Knifes and Swords are Okay, Guns are Yucky

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If Americans where brave enough they could give up all their guns and use their bodies as weapons, they could learn martial arts, self defense, knives attacks and even fight with swords to “defend” themselves but they are too fat and lazy to do something brave. A bunch of fearful cowards. If you rely in a gun to be “secure” you have a big, big problem and try to use a stupid logic to justify guns is not going to solve it.

January 19, 2021
Gun Control NOW

As I read things like this I wonder if when they get the words out and then read their own delusions, do they realize it is crazy talk and publish it anyway? Or do they actually think it is something profound and is enlightenment for the dimwitted masses?

Another hypothesis I have about this sort of thing, and it is particularly obvious here, is the phrase “stupid logic”. This could be interpreted at least two different ways. One is that they believe gun rights advocates use faulty logic. And the other is that logic as a means of determining proper courses of action is stupid. There are many people who abhor reason. I suspect the great mass of gun control advocates are of this opinion and idly-raven17 is one of those.


7 thoughts on “Knifes and Swords are Okay, Guns are Yucky

  1. Why do these people side with the criminals? Why do they think Criminals deserve a fair fight?

    The criminal isn’t looking for a fair fight – they’re looking for prey. An easy target that has high reward, low risk.

    The criminal isn’t going to “challenge you to a duel”. They’re going to stab you in the back and take your shit, and leave you to die in the mud. When you come with martial arts, they will come with knives. If you have a knife – they will use a sword. Or more likely in the modern age – the criminal, is going to have the gun.

  2. In their mind, you are the criminal. And they want criminals like you in chains or dead.

    Hence, they are clearly anti-criminal.

  3. Tell ya what, idly-raven17… decriminalize the bearing of swords, like they did in Texas, and I’ll openly carry a wickedly sharp saber on my left to balance the concealed 2011 on my right. Thus, we will reduce overall gun-violence, because while some particularly dumb criminals are willing to roll the dice as to whether I am armed with a pistol or not, the prospect of 24″ of razor sharp steel (plus a similar 10″ dans la main gauche) seems much more real, present and threatening.

    Reminds me somewhat of a scene from Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment. To praphrase as I remember it: A sergeant was yelling at one of his new slender troops who was wearing a rather fancy rapier on his hip. “What’s that for, you ‘orrible little man?” was near screamed. “Protection!” was the reply. “Do you know how to even use that thing?” the Sergeant demanded. “Oh, no, haven’t a clue,” replied the very green soldier. “Then what are you doing to do when someone comes up to you with a sword of their own and tries to kill you?” the sergeant asked with some smug satisfaction. “I’ll probably pull both his arms off and slap him with them,” the soldier said, reminding the sergeant that he was, in fact, a vampire, and the ‘protection’ wasn’t for him.

    Plenty of people survive a gunshot wound. Not a lot survive having their femoral artery sliced.

  4. Statements like that immediately cause me to think that this person is one of those young guys blessed with size and athleticism that doesn’t like the idea of a “great equalizer” counteracting their natural advantages. The stroking of their own ego by denigrating anyone who doesn’t have the natural advantages they enjoy is their own version of “compensating for something” in my view.

    I’m not a young man and I suffer some pretty significant physical restrictions after a couple of decades of abusing my body in the military. Basically what that person is saying is that I don’t deserve to have the ability to level the playing field against a young, fit assailant; I should just be happy to die or be subjugated by people like him since I’m not as physically capable as I once was. Oh, and of course women should be returned to their historical role as chattel.

    No thanks. Call me all the names you want, I’d rather have (and see my wife and daughter have) the most effective tools to defend myself than a nice, big, fat…ego.

  5. It’s a Markley’s Monday argument thrown out on Tuesday!
    If you were a real man, you would…….Fill in the blank.
    All I can say is if it bothers you for me to have guns, lots and lots of guns.
    I just have to add. BFYTW.
    (We must all take the little joys God provides from time to time. Thank you, father.)
    And Idle. Feel free to call me anything but later for dinner.
    P.S. Enjoy the Taylor Swift concert!

  6. And yet if I carried either of my swords (a gladius or a 34 inch longsword, both functional), they’d lose their mind and accuse me of starting a panic. Hell, a 3 inch flip pocket knife to them is a weapon of mass destruction and made under a “loophole” that bans switchblades! Didn’t you know what the spirit and intent of their ban was? How dare you follow the law to the letter?!?

    Can you imagine the howling if their Little Darlings(tm) were run through by a homeowner?

  7. My opinion: Everyone who makes this argument is saying they don’t love their grandparents.

    What? Your 80-year-old grandmother doesn’t have a black belt and can’t keep pace with the 260-lb 20-something attacking her? Too bad, she must be “too fat and lazy to do something brave” and deserves whatever happens to her.

    Your grandfather served in Vietnam and lost his legs to a mortar, and is physically incapable of learning and mastering a martial art? Oh, well, he’s a “fearful coward” and obviously not worth saving.

    If they were my grandparents and didn’t already know (mine do), I’d teach them to shoot so they can defend themselves, because their lives — and the life experience they carry with them — are worth preserving.

    And even if you train in martial arts and self-defense, there’s always someone out there better than you, faster/stronger than you, and — more to the point — more ruthless than you. And the bad guys will always have guns and tend to travel in packs. So you earned your 2nd degree black belt. Congrats! Now meet your attacker, who’s 4 inches taller, 60 lbs heavier, armed … and has similarly-sized and -armed friends. I hope your training included catching and/or dodging bullets from multiple angles simultaneously. Good luck!

    The problem with these people is they expect real life to be like Hollywood movies, where they get to be Jet Li deflecting clouds of arrows or Neo dodging bullets. But real life isn’t like that; it doesn’t have honorable bad guys or clear-cut scene breaks, and not all endings are happy ones.

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