What is AgitProp?

It’s short for “agitation propaganda”, sure, but what does that mean?

For a good definition, this should be in textbooks.

All such assertions (in this case the assertion is “We’re jittery and dysfunctional, so we need more gun restrictions”) depend on one false premise, which says, in effect;

Human rights are subject to revision based on circumstance.

If that premise is true, then we should yield to the moment, we appease and give in. “There there, you can have what you want if you’ll only STOP CRYING…”

If the premise is false then we STAND for what we know is right, not for the moment but for all time. We prevent the emotion-driven from making mistakes harmful to themselves and others. We do them the favor of correcting them. It’s what adults do when confronted with irrational behavior.

You all know, even you leftists know, that the premise is a false one. Human rights are not altered by circumstance, statistics, emotions of the moment, nor by the way, are right affected by weather.

Rather than argue circumstances then, we must learn to reject the premise that rights are subject to circumstances, bring some very needed reason into play, assert rights, name their origin and stand up, faithfully and consistently to defend rights for all time. Do it for the children (to play on an authoritarian mind trick*).

Do it for future generations. Otherwise we fall down that rat hole wherein someone’s implanted, overwhelming emotions have the power, all by themselves, to force you to relinquish your rights and appease the sleaze. (Hey, that’s a slogan; “Relinquish Your Rights and Appease the Sleaze….”)

That’s the end game for the Dark Side, and it almost always works.

Will it work this time? How many of you, within a matter of hours or days, started, in your minds, bargaining away bump stocks, for example? Then one after another, like robots…”Bargain away bump stocks, bargain away bump stocks…” It was like a plague that spread via the airwaves, from coast to coast, in a matter of hours.

Who really needs a bump stock, after all, right? Not me, but that’s not the point.

At all.

Don’t participate in the insanity of the appeasement of the insane. That’s how they get you, and you even end up thinking yourself smarter for it. How deliciously evil is that? You’re smarter than those confounded “extremists”;
“Why, if it weren’t for them, this thing could be handled delicately and properly, and we could deal, and everyone would win…”
You’ve heard it all before. Eventually you’ll be saying it more and more.

Here’s an idea; the crazy people, no matter how frightened or offended they on the left act, no matter how they kick and scream and hold their collective breath until they turn blue, and no matter how they threaten or accuse, they aren’t your masters. They’re just sad, angry, confused people with nothing else to offer but more sadness, anger and confusion. Don’t feed the trolls.

Offer reason to the irrational. It’s the only possible way to help them. Don’t be that parent at the supermarket who’s giving in to the three-year-old just to make him SHUT UP. You idiots.

Who’s in control, the parent or the three-year-old? It can go either way, and you’ve all seen it.

Don’t pretend like their crazy assertions (“I’m so scared…we need a gun law to make me feel better– You bastards!”) have any validity, or guess what? You just put the crazy people in control, and you’d have to be crazy to do that. But you do it anyway, then you bitch and carry on about how the inmates are running the asylum. Well no shit Sherlock; you put them in charge.

It happens in your personal life. That’s where it starts. You start out walking on eggshells at home, or at school, and you end up walking on eggshells politically, then before you know it you’re trying to make other people walk on eggshells. Same causes, same effects. The Progressives know when they’ve got to you, just like a shark smells the chum-of-appeasement you’re throwing in the water, just like a dog knows when he has you upset.

AgitProp. That’s what it means. That which arouses emotion in you owns you.

*“Nothing is too good for the children”, we are told. Like most everything the left touches however, the definition of that phrase, when uttered by a leftist, is its own opposite. It means;

“Nothing is too bad for the children.”

For the left, rights deprivation isn’t too bad for the children. Abortion isn’t too bad for the children (except in the sense, “Too bad, children!”), nor is grabbing power from the People, nor graft, nor violating the constitution, nor are coercion and wholesale confiscation too bad for the children. None of the horrible things done by communist regimes, past or present, have been too bad for the children, and if that’s the case (and the left has always had love affairs with communist regimes), then truly, nothing is too bad for the children.

I thought you should know that. Carry on.


6 thoughts on “What is AgitProp?

  1. The “psychiatrist” quoted in that article concocted an argument that amounts to the following: “not every psychotic person is homicidal, therefore you’re not allowed to blame this on the guy being crazy, you must instead blame it on availability of guns”.

    • It’s worse than that. If the perp is Muslim, or a left-leaning, outspoken hater of conservatives, they can find no motive and no psychosis— That’s a perfectly normal, understandable, rational person. Several times we’ve been looking at a murderer who shouted “Allah snackbar” while killing, and days later we were told that authorities were “still looking for a motive”. Same MO in this case.

      Also; that article flows from an assertion a few years ago that says; since all criminals arise from the pool of law-abiding citizens, then we must look closer at the law-abiding as the source of all crime.

      The message here is very, very simple. Too simple for many to ever understand; these things are all designed, consciously or unconsciously, in a coordinated manner sometimes, but mostly as a natural outflow of an individual’s life experience and allegiance, to agitate us. They do agitate us, thus we cave in to them without realizing it (believing we’re opposing them), thus the practice continues, and thus we bring it upon ourselves.

      Just like the poor mother in the supermarket who gives in to the three-year-old rather than teach him by example that there are limits and responsibilities. You call her on her obvious failure, and she will be incensed;
      “Well what am I supposed to DO? And anyway, it’s just a little piece of candy…”
      In her heart, she’ll blame the kid for his misbehavior, and you for your interference. She has no clue, and so the three-year-old is in charge by default, and grows up to be a Democrat, or a serial criminal, or both. The kid knows, and it has been proven to him all his life, that by showing a fake love, and by demanding and blaming he can always get his way.

      WE are too often like that dumb bitch in the supermarket, being controlled by the spoiled, irrational and pissed-off brats of the world, complaining and blaming them for our own failure to stand on principle.

  2. I find it fascinating how seemingly intelligent people, the psychiatrist quoted here for instance, are not brought up short by everyone else when they allow inanimate objects (guns, cars, alcohol, drugs) to control sentient beings as an explanation for tragedy. Do the majority of people buy into this crap or have we just become tired of or inured to this drivel and so ignore it?

    • Unfortunately, a lot of people do buy into this crap. That’s how victim disarmers get elected, and re-elected. The same sort of brain malfunction leads to the coming-to-power of the likes of Lenin, or Chavez.

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