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Chipman proved in this interview – again – why he was never qualified for job of ATF Director. He continues to lie, telling any reporter willing to let him rehabilitate his shattered veneer of a benevolent law enforcement professional from what America truly saw. Chipman is, has been and always will be, an advocate for gun control who would have used the ATF as a cudgel against the industry that provides the means for Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

The problem with Chipman’s nomination was Chipman. In this interview, he made that case against his own nomination better than the industry ever could.

Larry Keane
October 29, 2021
[A leopard doesn’t change its spots. Anti-gun activists always lie and deceive. It’s part of their culture. I suspect they lie so frequently and so habitually that they become unable to tell the truth.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Larry Keane

  1. That’s exactly it, Joe. They lie, project, and double down. And as Biden, Psaki, Chipman, and oh so many others have proven. Their comfort level in the telling of lies is the best gauge of how far society has collapsed.
    And at this late stage we should be asking ourselves. What would Yuri do?
    Their already at the stage of killing off the useful idiots with the vaccine.
    Next comes the open war against the Kulaks?

  2. In the Odessa File, there was a character who, after WW2, returned to live with his parents. They received ration tickets for food and other goods, but as the word implies, they didn’t provide enough for normal living. This character took some ration tickets into his basement and returned with many more. His parents were disturbed by the forgery by their son, but he explained that there were “good documents and bad documents.” The good documents did what they were supposed to do.
    Chipman has this same view of morality with regard to the sounds that come out of his mouth and the words that come out of his pen. “Truth” and “Falsity” have as much relevance to him as how pretty the colors are on a document created by a forger.

  3. Looks to me like Chipman has all the most desirable qualifications then. Given that the ATF’s sole purpose was, and is, to chill the exercise of a constitutionally enumerated right thus helping to pave the way for the coming authoritarian system, he would seem to be eminently suited. Clearly then, the quote is coming from a state of confusion.

    Maybe Chipman just isn’t a skilled enough liar, and is overly blatant about his anti-libertarian dreams. Stealth is after all still one of the tools in the Romish playbook. So if Chipman is “unqualified” it would be only because he doesn’t play the stealth game well enough. They need someone who appears more “reasonable” or “moderate” while secretly being a rabid authoritarian satan worshiper. Someone who won’t so readily spill the beans. More like a Republican, in other words.

  4. “I suspect they lie so frequently and so habitually that they become unable to tell the truth.”

    Suspect no more. It’s a fact. Being able to get away with lying (or with all manner of criminal activity) is a badge of honor among authoritarians. It shows them that they’re special. In fact, getting away with things that we cattle never could is perhaps the best and most certain way to show themselves and their peers that they’re special, that they have “arrived”. To utter nonsense and have it taken seriously, to lie, to take what you want by force, and to kill whomever you would, all of those together are indeed often the primary goal of the acquisition of authority. When they speak of making the world a better place, they mean a better place for their sorts of evil, where evil can reign free.

    • Spot on Lyle. To lie, and to rub your nose in it. Is their greatest accomplishment.
      Sad, that they will never see it for the vanity it is.

  5. Since NSSF and Larry Keane’s adamant endorsement of Chuck Canterbury as ATF’s director, I have zero faith in their veracity or moral compass. Please tell my why I’m wrong.

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