David S. Cohen of Rolling Stone is a liar

The mention of Rolling Stone and anything to do with guns and then bring up lies is probably being entirely redundant, but it doesn’t hurt to make it explicitly clear.


While patrolling the streets, there was gunfire that resulted in some of the Black Lives Matter protesters thinking Rittenhouse was attacking them. They charged Rittenhouse, and he opened fire, killing Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and injuring Gaige Grosskreutz.

That’s not how it happened. You can watch the video of every shot fired and see for yourself. The gunfire was as the “protestors” had boxed Rittenhouse in between some cars and were closing in on him. One of those attackers fired the gun into the air a few dozen feet from Rittenhouse. The shooting of Huber and Grosskreutz were a minute or so later as Rittenhouse was attempting to reach the safety of the police and the attackers caught up to him after he fell. They struck him with a skateboard, kicked him in the head, and pointed a gun at him. Each person shot was an imminent threat of permanent injury or death to Rittenhouse.


4 thoughts on “David S. Cohen of Rolling Stone is a liar

  1. Remember….the left has only ONE RULE….Win. Nothing else matters.
    Therefore to them a lie is NOT A LIE if it serves THEIR NEEDS.

  2. I’m sure he’s very well read and respected, in New York city. Yawn.
    He’s still lying to gin up outrage? Ha! That horse dun left the stable. But hopefully he, Sandy Cortez and crew will get pissed-off enough to burn down city hall in NY? Yawn.
    He’s like a riot in Portland….. Yawn. (They been at all this time and still got what done?)
    At this point the commies can’t even keep up with their own outrage porn. Pretty pathetic.

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