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When Brother Doug and I get together we frequently have long talks about our country’s political state. The illegal gun laws, the U.S. debt, the out of control printing of money, etc..

One of the things Doug frequently points out is that the average person doesn’t get outraged because the legacy media gives the political left cover through, at best, selective reporting of the facts and implications of things that are not true. And frequently outright lies.

So how do we combat these lies? Doug and I get frustrated at this point. Politely pointing out their errors doesn’t work. After all, as Lyle frequently points out a good case can be made they actually pride themselves on there ability to lie and get away with it.

I finally came up with decent response. I have created a new blog post category, Legacy Media Liars. This category will be used to call out individuals (when available) as liars. I don’t know that my blog has enough Google Page Rank to bring searches for the liars names into the top ten on Google but it’s better than doing nothing.

I have gone back to a few previous posts and categorized them as well to kind of jump start the category. This is as if I actually will be short on material. The Rittenhouse verdict probably gave me 100 articles to blog about in the first 12 hours after the verdict was announced.

This is going to be a busy category.


9 thoughts on “New blog post category

  1. I’m actually glad to see you do this. It was never good, but we are firmly into propaganda territory with most of these outlets. Your reach may not be large but it’s something. A big part of what I do today is attempt to wake people up. I have awakened most of my very small following. Engagement comes next and that’s proving harder.

  2. You should have a category for the Regressive wing of the Democrat-Communist party. Call them what they are. Don’t let the commies control the narrative by using false terms like “Democrat-Socialist” and “Progressive.” Take back the language!

    • Chris, Progressive is an actual party label. They put Theodore Roosevelt into the White House, they are the origin of the push to control our schools, and a few years ago documentation was found that showed they were the trainers of the Russian Revolutionaries that created the Soviets. AFAIK, they have controlled the State Department since ~1900, who were big supporters of the Soviets and their vassals, until their dissolution around 1990. They were, and continue to be, a major driver of the Communists and Democrats. After Theo lost his bid for re-election, they decided to work less visibly to the people, and go back to controlling things from behind the curtain.
      Changing names, titles, and terminology is an old trick of the Left.

      • The left chose the label “Progressive” to signal that they were advancing “progress.” But their policies do not further progress, they regress to race based hate, elite privilege and blatant double standards. As you say, changing terminology is an old trick of the left. Correcting terminology to reflect the truth should be a conservative policy to reclaim the language.

  3. I’ll agree that while “media” and the “Democrat Communist Party” are, if not one and the same, at the very least are quite closely joined at the hip. That said, I think they do deserve their own categories because while there may be plenty of overlap identifying the point of origin of their stuff will be useful and valuable.

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