Quote of the day—Ketchup dripping down the wall + Pink Lemonade @PinkLemonadePie

She didn’t say she wanted to ban and take away your tiny flaccid penis, you know. Damn.

Ketchup dripping down the wall + Pink Lemonade @PinkLemonadePie
Tweeted on July 6, 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

I wish I knew a research psychologist I could get to study the minds of anti-gun people. I wonder if they could figure out why there is just a high correlation between their obsession with penis size and the advocating of restrictions on civil rights.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ketchup dripping down the wall + Pink Lemonade @PinkLemonadePie

  1. Tis not the American Gunowner thar is Penis Obsessed.

    But I see a Constant Penis Obsession with the Left (Sex Cult)…in many issues including weapons.

  2. Sex obsession is also a frequent component of various pagan religions around the world and throughout history. Being that the global left is, in essence, a religion, or cult, then its sex obsession should not be much of a mystery to anyone. Indeed it should be looked for. It would be more curious a thing if the left were found to be NOT sex obsessed.

    Of course that statement merely “kicks the can” down to the next question, which is, Why are so many pagan religions involved in strange, pathological sexual practices? For the answer to that we’d have to get into the “spiritual”, and I don’t believe you want to go there. Therefore, for the time being, you’ll have to be satisfied with the notion that sex obsession is and has been a component of many pagan religious cults, and should therefore be predicted in any group that exhibits cultish (authoritarian) behavior. Oops; but that means it’s basically everywhere!

    Yup. Haven’t you heard any of the vast majority of popular songs over your lifetime? I was in the music business for several decades, and while working with the band I’d often say, for fun and humor at the time, “Here’s yet another fornicatin’ song.” We liked us our fornicatin’ songs! And no doubt you’ve heard rumors of some of the hazing and initiation rituals among the various fraternal organizations in the world, to whom many of our world leaders belong.

    Welcome to Babylon. You’ll have a hard time seeing the Babylonian trees however, because the forest is so very dense!

    • I thought it was the Babylonian minds that were dense. To the pagans there is no higher state of mind than orgasm. Without God, merely gods, the only way to transcend their existence is via sex or drugs. The native Americans, on both continents smoked and chewed anything they could find to bring them visions with which they could then interpret their lives in accordance with the vision.

  3. “I wish I knew a research psychologist I could get to study the minds of anti-gun people.”
    I think you’re in trouble on that one. I haven’t really kept up. But I think the electron microscope is as small as they can see these days?

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