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Down through history there has been a number of financial mass hysteria periods as well as political mass hysteria periods. And now we a living through another one.

It did not appear out of the blue. It’s been building over the last four years and even earlier. The warning signs have been around for some time with smaller manias including SJW, Orange Man Bad, Me Too, White Privilege, BLM, the 1619 project and, of course, Guns are Evil – all taking hold and gaining acceptance.

Now we’re canceled! And many on our side are rushing towards the non-existent exits. The questions I have are how deep and wide will this one be? Is there anything that can pop this mass mania that has even a moderate chance of success?

As it became clear that Biden was going to take office, I thought about my guns, taxes, and policies that I object to. I’m now concerned that it is going to be far worse.

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[I’m reminded of a show I used to watch, La Femme Nikita. In the show “canceled” was an euphuism for assassinated or executed.—Joe]


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  1. My father wants everyone to “all is well other than weather induced outages”. Big windstorm around here and he is without power.

  2. Given that the left owns practically all of education, media, finance, medicine, communications, entertainment and big tech, they’ve metastasized throughout all of our important institutions, and that they’re so clearly willing to double-down, to the point of proving that they’re willing and enthusiastic, blatant hypocrites, I don’t see the “mania bubble” popping any time in the foreseeable future.

    It would require a major voice of reason, and the widespread dissemination of that voice (which seems to be getting less likely), it would require remedial history education for all current generations, and then it would require a lot of leftists to listen to that voice without plugging their ears or going bonkers, and then to heed it. Given that stack of conditions all of which must align simultaneously, it’s not likely that the mania will stop growing, much less go into remission. Any one of the above conditions is unlikely enough, but line them all up into a single set of requirements to be fulfilled at once, and it becomes a question we shouldn’t even have to ask.

    I’ve heard twice in one week from leftists; “We hate you more than we love our own lives”, and with an attitude like that there’s no room for reason. And so it’s a new French Revolution at some point.

    For now, as always, we’ll be the ones required to back off and back down (for the sake of avoiding all hell breaking loose), something already over 100 years in the process. Therefore we can see the trend line, and that it has inertia. So, extrapolate.

    And then all hell will break loose anyway because that’s been the plan all along. We just won’t realize that last bit until it’s all over.

    • “And then all hell will break loose anyway because that’s been the plan all along. We just won’t realize that last bit until it’s all over.”

      There is an old saying to effect that WW IV will be fought with sticks and stones because every thing else has been destroyed. I now think that is wrong.

      Wars of the future will be fought with tech as is the current civil war. Just like our justice system, they will relentlessly pursue you until you cry uncle without firing a shot or even bringing you before a judge and jury. Then you will be monitored, isolated, impoverished, and without friends, and family for the remainder of your life.

      Brave New World and 1984 barely begin to describe the world we are entering.

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