They are doing it wrong


The fear of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia against Ukraine looms over the current crisis, but some Ukrainians have found a… creative solution.

A large group of Ukrainians has decided to organize a mass orgy to take place on a hill outside of Kyiv in case Putin does launch a nuclear bomb.

More than 15,000 have already registered on Telegram for the sex party. The mass orgy will take place on a hill outside the city where the participants would be asked to decorate their hands with colored stripes, symbolizing their sexual interests. If you are considering participating – three stripes are for anal sex lovers and four stripes are for oral sex lovers.

That’s pretty messed up as far as I’m concerned. You should stay in your bunkers.

The orgy is after you know you have survived all the firestorms and fallout.


13 thoughts on “They are doing it wrong

  1. Or maybe a good reason TO nuke the place? If that’s your response to the threat of extinction.
    But not to worry. Putin has more than enough conventional bombs and missiles for Ukraine. And why drop fallout back on your country?
    If anyone gets nuked, it’s going to be us. Without us, Ukraine would fold up in a week. And Europe will be three steps behind them. (As they will be fighting themselves over cordwood here soon.)
    Looks like the “Rainbow people”, were ahead of their time in all this? They just made it a lifestyle.
    Thanks Richard, Monkeypox indeed!

  2. Satanists gonna try their witchcraft spells no matter what. And yes, as weird and archaic as it may sound to us, some of them pushing it really are, and really do see it that way.

    One major aspect of the current culture war is a spiritual war. It doesn’t make any difference if you think it’s stupid, or if you are Christian or not. They believe, they are trying to create the reality they desire by doing these things, they have power and followers, and they are acting according to that faith. Prepare and act accordingly.

    • I think that is a little over the top.

      You could probably find as many or more in this country who would do the same. It wouldn’t justify nuking the entire country.

      • This exchange alludes to the story of Lot and Sodom.
        — Hey! What AM I supposed to do with a classic Liberal Arts education, anyway?

        • Draw liberally?
          And the question still stands; When should Lot have left Sodom?
          I used to ask my wife that question all the time. (Before we moved.)

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