That just happened here

Imagine some other country run by some despot, say, Venezuela, forbid their political rivals from public communication to their followers. What would you think? “Yeah, well, what do you expect from a commie dictatorship? It’s what they have to do to maintain control of their people.” Right?

That. Just. Happened. Here.

That it was private companies that did the silencing doesn’t make much difference. Those companies have a political alignment of something like 95+% opposed to Republicans, let alone, President Trump.

That they had “reasons” is irrelevant. All “commie dictatorships” have their “reasons”. Even Hitler and the entire Nazi party had their “reasons”.

Welcome to a new reality.


4 thoughts on “That just happened here

  1. Amazing how “Antifa” turned out to be aligned with fascists, isn’t it?

    • That is because the left inverts reality as routinely as you and I breathe.

      The sad part is that many people at my place of work appear to have the attitude of “it’s about time.” They are totally brainwashed, and cannot see the cost or danger.

  2. Their being true to form. The Anti-fascist of Hitler’s day were Stalinist communist. They just had to invent the nazi’s to struggle against this time.
    And just like then. It has no basis in reality. Jewish tailors weren’t a problem for Hitler any more than white people are for Antifa/BLM today.
    The real problem is they don’t see themselves as being sacrificed for the greater Chinese good. And the real slap in the face/irony. Corporate profits.

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