantants.  Converting them into a SCAD (Smoking Crater of Ash and Dust) is fine with me.  If it saves just one American life it will be worth it.


I picked up sister-in-law Susan at the Spokane airport today.  She started talking about politics, the war, etc. and I expressed my concerns about another attack on U.S. soil.  She wanted to know what she and her family could do to prepare for such an event.  Earlier today I had heard an advertisement on the radio from DHS.  I haven’t really looked at it very close yet, but I’m sure the people behind http:/www.ready.gov have put more thought into how to prepare than I have.  I suggest that website as a good first effort at being prepared.  In my quick look through the site I didn’t see any mention of a generator, firearms, or a geiger counter however.  I have all of those in my collection of materials for personal homeland security but those are somewhat expensive items and perhaps beyond the level of committment some people are comfortable making..

Airplane security

Kim du Toit has a rant up today about the TSA.  Lots of good comments too.  I’ve been working on and off for a while on a research/white paper on airport security.  It’s almost done and I think it’s time to start letting people take a look at it and give me some feedback.  My biggest concern at this point is how to deal with FREDS.  The conventionally armed hijacker is an annoyance but not a serious threat if we set up the proper environment.  Since this is reality we are taking about the laws of physics, chemistry, and economics must be obeyed.  Please read and if you have any ideas that I incorporate I’ll be glad to give you credit.  Long term I hope to do a full blown research paper with government money and access to classified reports.  But I want to have some novel ideas that have a reasonable chance of being successful before I approach it from that direction.

Now… I’m off to the airport to pick up my sister-in-law Susan who wants to see her mother one last time before she dies.  At least I don’t have to go through airport security to do that and can ‘carry’ for the entire trip there (Spokane) and back.

Another windmill to joust with

Columnist John Railey wrote an opinion piece asking for ‘compromise’ and ‘common sense’ in regards to gun control.  I responded with the following:

—–Original Message—–
From: Joe Huffman 
Sent: Sunday, November 28, 2004 2:13 PM
Subject: “Common sense” gun control.

Unfortunately, as near as I can tell, whenever and wherever governments have tried to restrict access to weapons of any type they do not succeed in making the average person any safer.  There are basically two ways to look at the problem. 

1) Compare geographically and politically similar areas during the same time frame which have different laws regarding weapons.  Examples would be Washington D.C. (handguns banned) versus nearby Virginia (both concealed and open carry of handguns is legal).
2) Compare the situation before and after a weapons law is passed.  Did the crime rate change for the better when the laws were more restrictive.  Examples include the “Assault Weapons Ban”, the passage of laws against handguns in D.C. and laws making the concealed carry of weapons easier or more difficult.

Both methods come up empty if you are looking for successful (in terms of making the average person safer) gun control.  However there are numerous examples where gun control has enabled genocide (Germany, Soviet Union, China, Rwanda, etc.)

So the question is, “What is ‘common sense’ in regards to ‘gun control’?”  The only answers I come up with are that gun control means being able to hit your target and the individual maintains complete control of their own guns.


Joe Huffman

More bad news for Barb

We got a call from the nursing home where Barb’s mom, Joy, lives today.  She is ill and fading fast.  They said it could be just hours or maybe days but the end is near.

We made all the phone calls and then went to be with her for several hours.  Barb and Xenia read to her and James stroked her head for a long time.  Her body is in such bad shape and her mind has slowly faded since she had the tumor removed and then all the strokes.  It’s time for her to go but it’s still hard on us.  Especially so soon after Karen died.  This has to be really really hard on Grace.  Grace is Karen’s mother and Joy’s sister.  She was here today visiting Joy and left before we got the news.  She will be back from the Tri-Cities tomorrow.

