Quote of the day—Daniel Epps

Some have argued that addressing the climate crisis may require rethinking society’s basic organizing principles, including capitalism itself. It may also increasingly lead many to question the fundamental tenets of the American constitutional order.

Daniel Epps
November 3, 2021
How the US supreme court could be a threat to climate action in the US
[It’s nice of them to essentially admit what has long been suspected. It’s not about the climate. It’s about the destruction of free society and the implementation of an authoritarian state.—Joe]


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  1. So they are arguing that decision making needs to be based on secondary, tertiary, and irrelevant logic, but since our white privileged system only focuses on relevant logic, coercion will be needed.

    They are just a doomsday cult that have managed to gain power.

    • Exactly Chet. Deep down their just murdering thug junkies, looking for another fix. Trying to fill an empty soul with lies and vanity.
      One would like to believe it can end well. But it never has.
      And you would think they would get tired of being so predictable?

      • They won’t get tired of being predictable because it has worked for so long. There are far too many people that either are unable to think critically, were never taught how or just can’t be bothered with the effort. Either way, it works for the Totalitarians.

        To me, the surprisingly predictable part is their inability to see that it has never ended well for them or their ideology. Perhaps they have been deluded to believe that they will do a better job than those who went before (a common refrain from Communists, that previous efforts weren’t done as well as they should have been or it would have worked then too) or they are pragmatic enough to believe that they will get all they want before 1) their life ends in peaceful bliss and social harmony before option 2 occurs; or 2) before their whole system crashes and leaves ashes and dead bodies behind. Seems the ashes and dead bodies is the more certain result.

        • The typical Leftist has no concept of History. It doesn’t seem to exist to them. This allows them to imagine that they are a new and fresh idea for the forces of good. It’s really weird to talk to them about history of any sort, even personal, and see how warped they are.

          They also buy into the Big Lie that humanity can be “changed”. If they took even a glance at history they would quickly see that that has been tried since before recorded history, and hasn’t worked, and CAN’T WORK. All our faults are built-in, and life is a work-in-process to rein in the propensity to do things badly. But, they can’t deal with history, so they end up repeating it again and again, forever.

  2. “When @TomKeene asks @SecGranholm the very pertinent question on whether America (and no OPEC+) needs to increase oil production. The response, amid laughing: “That’s hilarious” #OOTT.

    Need we say more. What is with the school girl laughter when our senior officials are asked a serious question?

  3. agreed. same w/ covid. same deal …. “public health” is the key to total rule.

  4. “It’s about the destruction of free society and the implementation of an authoritarian state.”

    May just be me, Joe, but I’d add:
    with their fantasy of being the ones running it.

    Wilson’s elitism still runs deep in the ivory towers.

  5. It seems with America’s refusal act as most of the world. Were requiring special treatment. It seems more multi-pronged. Not that the rest of the world isn’t recieving much the same.
    I think we will see gun-control, plague, famine, market crash, invasion. (border crisis), Medical, and a host of problems coming home to roost all at the same time.
    I was wondering if the shipping crisis is just a way for the globals to go after the Chinese. Payment as FOB. Undelivered means unpaid for yet? Couple that with Evergrande cash/bond problems. It all seems managed. (For lack of a better term).

  6. That’s coming straight out of Laudato Si;

    And Fratelli Tutti of course. One bolsters the other. Fratelli Tutti is merely a rewrite of Rerum Novarum, which the leaders and would-be leaders of the world have been praising, adoring and attempting to implement for over a century.

    Although you speak of the destruction of free society and the implementation of an authoritarian state, it’s actually much worse than that, if such a thing is possible (and it surely is). We are witnessing the implementation of an authoritarian, church state, wherein the “authorities” claim, and some are themselves convinced, that they’re acting on behalf of “god” for our spiritual edification. Their problem, which becomes our problem, of course, is that their “god” is the father of lies and the “god” of forces.

    Some of us have been saying for years that leftist ideology is a religion. Little did we know just how thoroughly and literally correct we were, and little does the world know now. Here is presumed secularist John Kerry speaking from the Vatican about “climate change”;

    Here is the proof of the merging of the “secular” sciences with both religion and state, worldwide. It’s been happening all along, but now you have the proof. Understand that there are countless other examples, and that the process, centuries in the making, is now almost complete.

    And so it doesn’t matter, at all, how you ended up in Babylon (the world’s apostate religious authoritarian system) or what path or altered “scientific” reasoning led you there. The “secular” scientists for example are in large part already on board with that old whore, and some of them are quite enthusiastic about it. And so it doesn’t matter by what path you got there. All roads lead to Rome after all. It happens to the best, and the worst, of us. What really matters is that you come out of Babylon lest you partake of her plagues, says the Bible.

  7. Funny how they say capitalism isn’t working. How can it when it’s being regulated by communists?
    But then again the only thing that will work is logical self-interest, in a free market system. Inside a frame work of rights shared by all humans.
    But where’s the fun in that?

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