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In recent years we’ve seen a remarkable antipathy for the fact that normal Americans even have rights among those on the left. We should have this conversation to clear the air before leftists push too far and the air gets filled with smoke. But we really don’t need to have a conversation about our rights to keep and bear arms. They’re rights. There’s nothing to talk about.

Kurt Schlichter
October 5, 2017
Nothing Makes Liberals Angrier Than Us Normals Insisting On Our Rights
[This should be enough “conversation” but Schlichter extends the conversation with examples and more saying “No.”—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Kurt Schlichter

  1. I approve of the basic point of it, but he gets tangled in the choking, blinding weeds of emotion (the stop-and-frisk thing being an example – it’s not only hypocritical, it misses the point of inner city crime altogether).

    He’s preaching to the choir, looking for a “Fuck Yeah!”. We all do it.

    He says;
    “Yeah, we know that us having rights is inconvenient, but that’s too damn bad. Because we aren’t asking you for our rights. We’re telling you we aren’t giving them up.”

    Remove the words “yeah” and “damn” and it makes the perfect essay on the subject, in two short sentences. It’s all that need be said, so long as it is understood by the speaker and it is meant. So long as it is not fully understood, nor really meant, there’s no point in saying anything.

    We needn’t “compromise” on one little thing, ever again. To do so only lends a false legitimacy to the illegitimate left. If I don’t recognize your claim to authority, then I cannot bargain with you, for to do so would be hypocritical. If I allow you to turn me into a hypocrite, then I’ve lost the battle, because I am now under your control. I am now the enemy. I’m bitten by the zombie.

    (says the hypocrite)

    The goal is not to get along with them. The goal cannot logically be peace because the left will never have peace (in Left-speak, the word “Peace” only means the lack of opposition to leftist agitation and aggression, i.e. their understanding of the word, as of most things, is entirely backwards). There can be no appeasing the left because the left is insatiable. “Peace with the left” is a misnomer. The goal then, is to render the leftist, coercive society nul and void, and then keep it as far down into the woodwork of society as possible. It will never go away entirely and so it mustn’t be forgotten.

    The left is at war with America. As Schlichter pointed out, they hate us and want nothing less than our destruction. And while they’re busy undermining everything good that America ever stood for, we’re still pretending that they’re just politicians, community organizers, school teachers, judges, pastors, journalists, college professors, et al. We even exhibit the stupidity of referring to them as “public servants”. How can we be taken seriously while we’re being so dumb?

    Enemy forces have infiltrated all of our institutions, and until we realize that, and show that we realize it, our tactics will always fall flat. So it has gone for generations now.

    For over a hundred years, we’ve played along with the Progressive communist revolution, only to our undoing. We’re like the Republicans of the 1970s, wearing those polyester leisure suits with those ever-so-slight bell bottoms to show that we can fit in with the “hip” crowd (“Me too, me too, me too!”), only now we’ve adopted so many leftist premises that we don’t know who we are or what we stand for, thus we stand for the enemy. We can kick and scream and fight, but we’re swinging our fists blindly, not knowing a target from a comrade, from our own noses.

    The fight is 99% psychological.

    The appeasers of the past have doomed us to a harder fight today, and much of it today, in turn, we’re dooming our children and grandchildren to face in our stead. We are too overcome with emotion, or too occupied with the pursuit of pleasure and the desire to be liked. Emotional responses like Schlichter’s article don’t really help either. Plus it was hastily published, and wasn’t properly edited.

    (Where have all the editors gone?)

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