World War III

I’ve finished reading American Jihad by Steven Emerson except for the appendices which I am part way through.  The author appears to be a moderate in comparison to some people but still the facts he presents are compelling and very scary.  I’ve been reading Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch and doing research on my own as well.  We, non-Muslims and many Muslim moderates, are in a battle to the death against the extremists.  There are numerous Islamic scholars who advocate the complete extermination of all infidels:

Al-Qaeda has adopted a broader interpretation of the religious command concerning the killing of infidels. It is considered an absolute command that does not depend on political circumstances, the need or will to take revenge, or a wish to liberate Muslim lands from infidel rule. Saif al-Din al-Ansari, in an article in al-Qaeda’s official periodical, presented the new, comprehensive concept of total extermination of Islam’s enemies based on the Quranic verse: “And that He may purge those who believe and deprive the unbelievers of blessings” (Al-Imran, 142). According to al-Ansari, this is the way Allah deals with infidels, who are doomed throughout history to total extermination through various types of death, as was the fate of the people of Noah, Hod, Saleh, Lot, Midian, and Pharaoh. Al-Ansari asserted that the extermination of infidels is a permanent Islamic law and unchangeable fate for infidels that is as relevant today as it was in past generations. According to al-Ansari, “Just as the law of extermination was applied to the infidel forces among the nations in previous days and no one could escape it, so it will be applied to the infidel forces in our day and no one will escape it. Namely, similar to the fate of the Thamoud and ‘Ad peoples [two pagan Arab peoples which, according to Islamic tradition, were exterminated due to their rejection of the words of the Prophet], so the American state, the Jewish state, and all other infidel countries will certainly be destroyed.

They don’t just justify the killing of military and police but even pregnant women because the child could grow up to be a solider and attack a Muslim.  And it’s beyond “justification”, it is a duty to do “good works”.  The killing of infidels is how many Muslims show their faith.

One might think that here in the middle of the U.S. this doesn’t really affect us that much.  Sure, we got hit on 9/11, but that was a long time ago and it’s really all about the mid-east and Israel.  But according to American Jihad because the U.S. has such a tolerance for speech, religion, and economics they operate with far greater freedom in our country than any other.  Their home countries have far less tolerance for them than we do.  The U.S. is now the worldwide leader in Islamic Jihad fundraising and “education“.  They raise millions of dollars in funds that go to Hamas, al- Qa’ida, Hizballah, and others that use the funds for weapons and operating expenses for their warriors.  They sometimes claim the money goes to widows and orphans and that is sometimes true.  The widows and orphans of the warriors that died in battle or were suicide bombers.  By taking care of the families of the warriors they enable more warriors to take up their cause.  Emerson reports that at least 80% of the Islamic “educational” and “charity” organizations in the U.S. have direct ties to extremist Islamic organizations.  They may have started out benign but they have been taken over by the extremists.

I have concluded we are now in the middle of World War III. It’s not just the middle east.  It’s not just about Isreal.  It’s not because we are in Iraq.  This fight won’t go away even if we were to give up Israel completely.  Even if we were to withdraw from foriegn soil completely they would still attack us.  Our culture is a corrupting influnence to their young and we must convert to Islam or die.  Other nations are also becoming aware of it.  Read about the Swedes, the Dutch, and the Germans.  And surely you know about Austrailia, Spain, Thailand, the Philippines, Russia, Sudan, and of course Israel.  Here is a map showing all the countries with recently confirmed Jihad activity

Red indicates Jihad activity

If they have made a mistake in their Jihad it is that they have attacked too many places at once.  There are roughly a billion Muslims world wide.  If only one percent want Jihad then that is still 10 million willing to kill and die for their beliefs.  It is is 10% then it is 100 million.  And whatever the number they are in our midst and they will strike on our soil again.

Another ignorant anti-freedom group

The berserk hunter incident in WI is a real tragedy but that doesn’t justify the anti-freedom crowd going berserk.  Here is a snippet:

“Over the years, we have seen that these military-style, semi-automatic assault rifles are the guns of choice for cop-killers and mass murderers,” said Jeri Bonavia, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort. “There is no good reason for hunting with a spray-fire gun, capable of `hosing down’ a target area. Military-style guns, such as the SKS, do not belong on our streets or in our fields and woods.”

