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The fact that the bad guys in New York City, the city with the toughest gun control laws in the nation, were still able to get guns and use them in this very shooting should make it clear as day that something just isn’t adding up.

The only narrative this story advances is that gun control is a complete and total failure.

Tom Knighton
July 20, 2021
NY Shooting Not An Example For Gun Control Advocates – Bearing Arms
[It doesn’t add up if you were under the impression the intent of gun control is to reduce crime. There are some people who actually believe this. But long time politicians know better and have different motives.

It’s about creating a safe work environment for themselves and comrades, the criminals. This is well-known. Read The Gulag Archipelago. The USSR regarded thieves as allies in the building of communism because they were the enemy of property owners.

Appearances are that similar motivation is at play in the U.S. It’s certain it is not about violent crime control. Just one question demonstrates this.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tom Knighton

  1. I guess Tom thinks we live in a democracy? Where if you convince enough people of something, you can make it so?
    As usual, you’ve identified the problem Joe. It’s all communist misdirection. Let’s hope Tom and those who think like him amend their ways soon.

  2. Yup. This is how people on the right end up thinking that people on the left are idiots. The shills for the right, for surely it must be a job requirement, fail to recognize, or rather they refuse to admit, that the degradation, destruction and death caused by leftist policies and doctrines are in fact part of the plans and goals of the left. This leaves people oblivious to what’s going on in broad daylight. What should be obvious to an unaffected observer of the left’s long term behavior is instead nothing but confusing, and exasperating.

    And so we must fix that last statement in Tom Knighton’s quote;
    “The only narrative this story advances is that gun control, when done right, quite successful.”

    And now I say to you, Joe and the other libertarians, When will you begin to realize that the so-called political “right”, the Rush Limbaughs, the Buck Sextons and all the rest, have been, in effect, providing cover for the Romish left? For if a destructive action is done out of ignorance, as every right wing pundit has been saying for generations, then it is perhaps somewhat forgivable. If it is pre-meditated and done out of greed and power-lust however, if it is carefully planned, organized, and cleverly implemented over the course of generations, then it is an altogether different sort of crime, requiring an altogether different sort of response.

    This has repeated throughout all of history and it always follows along a similar path and process. Therefore we know for certain that people won’t realize what’s being done to them this time around either, until it’s far too late to stop it. I assert that such a time is already long past anyway. But it needs mentioning, if for no other reason than to say we tried, and to take away the excuse of, “But no one ever told me! Why did no one say anything?!? Damn you all for not warning me!”

    Telling people ahead of time won’t change the overall path of destruction we’re on, because we’re already so firmly and passionately committed to it, and psychologically incapable of countering it anyway, but our warnings may cause a minuscule few to “Come out of Babylon” before it’s too late for them as individuals.

    And of course that’s a big part of the Christian message, right there, in a nutshell. But then you’d have to understand what “Babylon” is and why anyone would need to be saved, and from what, and what salvation even means, otherwise all of this is just silly, dumb and irrelevant gibberish.

  3. As always, I don’t think that the goals espoused by the anti-gunners, are actually the motivators for their actions. Furthermore, I’d wager that the vast majority of them don’t actually realize that. It would be difficult for someone to admit that their true dislike for guns comes, not from an altruistic desire to protect other people from violence, but rather from a deep-seated distaste for anything that would require even a modicum of personal responsibility from them.

    They don’t want to protect themselves from evil; they want to be protected.

    They don’t want to work hard to earn a living for themselves; they want to be kept.

    They don’t want to have to make hard decisions about career paths, vocations, and then implement those decisions, succeeding or failing on their own merits; they’d rather blame the system for their failures, and create a system that makes those decisions for them.

    Their hatred of guns is deeply rooted in their hatred of personal responsibility. The very idea that you might be responsible for your own safety is abhorrent to them. The very concept that the maintenance of personal freedom and responsibility might actually be worth living a more dangerous life is simply a repellent concept to them. They want to be kept. They want others to make their choices for them. They want to live the comfortable, gray, meaningless lives of a pet.

    People that do not desire this are lamented by them, not because those people are wrong, but because those people demonstrate to them how absolutely pathetic they are, and they hate that.

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