Old, fat, racist, white guys

Gun rights advocates are told:

It’s as if that belief makes it acceptable to infringe upon the right of everyone to keep and bear arms. They must rationalize it as something like, “Who cares if some old fat white guys get their guns taken away from them? I’d bring the popcorn to watch that happen.” I have to imagine there were similar things said about blacks and their right to keep and bear arms and their right to vote. The KKK were Democrats and most anti-gun people are Democrats so it’s not surprising to have them have similar attitudes about the rights of their fellow citizens. Frequently we find the epitome of anti-gun rational thought process is to invoke Markley’s Law so it’s not surprising they would be able to muster much beyond the outright dismissal of the rights of “old, fat, racist, white guys”.

I frequently take new shooters to the range and I blog about all of them. I’m not selecting for any particular demographic when I post a new shooter report. It’s my complete dataset. While it’s not a large dataset and it’s all from the Pacific Northwest rather than nationwide I would like to point out it doesn’t look like only a bunch of old, fat, racist, white guys to me. Here is non-random sample of the pictures:











When someone tells you it’s only old, fat, racist, white guys who like guns send them here.


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  1. joe:

    i am from milton freewater, oregon. we have a nice little range down here, w/ the cowboy people, the black powder people, the pistol people and the long range rifle people pretty well represented.

    and, as you have so brilliantly shown, just a lot of people people as well.

    everybody seems to enjoy themselves. no place quite so civil as a gun range, in my experience. and, the “newbies” are pretty receptive to pointers on gun safety and etiquette, and they appreciate being welcomed and told how things work.

    people people.

    john jay

  2. OK, so; old, fat, white racist men, Uncle Toms, self hating minorities and self hating, women, all abused by the old, fat, racist white guys, which makes them want guns.

    In short; there is no amount of evidence that will alter the narrative. You probably forced those poor people to pose for the photos, because you’re an intimidating old white guy. Right?

    I see little point, therefore, in trying to counter the charges. There is the notion of letting them make fools of themselves as much as possible. Correcting them, of anything, would only lead the more clever Progressives to adapt their tactics. The more clueless they remain, the more idiotic they will appear. Let them be clueless.

    Don’t forget drunks. Back in the 1990s there was a national campaign to smear second amendment advocates as above average drinkers

    So anyway; you could be the most perfect person, the second coming of the Christ, and you’d be all the more likely to get crucified. Nobility, sovereignty, confidence, productivity, compassion, strength, freedom and virtue will automatically be targeted for destruction. That’s the game.

    You are hated, not because of your faults or your failings, not because of your shortcomings, but for your strengths. Take comfort in that. Stand strong! Let the enemies of human liberty bray and hiss and bark! Let them come forth! Let them show their quality for all the world to see!

  3. There’s a simple term for the sort of people who spout those statements:


  4. The new organization MUG Moms Using Guns now has members in all fifty states and fourteen countries. MUG is dedicated to training Moms in technics for taking guns away from their attackers and shooting them with their own gun, how embarrassing.:-)

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  6. One of the reasons that the 1857 SCOTUS Dred Scott ruling kept black people as non persons and slaves was that if they were declared persons then “they would be able to go armed wherever they went.” Down through history until now, slaves were and are always disarmed and kept that way.

  7. Over the Labor day weekend the wife and I shoot at NCRR (Norfolk County Rifle Range) in Virginia at an in door range. We’ve been shooting there for over 20 years. Now granted today is a holiday for most folks but the difference I noticed was that it was all couples and families rather than just a bunch of old coots. I think that a really positive sign for the shooting sport.

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