Tobi is Just a Prejudiced Bigot

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Lmao gun nuts are always racists and sexists—also compensating for their tiny wieners, it is hilarious

Tobi Mordecai-Brown @KiutaweEX
Tweeted on September 9, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

One has to wonder if Tobi believes all the men and women of color I have taught to shoot are also racist and sexist. A sample:

I believe he is just telling the lies that used to work and not realizing that now, instead of being thought of as clever, he is merely outing himself as a prejudiced bigot.


6 thoughts on “Tobi is Just a Prejudiced Bigot

  1. This fool would lose his mind if he ever observed the demographics of my local gun store.

    • I’d like to see that when it happens. Perhaps a POP! like in the old and very minor movie “Scanners”.

  2. Well Tobi, go tik-tok a video of you telling all the bro’s packing heat down the hood you’s theory.
    If you survive, do the cartels next.
    Love to watch that.

  3. It’s projection, Tobi is racist, sexist and compensating for a teeny tiny thing so he? Zhe? xim? assumes everyone else is.

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