We live in interesting times

Twitter banned @realDonaldTrump. Trump switched to @POTUS and made three tweets before they were removed by Twitter:

Trump has an account on Parler. Parler claims it is a “Free Speech Social Network”. It has had it’s app banned from Apple and Google stores. Web access currently does not show any content. Not even my own posts.

Gab, another free speech social network, is extremely slow. The founder says,

Record traffic, hold the line. Scaling up as fast as we can. Pray for our team. God is good.

I think I need to move to my (non-existent) underground bunker in Idaho to make a lot more ammo.

We live in interesting times.


9 thoughts on “We live in interesting times

  1. Slow doesn’t accurately describe GAB tonight (1/8/2021). On the other hand they are 62% funded already. As far as Twitter or Facebook goes I have thought for sometime now that they don’t care about the citizenry of the U.S. we are small potatoes compared to the rest of the world they want a piece of.

  2. I use SocialGalactic for alternate social media and news, and it is awesome (you get it for subscribing to Unauthorized.TV

    Joe, send me an email if you want information on how to subscribe. It’s a paid-for service, so I won’t spam it here.

    Best Regards,
    Tony Pacheco

    • I’m already on so many social media sites I can’t keep track of them. I really don’t want any more.

    • I tried reloading numerous times. The “frame” was slow loading and then nothing. I clicked around for other stuff like notifications and my account information… nothing.

  3. Gab has been largely shut out of all normal internet infrastructure services. They were frozen out of hosting services, so they have buy, install, and maintain all their own hardware. Payment processors have frozen them out – if you want to buy their services it check, cash, or bitcoin, no credit cards, paypal, etc. Torba reported tens of thousands of new users an hour- more than100% growth in userbase in a single day following a recent purge event. (If I read and remember his blabs correctly, they have experienced three different days recently each with greater than 100% growth in membership/traffic or both). People are fleeing other platforms, and they are spinning up hardware as fast as they possibly can. And they are being attacked by the deep state at the same time. Donate if you can to help them; they could use it.

    It would be funny if the military decided to send them some “lend-lease” destroyers servers for a few years to help the transition 🙂

  4. I love you’all. And would miss you dearly. But as long as OnX maps, and JBM ballistics stays up. I’ll live.

  5. oopsie: the Gab link goes to gap.com (the clothing store).

    Is there any way to see Parler content without setting up a Parler account? Do they permit direct links to posts like Twitter does?

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