Quote of the day—Rick Klein

Trump will be an ex-president in 13 days. The fact is that getting rid of Trump is the easy part. Cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else.

Rick Klein
Political Director @ABC
Tweeted on January 7, 2021 then deletedRickKlien
[Via email from Drew who also asks:

Now, do you think the cleansing will happen before or after the common sense gun safety buyback registration law is passed?

I really don’t know the answer to that question. But at this time it appears the political left is a little too eager.—Joe]


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  1. Down through history there has been a number of financial mass hysteria periods as well as political mass hysteria periods. And now we a living through another one.

    It did not appear out of the blue. It’s been building over the last four years and even earlier. The warning signs have been around for some time with smaller manias including SJW, Orange Man Bad, Me Too, White Privilege, BLM, the 1619 project and, of course, Guns are Evil – all taking hold and gaining acceptance.

    Now we’re canceled! And many on our side are rushing towards the non-existent exits. The questions I have are how deep and wide will this one be? Is there anything that can pop this mass mania that has even a moderate chance of success?

    As it became clear that Biden was going to take office, I thought about my guns, taxes, and policies that I object to. I’m now concerned that it is going to be far worse.

    • PS. In looking at the financial news this morning – it’s full steam ahead; money is being handed out. It looks like we are going to test MMT.

      • It won’t ever end. Lease not in our lifetime. It might lighten up as soon as we are no longer on the world stage. But communism needs an enemy to maintain it’s power and justify it ends.
        And were the prefect people for such. An enemy that distracts from the failed policies of the controlling regime.
        What we need to be doing now is figuring out black market routes. And preparing defenses against the criminal cartels that will be turned loose on what’s left of middle America. Were all Kyle Rittenhouse’s now.
        National no-bail, and an open border. BOHICA is the future.

  2. “I really don’t know the answer to that question. But at this time it appears the political left is a little too eager”

    Eager, or desperate? It almost like they know they have a very narrow window of opportunity.

  3. Think logically. If the Dems are so certain they won legit, why are they talking of impeaching Trump? Why talking about doing things to shut him out of politics forever. Why trying so hard to silence Trump and his supporters, shut them down, deplatform them? Why do they keep asserting so hard there was no fraud when there so clearly was, as the mountain of evidence they refuse to acknowledge shows? Why hasn’t Kamala Harris resigned from the Senate? Why isn’t Joe using transition funds? If there is no Q plan, then why won’t Trump concede? I don’t know what the plan is, but background events don’t add up to anything other than a corrupt steal and a counter-attack being set up (or, rather, being near the final stages of a long setup).

    Do not give up hope.

    • We should have the only hope we ever had. “Where the carcass is, there will the eagles gather.”
      Till then, were all exactly what Joe Biden called us yesterday.
      Domestic Terrorists. And he ain’t wasting a second. “Gun manufactures, I’m coming after you.”
      The only calculation left is will we truly act like one. Either way.
      America falls and China wins.

      • Oh, I quite agree. And I realize that I will sound like a total loon when I say “it isn’t over yet, Trump won, and now we are getting to the exciting part of the election,” but I would recommend that folks chill a few days and not do anything rash. It always look darkest before the dawn, but have a little faith in the showman part of Trump…. I don’t know exactly what’s coming, but it’s gonna be YUGE!!!!

        (yes, I totally know my apparent blind faith is entirely unsupportable to most people. But for once I understand the deeply Christian guy who is cheerfully facing a hungry lion in the coliseum. No, I don’t equate Biden to a lion. But I’ve seen enough parts of the elephant about to step on the lion to know that… well… all is not how it appears.

        Wait. Have a beer. Load the magazines and ensure your paperwork and will is in order just in case. But also… remember… no matter how bad things might look, things can always get weirder than you thought possible.

  4. Of course they are eager. They ha e all the power a d no matter what they do will keep that power. They want to kill and punish us.

    There will be a ban on the ownership of guns before May. And guess what Joe. The Supreme Court is not going to help us.

    Biden WILL get EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY piece of gun control he wants by the end of the year. And SCOTUS will not do a thing to stop them. WHEN the democrats ban the ownership of all semi-auto rifles in the next four month demanding you give them up when that goes to court there are only two possible outcomes: the supreme court does not hear it was the supreme court ruled in favor of the federal government.

    Just wait until SCOTUS rules in favor of the door to door confiscation of firearms. Just wait until SCOTUS rules in favor of not only door to door confiscation of all guns but also rule in favor of the mandrel execution without trial of all gun owners. Abd when that does t work out wait until SCOTUS rules the democrats. An use the full force of the United States military to do it and declares the use of nuclear weapons to then kill not only gun owners but also the extermination of the rest of the population against it.

  5. Joe, there are some blogs I read still on blogpress that are suddenly looking around at the tech censorship and wondering how to keep the lights on.

    I know that bloggers used to help bloggers back in the blogosphere heyday, is any of the help still around?

    I’d like some place to point people to. I think that time is short.

    • This blog is hosted on GoDaddy. I haven’t had any issues with my content. I figured gun stuff was safer there than at most places because they are based in Arizona as opposed to the bay area.

      Gab.com, however, was deplatformed by GoDaddy. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d move my blog to Azure and hope things were safer there. Also it would be to spite GoDaddy for deplatforming Gab and their idiotic treatment of my last service request from them.

      I can envision a time when I have to move to a tiny mom and pop hosting provider in Idaho. But that time hasn’t come yet and I suspect they are getting ready to retire.

      • My workplace censors you. I can get on the main site, but not the individual posts. The rationale is–get this–that this is somehow flagged as a site for buying/selling guns.

        I’ve seen a lot of things in this comments section, gotten into a few arguments, learned a lot, but never once have I seen anyone attempt to arrange that.

        • I don’t recall there ever being guns offered for sale or sole here. And if there were, so what? The buying and selling of guns is a specific enumerated right as well as a natural right.

          • Highly non-permissive foreign-owned corporate environment in Crook county. So much as mentioning the word gun in the wrong way to the wrong person risks a trip to HR. We just had a mandatory safety training that implied that gun owners were likely to become workplace shooters. Per the rules, I am not allowed to have so much as a pocketknife while on site, because the blade doesn’t auto-retract into the handle.

  6. “Cleansing” interesting choice of words. Seems like I’ve heard it used before…

  7. Now that the commie left believes they have TOTAL CONTROL over Mordor On The Potomac….a 50/50 Senate is THEIRS because the Demonrat VP will be the Tie Breaker….they are letting the mask slip and showing us what they TRULY WANT. And that is to destroy all of us that don’t bow and scrape before them.
    With their OWN WORDS they are TELLING US that we MUST KILL THEM in order for us to survive.

  8. Well thanks for the heads-up Rick. I’ll not only carry my XDS. But I will be packing my XDM also!

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