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Anti-violence groups in the commonwealth, spurred on by a national organization started by former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, have staked a claim for tens of millions of dollars in federal pandemic and economy-boosting money at the General Assembly’s disposal.

The fledgling Virginia Community Violence Coalition has made a smart, critical bid for $37 million of the $4.3 billion available from the American Rescue Plan.

Roger Chesley
July 21, 2021
Curbing killings also means changing culture
[$37 million of public money to infringe upon the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.

Respond appropriately.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Roger Chesley

  1. Nah. It’s just money to pay off the people who follow you around when you drive to the grocery store.

  2. Changing culture? You mean like when black kids rob white grandma. Put her in the trunk of her car. Drive her around and show her off to no less than six, “friends”.
    Then chain a block to her and through her off a bridge to drown.
    It ain’t about guns.
    But the culture in which you fell comfortable enough to show-off an old lady in the trunk? And know that none of those six other people,(I know, bad choice of words), Was going to call the police? The old woman wasn’t dead,. And everyone thought it was cool, or funny? Or that the punk-ass bitches doing the crime were tough guys? That culture? Cause you don’t change that culture.
    You either destroy it, Or it destroys you. (That’s why the communist kill all the useful idiots when they come to power.)
    Gifford’s, nor morons like Chipman are out to do a damn thing about the culture. No matter how much money their given. “Party on Dave, Party on Gabby!”

  3. The communists told us, up front, many generations ago and in no uncertain terms, that they would use our system to destroy our system, and that furthermore we would finance them along the way.

    While they are liars, cheaters, larcenists and murders by trade, I believe them in this case. Pride is a big part of what motivates them (combined with large doses of envy, jealousy, covetousness, arrogance and presumption) and that pride makes them declare their plans ahead of time for all to see or hear. I call it the “tell”. There are many “tells” that they’re putting out all the time, but this particular one has been around since before we were born.

    My friend, Dan, has another concept which he calls the “Crazy Curve/Awareness Curve”. It describes the mutually reinforcing, exponential increase of craziness (or evil) and awareness. On a graph, the increase in crazy (communism, fascism or socialism in this case, more properly understood as Catholic Social Doctrine) results in a corresponding increase in awareness, which in turn necessitates a ramping up of the crazy. Likewise, a significant increase in awareness will result in a corresponding increase in crazy, so as to counteract the awareness, which in turn will open the eyes of many and result in increased awareness. One of the key challenges of the crazy (evil) is to manage this curve, and that requires massive efforts in misdirection, distraction, shock, intimidation and confusion. You’ll see this phenomenon at play in personal relationships in which there is a Narcissist, sociopath or psychopath involved, and we saw a version of it last summer when formerly “2a-agnostic” Democrats started buying guns out of concern over the “mostly peaceful” riots, looting, and take-overs. The crazier (more bold) the coercionists get, the more it becomes obvious to people that something is afoot, and they start to figure out what’s been going on all along. In response to that increased awareness, the crazy MUST be ramped up, and so the curve can take on an exponential slope. We should probably call it the “Evil/Awareness Curve” (EAC) however.

    Lately the EAC has been operating in bursts, or stages (Progressively?). I think this can be attributed to the Romish left’s careful management of the curve. Again, managing that curve is critically important if they’re going to achieve their goals (which they will), because it all depends on keeping awareness, or realization, in check.

    It is a system which depends on deception. That is its Achules Heel too, by the way, but as Yuri Besmenov (former Cultural Subversion operative for the KGB) explained in detail, the Left knows how to manipulate so well that most people, when confronted with the full facts, with full proofs, will reject the truth.

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