“Semi-automatic assault rifle” is a contraction in terms.  All assault rifles are capable of fully automatic fire (even if only in burst mode).  I think what Bonavia meant was “assault weapon”.  However even that is questionable because the recently expired “assault weapon ban” did not cover the SKS.  By the definition used in Federal law it was not an assault weapon without some serious modification.  Furthermore it cannot be used to “spray-fire” (whatever that means) any more than any other semi-auto gun commonly used for hunting.

Their ignorance and hysteria would be fodder for a comedy routine if there weren’t so many people that took them seriously..

WA governor race

The Drudge Report currently says “WASHINGTON GOV WINS BY 29 VOTES!“ but the link (as of this minute) shows results that differ by 1487 votes.  I wondered what was going on and realized that not all the counties have reported in and probably several hadn’t when Drudge wrote his headline but he didn’t realize it.  Currently gun owner hating Christine Gregorie is ahead by 1487 votes.  Kitsap county is the only county that hasn’t reported in.  Kitsap will most likely give it to Rossi.  Yeah!!!!

How do I know this?  In the original count Rossi was up by 262 votes.  So far in the recount Gregorie has gained 1274 votes and Rossi has gained 1089 votes.  A difference of 185 votes.  Since the delta is only 185 more for Gregorie Kitsap County must have gone for Rossi before.  I’m predicting a Rossi victory by about 75 votes.

You heard it hear first folks.

(Hope I don’t have “egg on my face” in a few hours).

U.K. building a path to tyranny

Both of these items came to my attention today.  First they are pushing towards a national ID card scheme

I’ve talked about national ID cards at length including it’s fatal flaws.  The facts don’t stop people from wanting the politicians to “do something“ and from the politicians taking advantage of the situation even though ID cards cannot make things any better.  People don’t realize the risks they are taking and that you can’t get something for “free“.  To me it’s blindingly obvious that either it can’t work as they claim or that they will end up with something intolerable.  They even know it — they just haven’t put it together.  For example Home Secretary Mr. Blunkett said:

Suggestions of Big Brother-style surveillance are ludicrous.

Then later in the article it says:

Blunkett believes the cards, containing unique data such as fingerprints or iris scans, will enable authorities to better crack down on immigration abuses, pre-empt terrorist attacks and keep track of criminals.

How can you “pre-empt terrorist attacks and keep track of criminals“ without “Big Brother-style surveillance“?

Second they are giving the government emergency powers and the power to declare an emergency.  Commentators Kim duToit and Philip Johnston are particularly harsh on them claiming things like:

    1. government can do pretty much anything it wants in the event of an emergency;
    2. government will decide what constitutes an emergency; and
    3. there’s no way the citizenry can gainsay any of it.


Government will take the most sweeping and draconian powers ever bestowed upon a British government in peacetime, reserving the right to suspend the foundations of our liberties, such as habeas corpus and the Bill of Rights, when it judges that an emergency has occurred.

I tried to read it but got lost in the definitions and references to numerous subsections and previous law.  The bottom line may not be any worse that some of the things we have in this country but at least we don’t have a national ID card and we do have our firearms to use as a last resort if a tyrant does decided to take advantage of the excess powers.

Update on ammo marking

A few weeks ago I reported on the naive gun control idea of putting tiny serial numbers on bullets and their casings.  A few days later I obtained more information which didn’t help their case much.  Today I ran across the web site of the technical people behind this idea.  As a quick side note the following was found on their web site which is data that I have desired for some time:

In 1992, approximately 5.4 billion bullets were sold in the US alone. It is safe to assume that this number is trending upward. We estimate that 8-10 billion bullets were sold in the US in 2002.

More to the point are the technical details and the picture of a bullet with a serial number:

They put the same serial number on the bullet many times to increase the chances of one being readable after the bullet has been fired.  Also of interest is the tests they have done.  The tests are not nearly as rigorous as those claimed by the California Department of Justice.  I presume California did their own tests and these people didn’t post those results.

