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As over 90% of gun violence is committed by men, in order for a man to purchase a gun, he must first get a waiver from his current wife, plus his most recent ex-wife, or any woman with whom he is currently in a relationship (if he’s gay, he must get the waiver from his male spouse/partner). This law has greatly reduced most spousal/domestic gun murders in Canada.

• All automatic and semi-automatic guns are banned.

• No gun or clip can hold more than 6 bullets.

• To activate a gun for it to be used, the trigger must recognize the fingerprint of its registered owner. This will eliminate most crimes committed with a gun as 80% of these crimes are done with a stolen gun.

• One’s guns must be stored at a licensed gun club or government-regulated gun storage facility. Believing that having a gun in your home provides you with protection is an American myth. People who die from a home invasion make up a sad but minuscule .04% of all gun murders in the US. And over a third of them are killed by their own gun that the criminal has either stolen or wrestled from them.

Michael Moore
Facebook post on October 4, 2017
[Other than recognizing that Moore is out of touch with the real world of facts the important takeaway is that you should never let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michael Moore

    • He must have been lying. That, after all, is his profession. “Documentary” maker, hah.

  1. He can dream big about total prohibition which this amounts to, but he is in for a surprise. There are well over 300 million firearms (a dated and surpassed estimate) and about 100 million firearms owners or those with access to them.

    Most of us ignore his stupidity, but more than enough of us will be willing to fight to defend this right if his suggestions are ever advanced.

    So, you have to laugh at his feckless recommendations. He would have more luck getting laid without paying for it.

  2. Given that health issues related to obesity are the number one killer of Americans, I push for the following common-sense food control laws:

    1. It shall be required that you get a letter from your doctor or qualified nutritionist to buy, consume or possess any food listed on a to-be-instituted unhealthy food roster.

    2. There is no need for anyone to have more than one beef patty in their hamburger. High capacity fast foods shall be banned.

    3. Waiting periods shall be established for the purchase of high-risk foodstuffs, and one-burger and/or milkshake a month restrictions shall be enforced.

  3. Why all the detail? If we’re expressing the ultimate authoritarian fantasy, why not ban guns altogether and have done with it?

    For one thing that wouldn’t cause the state authorities to be constantly foremost in the minds of gun owners. Never forget the importance of that concept. The leftist mind loves to make lists, specifications and rules, so you spend all your time fussing over meaningless, arbitrarily imposed details rather than living your own life. They’ll even go so far as say publicly that they “love complexity” and the expect to be admired for it. You see that in personal relationships, where one person has a whole family “walking on eggshells”, or groveling like whipped curs. That’s retail level evil. We’re seeing the wholesale version here is all.

    For another thing, the ultimate authoritarian fantasy is mass murder,a nd they’re not ready to tell the truth on that.

    What would prevent a criminal from violating every one of those restrictions at a whim? Answer; nothing. If laws prevented things, then no one would ever murder, and there would be no illegal drug trade.

    Laws don’t prevent things. Rather they set up a process in an attempt to deal out justice in predictable, consistent fashion. Having no concept of a life in liberty, the Progressives on the other hand believe they should, and can, mold, shape and direct society to their standards, and that everyone will somehow be made to go along. Their belief system is based in falsehoods, therefore nothing they come up with, no matter how clever, can ever be anything but falsehoods, and terror and slaughter will result. Nonetheless they love the process.

    In this generations long debate, we’ve never been talking about whether people should be allowed to be armed, but only about who should be allowed to be armed.

    In short; antis like Moore want criminals and government to have a monopoly on arms. Government and criminals share a common goal, to lord over us and eat out our substance.

    I like the words from a recent post here;
    “…we really don’t need to have a conversation about our rights to keep and bear arms. They’re rights. There’s nothing to talk about.”

    The emotion-driven personality cannot understand any of that. Their feeling (or more precisely, their chosen alliance) dictates what is right and wrong, and since they hate you, you’re wrong, ipso facto.

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