Quote of the day—Colin Wright @SwipeWright

The Left-wing media narrative on the Rittenhouse case is extreme, malicious, and untethered to reality. It is well beyond insane. It would be laughable if it weren’t so utterly frightening.

Colin Wright @SwipeWright
Tweeted on November 20, 2021
[It was my independent conclusion of this (although not articulated nearly as well) that led me to create a new blog category dedicated to exposing their lies.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Colin Wright @SwipeWright

  1. If you want your message to spread further, Joe, you might want to have a word with Walmart or Cisco. I’m not sure which did it, but your blog is black listed on their public WIFI

    • Lots of companies use site blockers (DNS name intercepting) on their public Wifi. When I’ve seen this site blocked, it is for the reason of “Weapons Sales”.

      No, it doesn’t matter that the categorization is factually incorrect, any more than the Facebook and Twitter censor squads care that Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty.

      You using DNS-over-HTTPS or DNS-over-TLS to bypass their captive DNS solution and Joe using TLS1.3 to keep them from doing packet analysis to see the FQDN in the SNI or site certificate’s SAN field would help.

    • I’ve seen those blockers in effect also at work. That’s when I discovered Tor, which is a great tool for defeating such nannyism.

  2. Maybe we should start looking at the amount of people that pay attention to them?
    Just because their loud. And people in power are paying them to be that way. Doesn’t mean we have to give them as much Creedence as we do?
    It seems far to much time is spent mentally wrestling over a public that isn’t there?
    If you still believe anything the mainstream media is saying? Your probably lost. And the chances that logic and facts are going to sway you are getting slimmer by the day. (Imagine Pigdowndog as the model.)
    “History is made by determined minorities.” Is something the communists have taken to heart more than any other cause I can think of. Except Christianity.
    And Jesus proved that 2000 years ago. We need to believe again.
    We got over a 100 million people with guns in this country. And most of them are on our side. The only box were in is mental. And what we decide to do. We can.
    These people are thieves and liars. As is their father. And that’s the due we should give them.
    We should start reminding ourselves that we need not tell them their wrong. Cause they ain’t never been right.
    Our problem is were to polite for our own good. And what they would deny us. We need to deny them first.
    Cataloging them is good. But making them mentally persona non grata is paramount to our survival.

  3. So, in addition to 1) the ignorance defense, and 2) the mental deficiency defense, we’re now granting them 3) the insanity defense? It’s the full suite we’ve given them now, isn’t it? But I suppose we could add a 4th defense (they’re “childish”) because who wants to hold a mere child to the same standards of culpability as a sober, competent, reasonably knowledgeable adult?

    I say, “No!” to all four. With so many excellent defenders like us, pitching for them every day, they’ll never be held responsible. Stop defending them and start holding them accountable. But then we’d have to quit entertaining ourselves by calling them names and start digging deep to discover the primary operators, their networks of associations, and how they operate around the globe. And THAT would be difficult and scary, and exceedingly unpopular, whereas sitting back and laughing at the “idiots” (while they take over the world), and otherwise doing nothing, is actually fun and gets clicks and views at little cost.

    • I don’t see where anyone in this post or the comments is “granting” them a defense of any type.

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