These people still live in a fantasy world.  Here is one of answers to a “FAQ“ (ACS means Ammunition Coding System):

The ACS can be circumvented by any of the following methods:

  • Someone could cast their own bullets and load them themselves.
  • A person could buy a coded bullet, disassemble it, file the number off, and reassemble the cartridge/bullet combination.
  • Someone could buy a lifetime supply of ammunition before the ACS goes into effect.

However, we would argue that the person who is going to hold up the corner convenience store is unlikely to do any of these things. Since the vast majority of gun crimes are crimes of passion, few people will ever consider a premeditated attempt to circumvent the proposed system.

In one sentence they are talking about holding up a “corner convenience store” and the next they are claiming the ammo serial numbers won’t be circumvented because “the vast majority“ of crimes committed with firearms are “crimes of passion”.  Do they think hold ups are crimes of passion?  And crimes of passion are usually easily solved because of the lack of planning.  In the case of crimes that are difficult to solve (well planned) the ACS will be circumvented.  In the cases where ACS will help, no help is really needed.

Another option for people wanting to circumvent it would be to use the coded ammo for practice and only use their supply of unencoded ammo for normal “carry”.  They also don’t address the hand loader that buys bullets by the thousands (I buy them in boxes of up to 2500) and puts them in brass casing that have been reloaded many times and often picked up off of the range fired by someone else multiple times.  California’s approach to the handloader is to make them exempt from the requirement which would be a major security hole.  And assuming that they could put serial numbers on every bullet and shell casing in this country other major security holes in this scheme are the black market that would be created in stolen ammo and ammo smuggled in from other countries.

As I said in an earlier posting the only thing this scheme could really succeed at are “… to demonize and increase the expense for people exercising their inalienable rights.“

Our daughters

Last night Xenia had her drama presentation for the locals before going to the district competition in Orofino today.  She and Meghan did really well.  Barb and I were very proud of her.  This morning I got up at 5:15, dressed and took her to the bus waiting at the school to take her to Orofino.  She didn’t bring a coat but I didn’t notice until we were half way there.  It was cold, about 30 F.  We we got out of the van I took off my coat and put it on her.  I had other coats at home I could wear today.  I dropped her off and had just left when she called to tell me “I love you Daddy!“.  Uh, oh.  What does she want?  She had left her script at home so I drove back home, got the script and drove back to the high school.  She and Meghan were waiting for me and grabbed the script and thanked me profusely.  I finally got back to bed about 6:15.  Barb was waiting for me. 

We woke up again about 9:30 when James was taking his shower and leaving to play some sort of role playing game with his friends.  We went back to sleep after a short while and didn’t wake up until after 11:00.  I got up ate some food and brought Barb, still waiting in bed, some food.  We finished that off and with an empty house and no pressing business and an empty house stayed in bed snuggling until nearly 13:00.  We finally got up and did some errands and went for a walk.  Almost the entire day to ourselves.  We finished the walk a little before 17:00 in the dark at the arboretum.

Xenia called as we were driving away from the arboretum.  She was back in town.  She and Megan did well at district are going to the state competition next month.  They came in 4th out of 21 in their category.  More pride from Barb and I.

Kim called a few minutes ago from her work at KFC.  She asked what we have planned for tomorrow.  “Nothing much that I know of.  Why?”  She said she missed us and wanted to get together and do something.  About a year ago Kim had told us that when she turned 18 she was going to move away and not tell us where she was for at least six months.  It was pretty tough to hear that because although we had our fights we still really loved her and liked being around her (most of the time).  She didn’t really move away without telling us where she was at.  But she did move out right away.  She is only about half mile away from home and works basically at the bottom of the hill from us.  We don’t get to see her as often as we would like but we don’t push it.  She has friends and activities she likes to do with them.  Parents are pretty boring in her circle of friends.  Things haven’t been entirely easy for her and it’s pretty clear she has been “learning about reality“.  Maybe she is entering the stage where she realizes her parents aren’t quite as stupid as she thought they were.  It really felt good to hear that she wanted to see us.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow with her.

Security through obscurity

I’m probably too easily amused, but from the first time I saw this intersection nearly three years ago I thought this was just incredibly funny.

Click on the picture for a higher resolution view.

