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Their hatred of guns is deeply rooted in their hatred of personal responsibility. The very idea that you might be responsible for your own safety is abhorrent to them. The very concept that the maintenance of personal freedom and responsibility might actually be worth living a more dangerous life is simply a repellent concept to them. They want to be kept. They want others to make their choices for them. They want to live the comfortable, gray, meaningless lives of a pet.

People that do not desire this are lamented by them, not because those people are wrong, but because those people demonstrate to them how absolutely pathetic they are, and they hate that.

July 21, 2021
Comment to Quote of the day—Tom Knighton
[One should be careful to not attempt “reading their minds”, but I believe there is a lot of evidence to support this hypothesis.—Joe]


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  1. One need only listen to the Screeching Karens of Vaccine, to prove Goob’s point. No matter how unsafe it is for you. Science doesn’t matter either. They don’t care. You have to obey. Them.
    Goob’s right. Guns are no different.
    As for attempting to read their minds? HAHAHAHAHA! Good one Joe!
    This is your brain. This is your brain on communism. (Where’s the shit pile emoji when you need it?)
    Nothing there to read passed commie propaganda 101.

  2. Fear and hatred for personal responsibility is ONE factor in the gun grabbers hatred for 2A rights. Another factor is their tendency for “projection”…..most
    leftists have ZERO self control. They simply cannot control themselves and
    deep down they know this fact. They realize that if THEY were in possession
    of deadly weapons they WOULD use them and do so out of irrational emotional
    responses to external stimuli. They assume…..wrongfully of course….that since
    THEY can’t control themselves NOBODY can and therefor NOBODY who hasn’t been sprinkled with the magic fairy dust of governmental authority should be allowed to possess dangerous items. It’s yet ANOTHER of the many personality defects that are hallmarks of the leftist mind.

    • Putting it very simply, a leftist is an advocate for coercion. I learned long ago, when speaking with leftists (as I often did, as I hung out with some them in the university system for many years, and became part of their inner circles), that anything I favored or advocated, the leftist would assume that I wanted it forced on everyone. That of course is projection, because much of what a leftist wants for himself he wants forced on everyone else. Everything is political. If you want something, you organize and lobby, or you organize and march in the streets and make a noise, you point fingers of accusation, blame, threats, etc., or lie until it’s given to you via some from of coercion. With a brain which works like that, I can see the fear in the leftist mind, especially when it’s been their political enemies (advocates of liberty) who’ve been armed and advocating for the 2a.

      And that mindset is further reinforced by the fact that liberty, if ever instated, would in fact be “forced” on the poor leftist. His binky would be pulled from his suckling mouth, he may be reduced in station to a nobody, may have to produce something in a free market, and have to trade in his Prius for an old Chevy. That is utterly terrifying to him. The likely humiliation being one of his terrors. To them, being thrust into the marketplace where one has to produce for a living would be the worst kind of “force” you could inflict on them. They feel that it would be like going from someone with title, station, respect and security to becoming a beggar; one of the little insignificant people that they love to despise (and they do indeed love to despise us – I’ve been to their private parties. I know firsthand).

  3. Don’t forget envy. Envy is a powerful force for evil. John Ross wrote about this in some detail and it is worth going back and finding those passages. I believe he fleshes it out very well. It’s depicted also in this old saw from generations ago. It goes something like this;
    There were two men walking in town, and they saw a beautiful Maserati driven in front of them and parked nearby. One of the men, an honest man, said, “One day I will have one of those!” (meaning a car like that one).
    The other man, a communist (or socialist, fascist, Catholic, it’s all the same), said, “One day I will have him out of that!”

    Envy. It is especially effective in generating murderous hatred for anyone who is confident and capable, is observably not governed by fear nearly so much as most people, AND (and this is the clincher) who thinks for himself, observably exercising his God-given, individual freedom of conscience and not worrying about who notices.

    Hardly anyone can stand such a person, and the average member of “the gun culture” is much more likely to be that guy. Guns or no guns, it’s mostly about individual freedom of conscience and individual action not dictated by some earthly authority (liberty).

    The gun just happens to symbolize, at the same time, freedom of conscience, and responsibility for one’s own choices and for one’s own sustenance. No leftist, ever, can tolerate true individual freedom of conscience or individual responsibility. They’ll give lip service to those things when it suits their agenda, of course, but those are in fact two of the things they hate most. It’s why they’re anti-Christ as well, because Christ (the real one, not the ridiculous, comic book/Hallmark/soap opera version promoted by most churches and by Hollywood) advocates for both.

    You can take anything that’s truly good, and see that the Romish left has expropriated it and turned it into something coercive or otherwise counterproductive and horrible, making a mockery of it, flipping it upside down and backwards;

    Christ’s message and the plan of salvation
    The relationship between men and women
    Law and order
    The Sabbath
    The history of the origin of Man
    History in general
    Individual freedom to travel or move about
    Every clause of every article of The Bill of Rights
    Every clause of every one of the Ten Commandments

    The list goes on as far as thought can take it.

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