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I remember reading comics when I was a kid. In high school a friend of mine was very into the X-Men, and some other similar comics. I enjoyed them. Decent stories, cool graphics, etc. Most of the modern super hero movies are based on those old properties, and are pretty watchable. The most recent ones, though, are not. All the good stuff has been used up and wrung out, or dismissed by the leadership as “problematic”*.

In the last few years, though, the major comic publishers have gone totally SJW and are cringingly bad. Storylines are SJW. Dialog is Dem / SJW talking points. Characters change to diametrical opposites. Stupid happens for no obvious reason, and they are hostile to all things American / Western. Thor is suddenly a woman. Excalibur is wielded by a black muslim woman because… reasons(?) Etc.

This is driven by a multitude of factors, from the companies demanding to totally own any new character the writers come up with (so they don’t bring their best ideas), to totaly SJW convergence, to a focus on exploiting old properties in the movie medium at the expense of new developments. As a result, sales and revenues are crashing. Into this intellectual and moral void….

My publisher, Castalia House, is doing a crowd-funding run to raise money to start a line of comics that are decidedly un-PC. Some of the items they are offering are also potentially collectable investments if you are into that sort of thing. In any case, the REEEEEEE! from the left as they squeal like stuck pigs can nearly be heard from orbit already. The artwork looks to be decent and getting better fast, the characters and storyline are interesting. If you or family (like younger males) are into graphic novels and comics, you might wont to consider the opportunity to say you bought it before they made it big. I’m buying a hard-back limited edition as much as an investment as because I think it’ll be a good read.

Alt-Hero Rebel

On a totally different but related front, my editor said he’s sent my next book to be published to proofreaders, which is usually the nearly final step before the big PUBLISH button is hit, so it’s possible that by the end of the month Heretics of St. Possenti will be hitting the shelves.

*Problematic is PC code for “not sufficiently in support of the SJW narrative”


8 thoughts on “Comic Revival

    • Long story short (if you’ll excuse the pun), Heretics is a prequel. It’s in the same universe, but something like 30-50 years in our future instead of 640. It’s about the founding of the order of monks, the Order of St. Possenti. More “Christian fiction” than space opera or mil s/f.

      It explains how such an order came into existence (Catholic monks with guns?!), why they use the guns they do, why they are not widely known, why the guys were working out, building the rock wall at the monastery on Eridani, etc.

  1. I admit that I don’t read comics much, but I can’t agree that Thor being a woman, or Excalibur being wielded by a Black Muslim woman, are hostile to America or the West. Unless maybe something really weird is happening, like, they’re out there saying “Western civilization is degenerate and the Enlightenment was bad and we need a return to feudalism and the divine right of kings.” Are they?

    • Yes, that’s pretty much what they are saying. Anything white, male, Christian, straight, pro-family, or virtuous must by definition be bad, evil, exploitative, and oppressive, so they must be torn down. Anything degenerate, non-western, non-straight, non-Christian, anti-family must be lauded as good.

      I’ve got nothing against comic-curvy female Norse characters, aka Valkyries, but Thor isn’t female, and certainly isn’t anti-male or SJW. Yes, they really are that bad.
      Here is the page it’s pulled from.

      • I’m not sure if we’re seeing the same image. I saw a villain refuse to fight Thor out of solidarity with another woman. I didn’t see what Thor did in response, nor did I see any evidence that the comic was delivering a message that Christians, men, or straights are bad. That conclusion does not follow. (And what is “degenerate” supposed to mean?)

        And the Thor you’re referring to isn’t female, no. However, another person with the name Thor and with the same power as the other Thor IS female. I don’t think that fact is an attack on anyone.

        • It’s tempting to say “Cuck on, monkey-boy,” but I won’t. Nor do I have the energy or detailed knowledge to sperg out and explain the whole thing – I’ll assume you are smart enough to do your own research. If you are a leftie, then there is nothing anyone can say that will make you understand short of “off to the gulag, now, comrade!”

          Short version:
          Comics are long, on-going serials, right?
          That image is just one of a long series in the story.
          It’s degenerated into straight up SJP talking points.
          It’s sexist – she says she *would* fight a guy, but won’t because WOMAN!
          Thor is male. But in comic-book land now Thor is female. There isn’t a “male Thor,” she isn’t “she-Thor,” she’s Thor. Got it? Girl Power!
          Nearly every villain is white and male. The “heros” are all “diverse” and spout platitudes and leftist talking points.

          If you do not understand what’s happened, and cannot see it in the one example, I don’t have the patience nor pedantic levels of knowledge nor time to spell it out to you. By “degenerate” I mean “non-generative,” i.e., things that increase mortality and morbidity of individuals and are death to a society. The denigration of family, hard work, traditional values, faith, a belief in good and evil, etc., that formed western civilization.

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