What is accomplished by not having a sign that shows where the road straight ahead leads to?  Sure, it’s weapons grade plutonium processing facility and nuclear power plant.  So what?  Anyone that might be interesting in attacking it is going to know that even if there isn’t a sign saying:

Nuclear Plant Ahead
Proceed with Caution
Snipers at Play

  Whatever.  It still makes me smile every time I drive by.

Neanderpundit Rifle Postal Match Results

I shot the .30 caliber match today.  The rules from Neaderpundit are:

Hang two targets side by side. Shoot one cold shot at one target. Use the other target to shoot five shots to improve your aim, if needed. Then, one hot shot in the first target.

My results are in (click on the picture to get a higher resolution view).

Not nearly as nice as I had hoped.  But it’s not totally embarrassing either.  Other photos are here.  And YES five bullets did go through the paper on the left.

More stuff about Karen

I was asking around today for a copy of the paper that has Karen’s obituary in it.  Gina, one of my favorite co-workers, offered to get it for me and asked the name of the person.  It turns out Gina knew Karen and had seen the obiturary. 

Pictures from funeral to prove my point but the bottom line is that a lot of people thought well of Karen.  There was a big turnout at the funeral and I heard numerous people comment on that.

Postal rifle matches

  1. Neanderpundit has posted the rules for a .30 caliber (or greater) postal match
  2. At the last IPSC match Don Wood told me about a .22 LR match the Lewiston Pistol Club is going to be doing.

I’ll probably be doing both.  If you don’t have Don’s email address and would like to participate in the Lewiston match let me know and I’ll have Don get in touch with you.

Enough about the whiners

I’ve spent enough time knocking the whiners to become a whiner myself.  This will be my last post on the subject unless something really different and interesting comes up on the topic (like a mass suicide pact or something).  And this post will take a different viewpoint than most of my previous posts about them.

My opinion is the The Whiners are guilty of nothing more than what nearly everyone does.  They believe what they want to believe.  They create straw men and shoot them down to “prove” their points.  They want to believe they are “enlightened” and therefore their opponents must be unenlightened.  They create some sort of caricature of what they believe their opponents must be (red necked, bigoted, southern hicks that would still own slaves if they could) and then tell the world how much better they, the enlightened, are than everyone else.  Gun owners are especially looked down upon by the “enlightened” elite. This attitude has been around for a long time and is why I subtitle my blog with “Ramblings of a red-necked, knuckle-dragging, Neanderthal”.  It wasn’t until this election when the “enlightened” lost the election in such a big way that they really got vocal about things.  It’s always hard to reexamine long held beliefs and admit you were wrong and an election isn’t the best way of winning friends and influencing people.  Elections are about giving power to someone.  And if you have been vigorously opposing the ideals your opponent promotes then it is going to be very, very difficult to change your mind.  Changing behaviors can be somewhat facilitated by force (the government) but not changing minds.  To change their minds we need to show them we aren’t brutish thugs, that we can articulate intelligent ideas, and that we, as individuals, do have compassion.  Rubbing their noses in the mud and laughing at them isn’t going to help the situation. 

To win them over we need to take a different approach.  Show them the benefits of freedom and the error of the Principles of the Democrat party.  It is my opinion that, now more than ever, we have a golden opportunity for generating cognitive dissonance among certain Democrat voters.  If they believe that the Republican party is the party of “Hitler”, is evil, is going to create an evil theocracy, is going to subjugate women, and is likely to exterminate gays then it is imperative that they acquire untraceable firearms and ammo and learn to use them.  Either that or it’s time to leave the country.  In either case we win.  If they believe the current political winners are evil or perhaps the following “right-wing extremists“ will be then they should be able to see the risks of giving the government too much power.  If they don’t think that then they shouldn’t be complaining now.  If they do think that then they should push for reductions in the power given to government.  They should become more liberatarian (deliberately written with a little ‘l’) in their thinking.  In either case we win.

Let’s turn this whole situation into a win-win scenario for us and a lose-lose scenario for the anti-freedom bigots.