Delusional rant from CSGV

From the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSG). They claim to believe that the D.C. ban on open carry saved lives on Wednesday. They also claim to believe:

White supremacy and racism are inextricably linked with the gun movement and are used to stoke delusion and incite violence.


That’s a real laugh. I would like to suggest people that suspect that might be true visit their local gun range or store. Have a chat with my son-in-law, or just look through some of my new shooter reports such as:

I believe it is about creating the justification for the “cleansing” they are planning.

Insurrection in America

January 8, 2021

Andrew Patrick
(c) 828-712-7603

Insurrection is a Continuing Threat to Democracy; Urgent and Immediate Response is Needed Now
President Trump Dangerous, Unfit to Lead; Law Enforcement Must Be Held Accountable; and Guns Must be Outlawed from Statehouses and Polling Places

WASHINGTON — As the United States grapples with the many disturbing truths that have been exposed in the aftermath of a violent, armed mob of insurrectionists besieging the United States Capitol — the very center of our democracy — the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is calling for emergency action.

This week’s events represent the disastrous culmination of decades of collusion between extremist and racist forces on the far-right and America’s gun lobby. Insurrectionism — the anti-democratic belief that armed violence is a patriotic and acceptable part of political discourse — has helped extremist elected officials, including President Trump, gain support by deluding their followers with paranoid conspiracy theories. The gun lobby was more than happy to contribute to sow the seeds of rebellion with outrageous theories that support more and more gun stockpiling. They are aided by a fringe, yet influential, far-right media ecosystem that profits from the misinformation and social media platforms that allow this treacherous ideology to spread unabated.

White supremacy and racism are inextricably linked with the gun movement and are used to stoke delusion and incite violence.

Finally, the disparities in policing tactics between the largely white mob at the Capitol and people of color legitimately and peacefully protesting police violence at the White House and other locations across America must be acknowledged as grossly inequitable and immediately rectified.

The attack on the U.S. Capitol provided stark evidence that citizens who for years have been told they needed to prepare to engage in overthrow of the government were not afraid to breach what should have been the most sacred barriers in order to use violence to affect an election. This week, the President and his private army showed us what happens when the insurrectionist idea becomes an insurrectionist reality — a physical and spiritual assault on American democracy.

As we move forward as a nation, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is calling for the following immediate actions:

  • The immediate removal or resignation of President Donald Trump to ensure the safety and security of all people in this country. President Trump has continuously incited and encouraged the insurrectionist movement and its embrace of gun violence, which endangers lives and threatens our republic.
  • The protection of the essential functions of government by banning guns from state government buildings and polling places. Without universal prohibitions on open carry such as the strong gun laws in Washington, D.C., state capitals across the country face armed threats and must protect their lawmakers and citizens. We must allow people to exercise their constitutional rights and debate our policy in the people’s houses, free of intimidation or fear.
  • Effective and equitable protection by law enforcement. As the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives said this week, “In a time when the public should rightfully expect and receive the fair and consistent deployment and execution of duties from law enforcement professionals, disparate operating procedures for like scenarios are unacceptable…”

Washington, D.C.’s strong gun laws were part of the reason we did not see more death and violence this week. Though rioters were armed, the city’s law banning open carry saved lives and saved democracy. But because insufficient protections exist across the country, lawmakers and citizens in far too many state capitals are at-risk. The months leading up to the 2020 elections were rife with examples of insurrectionists storming statehouses and engaging in political intimidation. Without protections in place going forward, we cannot know the additional carnage that could still come.

Urgent action is needed now. The threat is not over. Already, the same insurrectionists who attempted the failed coup at the Capitol are organizing on social media in preparation for inauguration week and the opening of state legislatures. The sooner laws are in place across the country protecting the people, lawmakers and democracy, the safer we will be.


6 thoughts on “Delusional rant from CSGV

  1. How ironic – demanding protection from the racist law enforcement agencies they want to defund? Protect the state houses that they and their BLM / anti fascist allies were trying to burn down this very summer? Demand Trumps resignation, while AOC, Camelot Harris and other left wing pols were inciting the rabble to burn it all down?
    No wonder they had to cheat their way to “win” elections – no one with half a brain should ever believe a word of their drivel – but it does serve to show how linked the leftists and the gun banners really are.
    Rope, tree, some assembly required.

    • Without a doubt.

      I’m not, nor I have been a big Trump fan. In fact my votes (2) for the man were based primarily on his opponent(s) and their absolutely unacceptable positions. I did and do find Trump’s habit of baiting his opponents and making statements that I believe are primarily based on his desire to get a rise out of the opposition and bolster his loose coalition of supporters.

      It’s clear that the Progressive Left has come completely unhinged in response to a demonstration that lacked the assaults, looting and arson to classify as a peaceful demonstration. Pelosi has in my opinion gone off the deep end, attempting to bring the Joint Chiefs into this political fight. That in my view is sedition for which she should be charged, tried and removed from office.

      Additionally, the behavior of “Big Tech” is likely going to get them dismissed by a significant portion of the population, effectively creating a boycott with the resultant hits to revenue and the enmity of the right… they need to be dismantled. It’s not beyond the realm of the bizarro world we’re in for the Biden Administration to attempt to make a boycott of big tech somehow illegal… after all that would fit with their greater plans for our rendering as Subjects.

      Our reality today is closer to the introductions to many dystopian novels than any of us would like to think or ever thought was really possible.

      • Trump is point-man for the greatest military op in world history. I believe you will live to see joy in your votes for him. His needling tweets to get a rise out of people has been a deliberate strategy; to get your target into your trap, you have to get them to take the bait. It is being sprung now.

        Be of good cheer – things will soon become more clear.

  2. In NH you can carry in the State House. No problem with that, except for the time a legislator without a proper holster had her gun slip away from her and fall on the floor. The result: she was called into the speaker’s office — and given a lecture on the proper use of holsters.

  3. Some websites are saying they “broke into” the Capital Building. Well, it is open to the public and the Police allowed them in, so there was no “breaking into”.

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