Quote of the day—Adam Baldwin @AdamBaldwin

Vanguard elite communists don’t care that you recognize their hypocrisy because they believe their hypocrisies to be trivial to their holy mission of creating heaven on earth… and that you cannot stop them.

Adam Baldwin @AdamBaldwin
Tweeted on November 1, 2021
[I just finished the book Dear Reader. It is a fascinating, and horrifying, look into the mind of an elite communist.

Baldwin is not wrong. Some of our politicians let slip glimpses of their true nature which is fully revealed in people like Kim Jong Il. If given the power they crave and believe they deserve the horror unleased is terrifying. The Great Terror could well be a how-to story rather than a warning.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Adam Baldwin @AdamBaldwin

  1. The good book warns us that the nature of man is wicked beyond believe. And that we should never drop our guard against it. In ourselves and others.
    There is no power structure of humans that will not be corrupted. And no evil unimagined and unpracticed by those corrupted inside it. (Look at what is considered normal today.)
    This is why those caught in the acts of evil need be made examples of.
    All of them.
    And the biggest fight of all humanity, through out the ages, is inside oneself.

  2. They start out hiding their lies and hypocrisy, but eventually, if given enough power, they’ll flaunt their lies, hypocrisy, larceny, murders and all the rest. Just go down the list of the Ten Commandments. They’ll enthusiastically violate each and every clause of every one of them, publicly and with a flourish. And if that’s not bad enough, they’ll require you to violate them as a mark of your allegiance to them and their system.

    It’s all standard stuff, as has been done throughout all of the history of the earth.

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