Pilar Melendez of The Daily Beast is a liar

Deception and lying by omission:

During the already-chaotic protest over the Blake’s shooting last August, a video played in court showed Rittenhouse, then 17, shooting Rosenbaum after the unarmed man tossed a plastic bag his way. As Rittenhouse ran away from the scene, still holding his AR-15, the teen is seen in another video running down the street with several protesters in tow.

Technically true. But Rittenhouse did not shoot Rosenbaum because of the plastic bag. A few seconds later, and unmentioned by Melendez, Rosenbaum had Rittenhouse boxed in between several cars and another guy who had just fired a handgun in the air and Rosenbaum was reaching for the rifle. Any competent firearms instructor will tell you that when your attacker is attempting to disarm you it’s almost certainly time to start shooting.


One thought on “Pilar Melendez of The Daily Beast is a liar

  1. And if your an honest person, you might ask at what point would a police officer started shooting? (Blake would have been the least of their worries.)
    Cough, Daniel Shaver, cough, cough. White, so, good shoot, nothing to see here folks, move along. ( Mesa,AZ. dodged the bullet in Shaver not being black?)
    At some point Bloomberg and Soros are going to start expecting a return on their investment?
    Joe, you should start a pool on when media heads start rolling? Cause media liars are a dime a dozen. And the audience buying in has to be getting pretty small.

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