We Get it, Already

This is an open letter to all the talk show hosts, pundits, party hacks, cheaters, scumbags, sick twisted freaks (you know who you are) and pro-freedom bloggers.  We could spend the rest of our lives cataloging the outrageous behavior of nasty, America-hating, ignorant, self-loathing, cultist, freedom-hating, anti-human, leftist politicians including Progressive Republicans.  We know they’re bad, OK?  If there are three or four people who still don’t get it, that’s all right.

I’d rather try to figure out how we’re going to get some principled Americans nominated so we’re not always forced to choose between bad and worse– between more socialism slower, and more socialism faster.  This last national election was a real puker.  The Republican Party is, at the moment, just as lost, dumbfounded, selfish and clueless as ever.  They’re a herd of does, staring blankly into the headlights of an on-coming truck, and the worst part of it is; they don’t even suspect that they’re clueless.  They in the Republican leadership think they have some really clever answers, which amount to more of what got us into this mess.  I recently heard it described as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.  That fits very well.  The Republicans have some really super great, super ultra smart ideas for rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.  No really, listen…  (all the while we have this simple, proven model for success, and it’s being ignored.)

We need to change that.  You need to change it.  I need to change it.  There isn’t anyone else.  I suppose, since it’s up to us, it will have to be on the local level for most of us, being as we’re not billionaires.  That’s OK.  We can still do what we can do.  A lot of people are jazzed up right now.  They just need somewhere to start.  Well, pick a place, a local issue or a local politician that needs a hand (or a very public spanking) and get to it!

That there are clueless people is not the issue.  There will always be the clueless.  They’ll sit on the sidelines, worrying about who likes them and who doesn’t, trying to figure out where the “center” is so they can position themselves in it and claim superiority for having done so, while someone else does the lifting.  Are you a sitter or a lifter?

I have a bad feeling that things could come to blows before this government is brought under control, and I really don’t want that to happen.  Do you?  This country is far too important in the grand scheme of things.

And with that; I don’t have much more to say on here, other than to repeat myself or talk about the weather and what I did last weekend, unless it’s to tell you what I’m doing on the local level to influence politics.  Now I think I have some calls to make.

(Note that I placed this in nearly every one of Joe’s categories. It’s relevant to everything we do and every opportunity we want for our kids in the future)


10 thoughts on “We Get it, Already

  1. The political process is expressly designed to do things to other people without their consent. That is why freedom-minded individuals will always be fighting a delaying action against our enemies. We don’t WANT to point the government’s guns at other people, so the political process offers us nothing except the false promise that if only we could get 51% of people to agree with US instead, that we might be left alone.

  2. Assuming it’s not too much of a stretch to guess that the reference you make is to my rant on the recent Ninth Circus decision, I will argue that I’m not disagreeing with you here, Boss. My point was rather tactical than strategic, but nevertheless… we have to engage the enemy, we have to do it on principle — not arguing over nits — and we have to do it on all fronts, as individual, sovereign citizens, while we still can.


  3. Staircase wit department: This is, BTW, why I say I dislike so-called political thought experiments (“If a Republican did this, the New York Times would get its knickers in a knot from the Bowery to Washington Heights.”). They amount to allowing yourself to be distracted by the demagogue’s sleight of hand. Keep your eye on the ball.


  4. Mark; I hadn’t read your post. It’s a good one though. I’d heard the Titanic reference on the radio. I think it was from Clark Howard. Maybe the phrase, “great minds think alike” applies here.

    My original point could have been more succinct; I’m less interested in discussing the problem and more interested in discussing solutions. So it took 500 words to say it.

  5. I attended the Sacramento Tea Party.

    It was a lot of fun to Rah Rah and see that my family is not alone.

    Other than slightly pump up the base, nothing really happened.

    We are not going to manage change in the system by making noise. This only works for the left who have willing folks in the halls of power more than willing to put their crazy ideas into law.

    I have heard that Ronald Reagan used the grassroots to develop the power base needed to get nominated/elected. At the tea party one speaker said that Reagan used the Prop 13 Jarvis/Gann folks as a starting point.

    We have such a starting point; A bunch of folks who actually turned out (burned 300 miles of fuel and a vacation day in my case). Most of the time we are busy working and tending to our own stuff – being productive and all that.

    “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.”
    -Edmund Burke

    I am thinking that the something we need to do is participate in our republic more often than at the polls.

    The activists on the left make it their (sometimes PAID) job to pursue their goals.

    We must do the same.

    I am done with Tea Parties, but I will be looking up the local “Conservative Club”, join and participate. I will push on the local Republican HQ (a couple of miles away) to support better candidates.

    If need be, I will run for some damned office myself. The last thing I want to do is get into that swamp, but…

  6. The Tea Parties aren’t all a waste. They allow people to a) realize that there are a lot of people on their side, b) allow them to get to know each other– so they can coordinate on other action plans, and c) alert the politicians that there is a significant voter base that’s jazzed as hell and they’re being ignored. There are probably other good reasons for them, but those come to mind right away. Pissing off the lefties and getting them worried, and outing the losers like that CNN reporter are ancillary benefits, but well worth while.

    I’ve been talking to another local bidneth man about this. He organized a Tea Party and he wants to do more. There are other locals who already have a voice around here and have experience at being a pain in the ass to the Left. We need to be more persistent. I’ll post more on it when I can.

    It’s hard to explain, but my gut tells me that the lefty-loonies are practically all sniveling cowards, and will cave much more easily that we might guess. They’ve just never been confronted with determined, principled opposition. They’re accustomed to “PCing” us into silence, and they get all their confidence in numbers. When they find out it doesn’t work anymore, they’ll be at a loss.

  7. Oh, and that’s where the Rupublicans have been a regular, proven failure– they don’t put up a determined, nor a principled, opposition. It’s not in their DNA. It’s not possible.

  8. In my opinion these Tea Parties are great. They get attention. (I know the major American media is ignoring them). They will get more attention here as they become larger and more broad in scope of protest. The European press is even covering these Tea Parties. Every protest, every argument with the leftist is necesssary to get the message spread … we, the real America is pissed off.

    I have business acquaintances in the UK and New Zealand and they tell me the people there don’t like and are scared as hell of the left here with all its communist looks. Europeans are still very cognizant of the lead-up to WWII in Germany.

    We, all of us, better damn well get active in politics and LOUDLY vent our views or this country will implode. And this will happen at warp speed. The idiots are printing money as fast as they can. These socialists are doomed to fail and fail big. They will take ALL of us down including the deep left fools.

    History is in the process of being repeated and it ain’t a pretty sight I envision. I WILL NOT go easy and neither will a bunch of others I know.

  9. This train has waited 8 years or even as long ago as Reagan to leave the station. The throttle is broke and the only way it might stop is to derail it . It is going to be one hell of a crash.

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